Back to Work!

Just a little quickie to let you know that I finally made it out to the workshop today and got started on what I think is going to be a real charmer.


I’ll be back to post some pictures of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past convention – it was fabulous! If you go their Facebook page, you’ll see all sorts of photos people took – both of their treasures and the convention in general.

Stay tuned….


New Listings in the Etsy Shop!

Happy Friday!

Just dropping by to quickly let you know that I am in the process of listing 7 wreaths and 1 topiary centerpiece in my Etsy Shop!

Here’s what you will find there (they will be dribbling in over the next few days – I’ve got 3 of them listed as I write this and am getting ready to add another).

Click on the images to see them larger.

Happy shopping!

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

New Wreaths

I’ve been silent for a while, I know, but so much has happened since my last post.  I’m not able to sit down and write about everything yet, please forgive me.

But…I do want to share with you that these 3 Glittermoon wreaths are available for sale on the Beekman 1802 Holiday website right now!!

If you are in a bit of a hurry and don’t want to ooh and ah over all the wonderful artisan-created products Brent and Josh at have for your holiday gift-giving (though you really ought to do yourself a favor and do just that), you can cut to the chase by going straight to the Holiday Decor at section.  Or by just searching for “ornament wreath.”

Happy shopping, my friends!

Santa's Ski Party

“Santa’s Ski Party” wreath

Flying High Wreath

“Flying High” Wreath featuring a rare 1955 Italian Olympic Ski Jumper ornament

Llama Takes Over Wreath

“Llama Takes Over” Wreath


Hmm…what is this stuff doing sitting out in the yard?
IMG_4626 - Version 2We were able to salvage a couple of the old cabinets from the kitchen demolition so I could put them in the workshop and add some much-needed storage out there.

So, last week, I moved a ton of stuff out of the way and Mike (my lovely builder) did just that.

It took me parts of two days afterwards to get everything stowed away to my satisfaction.

Here’s how it looks now (and please forgive the horrendous photos – the shop is lit with big old fluorescents).

IMG_4686 - Version 2There are the “new” cabinets on the wall.  That’s a wreath I’m working on currently on the big red table.IMG_4689 - Version 2

And, ooh whee, look at all the goodies I stowed inside.IMG_4683 - Version 2

Here is a peek at the old workbench with an army of Santas and other wonderful things on top.  It was fun to have to rearrange everything and it makes me happy to look at all these goodies when I am out there.

IMG_4679 - Version 2

These fellows are smiling away on the top of an old mantel that was salvaged from the basement.IMG_4680 - Version 2

Ho ho ho.

I fear I need an intervention.

Back in the Saddle Again

At least momentarily, anyhow.  And so very glad!

Just to update you a bit on what’s happening, we are still waiting for the transplant team’s call; they say it could come at any time.  Patrick is right at the top of the list.  Keep sending those good vibes our way.  We will need to be able to get ourselves (and the animals!) together as quickly as we can and hop in the car for the drive to Charlottesville.  I have never had a baby, but the scenario appears to me that it could be oddly similar.

The tile finally came for the kitchen and all that is left is for me to hang pictures and do some decorating.  That was a long time coming!  Once it’s finished, I’ll share pictures with you. It really is gorgeous.

I finished the 2014 taxes over the weekend – what an incredible load off that is, oh my goodness.

Things have been fairly calm the past several days and that means…IMG_4587 - Version 2

I can snatch some time to get back to work!  Yippee.

I have, of course, been collecting loads of cool stuff in dribs and drabs all year long.  And since I have not been able to make anything to date, the workshop is about to burst at the seams.  Really, it is crammed to the gills – I can hardly move around in there.  I fear I may need an intervention.  Someone please lock up the credit card.

I’m up to my knees in tinsel.IMG_4594 - Version 2

If you have been looking at Glittermoon Vintage Christmas designs over the past few years, you may have noticed that I often tend to use a sort of signature piece as a centerpiece or jumping-off point.  So when I get started on a new design, I usually have something in mind that I am anxious to build around, and it’s usually fairly sizable.

Additionally, I tend to restrict the color palate to a few colors most of the time.  For me, that helps establish a rhythm to the design.

To that end, I wanted to show you a couple of very cool things I have recently found that I am excited about.  I can’t wait to come up with something using this stuff.

IMG_4585This guy is actually 14 inches tall!  I’m going to use him in the center of a wreath.  Isn’t he marvelous?!  Santa Baby.

I have a terrific fondness for the large (I mean BIG!) reindeer.  They are very hard to find.

So imagine my delight when I scored FOUR supersized ones from Japan.  They are in near perfect condition.


You get a good idea of the scale when you look at the itty bitty one on the right.  He’s about 3″ tall so you can imagine how large his cousins are.  Be still my heart. How fabulous they will be on their respective wreaths.  Their hooves are bright hot pink!

I’ve also got this poinsettia bell that actually plays Silent Night.  It’s about 8″ tall and works perfectly.  Pull the string at the bottom and it chimes away, sounding just like a beautiful music box does.  I want to try to incorporate it into a wreath as well.IMG_4591

It may look a bit tacky but I think I can make it look pretty swell, especially in a traditionally colored wreath. And how cool is it that it works?!

Stay tuned.  Hopefully, I can make these and more stuff for you this fall.  If you see something you absolutely must have on a wreath just for you, pop me an email and we shall see what we can do.

I am very, very happy that Josh and Brent of Beekman 1802 have asked me to make wreaths for their holiday website again this year.  I have made a good start on the first one.

I will not be able to show you the finished product until they launch it on the website in November, but here is a peek at a detail of the beginnings: IMG_4606 - Version 2

So, you have probably guessed that I am using a Bradford mantel decoration as a focal point; it’s the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh across the wreath.  Only there will be a bit of a surprise in the sleigh.  The color scheme for this one will be silver, red, and deep pink I think.

These type of pieces were  originally candy containers.  Santa’s sleigh was loaded with yummy goodies.  This particular one actually still has the listing of the contents on the bottom of it.  It is first one like that I have ever had (and I have made numerous wreaths with these mantel pieces).  IMG_4607 - Version 2

I wonder if the Spier Candy & Novelty Corp.’s candy was delicious?  Anybody know?  I can’t find out anything about them. You probably could have bought this in your neighborhood drug store or five and dime back in its day.  What a far cry from what you find in those places nowadays.  Makes me feel pretty nostalgic.

Have a good night everyone, and please stay safe out there.  We are keeping a close eye on this nasty weather that seems to be heading our way.

Santa’s Coming to Town

IMG_3546 - Version 2

“Alas! How dreary would be the world if there was no Santa Claus!…

There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence.”

– Francis P. Church, New York Sun, Sep. 21, 1897