Come on In





That’s my sweet girl, Emma P. Buttercup, puzzling over the doormat in front of Santa’s Workshop South.  It is only meant to discourage anyone hoping to sneak a peek at Christmas too early.  But today, I would like to invite you in for a look around.

If you read my previous post (Santa’s Workshop), you learned about the history of this little building, The Colon Club, and some other stuff.  As darling as it is on the outside, the inside is strictly utilitarian with not much – well nothing, really – in the way of amenities.  I have to use space heaters in the winter and I just got an air conditioner to help me through the hot, hot summer here in Richmond.  When I work out here, I dock my iPod and crank up the music to keep me company (and, no, I don’t listen to Christmas music year round – I’m not quite that crazy) .  Emma likes to check on me periodically, too.

Until not too long ago, the building was a sort of glorified repository for “stuff.”  Like old lawn mowers, tools, and other assorted things that have not seen the light of day for many moons.  With the help of a couple of friends (saints actually), I straightened it up and organized things to accommodate my Glittermoon Cards inventory & displays and to house my gargantuan collection of vintage Christmas.  So let’s take a peek.

Here’s what you see when you come in.  My card rack and photographic stock is on the left and dead ahead of you are containers filled to the brim with vintage Christmas treasures.

There is so much wonderful stuff in these boxes!

I have everything organized and stored by type                                                                         (if only the rest of my life was so ordered…sigh).

There are Santas…

And more Santas…

And little Putz houses…

And beautiful glass ornaments.  And angels, reindeer, corsages, and just about anything else Christmas you can think of.

And this is the jewel in the crown.  Hundreds of beautiful glass ornaments.  I can look at them for hours. And, honestly, I think there are some that I won’t be able to part with.

On the left is the table where I make the wreaths and topiaries.  As you can see, there is lots of Christmas inventory over here, too.  You know, there can be a problem with having so much to choose from.  Sometimes it takes me just forever to decide which one is the “perfect” one for the project I am working on.

2 thoughts on “Come on In

  1. how wonderful you have the time to do this. I so compliment someone with so much talent. Putting it all together is a thought process that is highly respected/ I only wish I was a little crafty.But unless I see it done I cannot in my mind even begin to make something. God has given some people a gift and some not. LOL LOL thanks Sonja Marino


    1. Dear Sonja-
      Thanks so much for all your nice comments! God has given all of us taltents in one thing or another – just one more reason to be grateful every day for all the talent that is floating around in the world! C


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