The Little Choirboy

Sweetly sings The Little Choirboy

Sweetly sings The Little Choirboy

Occasionally I will make a supreme sacrifice and use a Christmas treasure that is pretty dear to my heart in one of my projects.  And this, “The Little Choirboy,” was one of them.  I’m soooo in love with this small ceramic fellow.  Who could resist the charm of his angelic little face, his blue bow, and his sapphire buttons?  Not me.

But sacrifice I did and I have to say that, though I truly love everything that I make, this one will be awfully hard to part with.  The consolation will be that I know he will go to a good home, in his own time.  Could it be yours?

Here is the whole wreath:

The Little Choirboy 17" diamater $225

The Little Choirboy
17″ diameter

As you can see, the color palette is blue and gold with silver accents.

A handmade angel tree topper is the crown

A handmade angel tree topper is the crown

Here is a close-up of an adorable handmade angel tree topper.  It is made of gold foil paper with tinsel and glitter trimmings.  There is a petite angel in the center.  To the right of the angel is a huge Austrian ball that has gorgeous gold “dimples” that look like jewels.  And on the other side is a classic stenciled  “Merry Christmas” ball in medium blue.

Left side of "The LIttle Choirboy"

Left side of “The LIttle Choirboy”

The left side of the wreath has tons of great stuff, not the least of which is a Poland topper with triple indents.  Anchoring the bottom is a reflector with a white dove resting on a nest of gold.  A tiny bottlebrush tree makes a nice counterpoint.  There is a mixture of gold and blue balls, bells, and picks as well as a silver disco ball.  Doubl Glo curly twist gold garland drips from the bottom left and is also tucked in as accents all over the wreath.  The base of the form is silver tinsel which peeks through every now and then to give added sparkle.

Detail of THE LITTLE CHOIRBOY wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 5

Right side of “The Little Choirboy”

As you can see, the right side of the  wreath does not skimp on anything either.  Staying within the color palette are several Poland teardrop ornaments, one an indent, and another with a snowy church scene on it.  There is a cool gold and white ornament with a finial bottom right under the big German one.  And, quite fittingly,  there is a silver and blue drum at the bottom.  Bells placed in spots reiterate the musical theme.

Center of "The Little Choirboy"

Center of “The Little Choirboy”

This view of the center gives you a great idea of the whole.

Bottom of "The LIttle Choirboy"

Bottom of “The LIttle Choirboy”

I’m going to leave you with a picture of the bottom, where my little charmer is singing his little heart out.

I think he is going to bring somebody a lot of smiles.  Don’t you?

“The Little Choirboy” measures about 17″ in diameter, not including the drippy bits, and will come to you nestled in his own heavy-duty storage bag with lots of bubble wrap to keep him safe.  His price is $225.  Here is a link to my Etsy Shop where you can view and purchase him.


Think Pink!

It all started with this:I have been in a fever to use one of these fabulous pink jumbo triple indent Polish ornaments as the centerpiece for a wreath.

And here ’tis:A phantasmagoria of a wreath in luscious pinks, both hot and cool at the same time.   It has blues and soft whites mixed in to sweeten the palette.  There are so many treasures making up this wreath.  Let’s look a bit closer.

Left side of “Think Pink” wreath

On the top is an arrangement of fantastic stuff: an adorable aqua & pink Putz house with a frolicking reindeer on the roof and an old figural blown glass Santa centered on a light reflector.  Underneath Santa, we have a sweet Jewlbrite diorama.

Right side of “Think Pink”

And on the top right is another jumbo Poland ornament, this one a teardrop in pink and white with a gold painted floral decoration.  Further on down are lots of wonderful balls in cool tones.  There is a Junior Achievement corsage at bottom right.  It was still in its original wrapper.

Bottom of “Think Pink”

A comprehensive view of the wreath’s bottom half.  I really love the hot pink Shiny Brite ball that has the bell and “Christmas Greetings” stenciled on it.

Detail of the top of “Think Pink”

Here is a closer view of the top.  I had a hard time giving up that tiny hot pink ball with the chartreuse indent.  It’s German, incidentally.

Detail of a bottom portion of “Think Pink”

This is a close up featuring that sweet corsage and the pink Shiny Brite.  But there is also that wonderful scenic ball with the church on it nestled next to another Polish teardrop indent.

Another view of the right side of “Think Pink”

It is hard to single out the treats when there are so many.  I really like the creamy Merry Christmas ball .  That’s a great striped Shiny Brite indent right next to it.

The jumbo Polish triple indent that started it all

And here is that showstopper of an ornament that first got me going.  It is way bigger than my hand.  That’s vintage aluminum garland dripping out from behind it with a hot pink pick to complete the statement.

I’m going to leave you with a final super close-up of old Santa, his reindeer, and the house they are visiting on Christmas Eve.  Look, it is even decked out with a tiny wreath to welcome us in.

“Think Pink” measures about 20″ in diameter but that does not include the drippy stuff or the picks which stick out in several spots.  I think she is a stunner and I can’t wait to see her hanging in someone’s home for Christmas this year.  Perhaps yours?

Angelic Moment

It seems like a long time ago when I posted that I was going to make a wreath with an angel for a centerpiece and I guess it was.  Between two trips out of town for shows and all the in-between getting ready, I just never got to show you the finished product.  In fact, I got two new wreaths made during a feverishly productive few days and I can’t wait to share them with you.

So without further ado, here is “Angelic Moment.”

