Grid: Two Ways

grid |grid


a framework of spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other; a grating

a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles

This week’s Photo Challenge is right up my alley, loving the play of line as I do. The first thing that popped into my head: Versailles, a masterwork of converging and crossing lines if ever there was one.

I have two versions of each of these images – one in black& white, the other color.  I thought it would be interesting to share both.  Same image, two distinct moods.

Please do me a favor and click on each image to see it full size. It’s ever so much better.

Which do you prefer?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

With the challenge this week to illustrate “endurance,”  I thought of the incredible spirit of the folks I saw in Europe this past spring as I traveled the Danube River.  If you remember, in June of 2013, there was horrific flooding in Europe and the Danube rushed past its banks to create widespread destruction.

Passau, Germany was a prime example.  Everywhere we looked, we could see marks on many of the structures showing just how high the water levels reached.  We were astonished at how quickly (less than a year later), things were  brought back to normal, or near normal, conditions.

Flood marks in Passau, Germany

Flood marks in Passau, Germany

This image shows historic flood marks.  As you can see, 2013 was the second highest flood EVER.  For perspective, compare Beverly’s height.  Really gives you pause for thought.

2013 Flood Marks in Passau, GermanyAnother stunning example of just how high the waters rose.  The dirty marks on the tower show you exactly; now compare the diminutive size of the people next to it.

2013 Flood in Passau, Germany

These people posted a photograph in their window to show you this building and street under water during the flood.  This place was up a hill, a good distance from the river. Pretty sobering.  But also pretty amazing how quickly this has been restored.

Garden in Passau, Germany

This beautiful garden was not exempt from the flood waters either.  As we walked by, the lady who lives here was outside tending it and I stopped to compliment her on its beauty.  She told me that it and her ground floor were underwater.  When I professed my dismay, she quickly showed an incredibly stoic side to her personality.  Her feeling was that it was a fact of life, and you just deal with it, pick up the pieces, and go on.

In other words, endure.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Just a quick little post before I wander off for the evening, a stab at this week’s Photo Challenge.

Here is the Challenge: “Extra. A beautiful photo is one thing, but a photo with an unexpected detail has personality and pop. This week, share a photo that has a little something extra.”

These images are ones I took on my recent European trip.  Please CLICK on them to see them larger – so much better!

Graffiti Extra

Graffiti… EXTRA

In Prague, near the castle.

Dog + Boy


In Passau, Germany.  I had the little dog in my sights and as I clicked the shutter, this boy became an extra – and a mighty important one at that.  I think the picture is infinitely better for his presence.

Baby Stork


In Durnstein, Austria.  Many people won’t care much for this picture but I really love it.  It appeals to my wacky side.  I get a giggle every time I look at that silly stork with the baby doll in its mouth  Just laying in the street, outside the town Rathaus, as if it was hastily forgotten.

Have a wonderful night everyone.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Five years ago, I met this little girl for the first time.DSC_0010.JPGAbandoned.

Such a sad, frightened face.

She had been picked up as a stray in southwest Virginia.  Luckily, she was taken by a kind soul to a veterinarian who spayed her and generally checked out her health.  Because of the dedication of a network of rescue folks, she made her way in a few weeks to a small rescue group that mostly handles terriers in Virginia’s Northern Neck.  I saw her on Petfinder when I was searching for a dog.

I took a leap and adopted her on March 5, 2009.

I named her Emma P. Buttercup.

She is something I have been thankful for every day since.

She had some issues, I’m pretty sure she was abused, but five years later, she’s a different girl than the sad one you see above.  She is my shadow.


Here’s how she looks today.  See her smiling?

DSC_0155 - Version 2

I love my dog.

Abandoned no more.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This one is for my Christmas peeps!

This week’s challenge asks us to use three images; it’s up to us as to how we want to use those images but they should bear some relationship to one another.

These are three images of my “mostly” vintage tree that I put up in my new garden room this past Christmas.  In prior years it was in the dining room.  I like it better out here because I can really sit and enjoy looking at all the old ornaments (with some newer ones mixed in, too).  So here you go.

With each shot, you get a little closer.

DSC_0139 - Version 2

DSC_0146 - Version 2

DSC_0171 - Version 2See any particular ornaments that you like?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

object noun |ˈäbjəkt|

1. a material thing that can be seen and touched: he was dragging a large object | small objects such as shells.• 

Philosophy: a thing external to the thinking mind or subject.

My brain is feeling a tad fatigued so these are pretty literal depictions of this week’s theme.  Still, I hope you like them.  Just a little reminder that if you click on them to enlarge they look sooooo much better!

Goggy's CookbookThis is my grandmother Trippe’s cookbook.  It contains her handwritten recipes.  It also has favorite ones she clipped from the newspaper and those that friends sent her.  It is zealously guarded as important family business.  To give you a little idea of its age, my grandmother was born in 1886.  She died in 1978 just shy of her 92nd birthday.

I like the textures here: the tattered composition book on top of the well-worn wooden cutting board.

Moving on, I notice that several of my images this week are garden themed.  Perhaps I am tiring of winter after all.

Olive JarA wonderful olive jar in the garden at Virginia House here in Richmond.

Garden MaidenThe lovely garden maiden in my secret garden.

Camellia Showers, Faun Dreams

This sleeping faun is in another part of the garden.  She dreams amidst fallen camellia blossoms.

The next one is for my Christmas people.

IMG_1286 - Version 2

Yes, you have seen this guy already this week but he cheers me so immensely that I had to bring him back.  He might actually have been perfect for the Juxtaposition theme of last week, positioned as he is in front of that harbinger of spring – the daffodil.

And finally, here is an object of my affection:

Emma PBMy sweet Emma P who loves the snow!

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