A Joy-Full Wreath: Fini!

So, you all read my first post about the wreath I was making for Joy, who entrusted me with some of her treasured vintage collection, right?  If not, click here to see it. Well, here is the finished product: And thanks to a serendipitous string of events including a friend who was traveling near to … Continue reading A Joy-Full Wreath: Fini!

Think Pink!

It all started with this:I have been in a fever to use one of these fabulous pink jumbo triple indent Polish ornaments as the centerpiece for a wreath. And here 'tis:A phantasmagoria of a wreath in luscious pinks, both hot and cool at the same time.   It has blues and soft whites mixed in … Continue reading Think Pink!

Angelic Moment

It seems like a long time ago when I posted that I was going to make a wreath with an angel for a centerpiece and I guess it was.  Between two trips out of town for shows and all the in-between getting ready, I just never got to show you the finished product.  In fact, … Continue reading Angelic Moment