I think she is a beauty.  She is larger than most of my wreaths, measuring a big 24 inches in diameter, not including the protruding bits and the drippy garland.  A basic color scheme of soft golds and silver is punctuated by pops of magenta and accented with some low-key greens and creamy whites.  The base is wrapped in gold tinsel garland.  The overall effect is soft and subtle yet it makes a clear, strong statement.  I can see this wreath hanging in lots of different type spaces and decorating schemes.

Here is a view that is a bit closer.And here comes a view of the left side:

Left Side

Now you can get a good look at some of the details like the cool Bradford Space Age plastic topper.  Right above it is another Bradford piece, an angel.

Right Side

The right side is packed with great stuff such as that enormous red and gold teardrop  indent.  Notice the little yellow angel Jewelbrite tucked in next to it, too.  And there is yet another small angel playing heavenly violin perched on top of a Shiny Brite and next to a wonderful small  Poland teardrop indent.

Close-up view of the top

Now you can really get a good look at the lovely angel (I call her Marilyn for obvious reasons) who has a fabulous bottlebrush tree on one side and on the other, a gorgeous big gold Shiny Brite with “Merry Christmas” on it.  Marilyn has a vintage light reflector placed behind her head to give her a halo effect.  I love it.

Another view of the left side

Here are some of the focal points on the left side.  How about that adorably precocious little angel in the diorama ornament at the bottom?  Isn’t she cute?  Did you also see the pretty gold ornament with the doves on it?  So many treasures!

A super close-up of the littlest angel

View of the bottom

Now you can see all the details on the bottom, including that fabulous magenta and gold Chinese lantern shaped ornie on the right. I really love the big gold ball with the painted lantern and holly and the silver ball with the painted snowy church/village scene.  The green and silver indent and the green ball tucked in beside the lantern really add a nice gentle pop to the color scheme.

Close up of part of the right side

This is a close-up of that jumbo red and gold teardrop shaped indent ornament.  It has quite the wow factor.  And you can get a great look at the Jewelbrite directly on its left.  I love the little angel with her deer.  Isn’t she sweet?

And, just in case you have forgotten, this is what I started with:

The beginnings of the “Angelic Moment” wreath
© Glittermoon Productions LLC

Recognize anything?  Now you can see what I ended up including and what I didn’t.  it is always an interesting process that seems to find its own way.  Luckily, in the end it usually turns out just right.

Scott’s Topiary

This is Scott’s Topiary. I just finished it.

Scott lives in Austin, TX. I live in Richmond, VA. We have never met. As you can see Austin is a looooong way from Richmond – about 1500 miles to be exact.

Through a serendipitous chain of events that happens every once in a while, Scott got wind of Glittermoon Vintage Christmas from a Tweet made at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta last fall. He contacted me right away and asked me to make him a wreath. So I did. He loved it.

A few weeks ago, I heard from Scott again. This time he wanted me to make him a topiary for his dining room table. We emailed back and forth about colors, size, etc. and then I got down to it.

Scott likes cool tones and he wanted a silver base rather than gold. I chose this classic silver-plate piece for the base and affixed a cone to it. Then, I wrapped it with vintage silver tinsel. It is not my intention to write a DIY blog but I do want to show you my basic process.

Then the fun starts for me. I plow through my collection and start pulling things out that I want to use. Scott wanted blues, magentas, greens, and so on in a cool palette. Here are some of what I chose to begin with.

These are some wonderful Poland indents that I thought would be lovely.

And here are some pretty greens and golds to add to the mix.

Now, I can start designing. It’s all about color, spatial relationships and balance. Topiaries come together differently than the wreaths – you have to be sure that the sides all match pretty well and there aren’t any lumps sticking out. So there is a certain uniformity that needs to be paid attention to. For me, it’s a little less free form than making a wreath.

Here we go!

And a little later here we are.Ta da! Finished! Overall, it took about nine hours or so to make. The final details and embellishments are what make or break a piece to my way of thinking. Scott says he loves it. I will be finding a BIG box and getting it packed up to ship to him over the next few days.

A couple more views so you can see some of the other sides.

Scott says this hot pink ball with the aqua stripe is his favorite. I’m pretty partial to the blue one behind it with the horse and sleigh on it myself.

I also really love the green teardrop shape with “Merry Christmas” on it.

Also, this graduated color ball that has the church windows on it. Isn’t it cool?

And what about the wonderful Poland one with the hot pink skier on it? Honestly, I just love them all. How about you? Do you have a favorite?

Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

Christmas in July!

In honor of the birth of the good old USA, here is a new wreath for 2012 in a patriotic palette.  A stunning concoction with the perfect colors for an election year. Featuring an unusual sliver plastic sleigh and reindeer with Santa and tree aboard, a wonderful jumbo Poland painted ball, and a host of other treasures.  Let the fireworks begin!

A closer look at some of the treasures on the left side of the wreath. Overall size is about 20 inches in diameter.

This view of the bottom half gives you a great view at the wonderful and unusual silver piece with Santa, his sleigh, and the reindeer. Even the red ribbon reins are intact. Other treats include a Polish teardrop with a painted figure carrying a tree, a big red German indent, a couple of stenciled Shiny Brites, and a blue plastic Jewelbrite ornament on the right, complete with Santa inside.

Here is a little closer look at the top half where you can see a wonderful jumbo Polish ornament that has Santa and his sleigh painted on it. There is also a corsage in the center, 3 icicle ornaments in the center top, and a host of fabulous other treats.

An even closer view of the top to tease you.

Cheers for the Red, White & Blue is currently listed in the Glittermoon Cards Shop on Etsy. It comes with a nice, zippered storage bag to keep it safe.  Please visit the shop by clicking here.