Back to Work!

Just a little quickie to let you know that I finally made it out to the workshop today and got started on what I think is going to be a real charmer.


I’ll be back to post some pictures of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past convention – it was fabulous! If you go their Facebook page, you’ll see all sorts of photos people took – both of their treasures and the convention in general.

Stay tuned….


Off to the Big Apple

I’m coming up for air briefly to check in since it’s been a while. I’m still toiling away in Santa’s Workshop, Southern Branch, making goodies though I have found it darn near impossible to keep up with demand this season.  In fact, at the moment, I do not have any available wreaths for purchase. You can, however, find something on the website if you act quickly. Those of you who are still patiently waiting, I truly apologize but don’t give up hope quite yet. I do have some of my charming little topiaries in the Etsy Shop.

I have a confession to make though – I’m going to play hooky for a couple of days and head up to New York on a girlfriend excursion.  The past couple of years have been pretty tough (if you have been following along with me, you know why) and it seems like it has been ages since I did anything fun so when the chance popped up to do this, I jumped. We’re going up on the train Sunday and will be back home late Tuesday night.

I want to do all the usual cornball things you do when you visit New York at Christmas: goggle at the lights and the store windows, go see the Rockettes, and, hopefully, do a little Christmas shopping.

The other thing I am going to do is visit a store named More & More Antiques. Why, you ask?  Because Steve, the owner, commissioned 5 wreaths from me to have in his store this Christmas. From what I understand More & More Antiques is absolutely magical at this time of year.  Steve travels to Europe every year to pick out and commission ornaments for his shop.  He sent his nephew to pick up the wreaths from me and I was about to swoon by the time he finished telling me all about it.  I CANNOT WAIT to visit!

So, if you are in the Big Apple, you can find these 5 wreaths at More & More Antiques, 378 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10024.

Keep your eyes on my Instagram feed.  I’ll be posting photos of our trip. Besides, that and the Glittermoon Facebook page are where you will find news and photos first.

Like this (terrible) picture of a lovely green wreath I finished this evening for a special lady in Florida.



Once again, it’s the cobbler’s children syndrome as far as Christmas decorating goes here…I’ve got a wreath on the front door, candles in the downstairs windows and that’s about it.  Except for a new faux tree in the living room. A first for me – and it may not prevail after this year.  Thanks to the hubby and my niece Sophie, who stopped in for an overnight on her way home from SCAD.  While I was away at my show in McLean, they got the thing out of the box and set it up. Right now, it looks like Charlie Brown’s tree – its in desperate need of fluffing. Oh, well…maybe next weekend I will get it decorated.  The beautiful thing is that it already has lights.  Whoopee – I HATE putting lights on the tree.  Hate it.

But if you look across the room at the reflection in the window, it’s not bad. I can imagine how lovely it will look once it’s had some loving attention paid to it.  Perhaps even Henrietta Maria will approve in the end.


The other thing that is bringing some Christmas spirit into the house is this year’s Advent calendar.  A repro of a 1955 German calendar, it just charms the pants off me.


And for right now, that’s good enough.

Happy weekend everyone!

Just Dropping In


A cutie pie of a “tiny topiary” set in a piece of vintage Shawnee Pottery

I cannot believe that it has been a whole month since I last posted here! Where on earth is time going anyway????

I made it up to Sharon Springs and had a wonderful time. When I catch my breath, I’ll try to write a post to bring you up to date on all the happenings in the funnest little village you’ll ever visit.

So you know that I’m still kicking, I wanted to drop by with a couple of quick pictures of some of the stuff I’ve been working on. I’m chipping away at the list of orders but it’s going pretty slowly.  And I’ve got to get geared up for the Country Living Fair Atlanta in just a few short weeks (yikes!).

I’ll try to come back soon with more.  In the meantime, happy Fall!! It’s finally cooling off a little – yay!


Earth Day Event

Hi, everyone!  Just a quick post to let you know that, yes, I have been squeezing in some time between working on taxes (yup – still not done – don’t ask) and driving the Mister to doctor’s appointments (he is doing much better, thank you) to make new things in the workshop – yay! – AND that I will be showing new things this coming Sunday, April 24, at Crossroads Art Center here in Richmond.


This event is in honor of Earth Day and some of the 225 artists-in-residence will be showing work featuring the Creative Recycle + Reuse theme.  Hours are from 12 – 4.  There will be other activies as well, including a farmers market in the parking lot.

Since Glittermoon Vintage Christmas is the ultimate recycler/reuser it seems an appropriate event, don’t you think?

Here is what I will be bringing:

Christmas Tapestry Wreath

Christmas Tapestry Wreath

Springtime at Christmas

Springtime at Christmas Wreath

Golden Halo Topiary

Golden Halo Topiary Centerpiece

It's Red Wreath © Glittermoon Vintage Christmas 2016

It’s Red Wreath

Santa's Ski Party

Santa’s Ski Party Wreath

I really hope you can make it!  I’d love to see you.



I am also pretty far along with another wreath featuring this sweet angel.  I’ve been saving her for ages but now I am ready to let her fly the nest.

Here is how she is looking so far:




Tiny Conversation

IMG_1110 - Version 2Emma P. Buttercup: So, Mom, when are we getting back to work?

Me: Soon, baby girl, soon.  My fingers are itching to make something pretty.

Emma P.: Good.  I’ve missed keeping you company out here.  And I’m hungering for some stray styrofoam peanuts to gnosh on when you’re not looking.

Angel Glow

I finished the angel wreath yesterday.

Angel Glow Wreath

Angel Glow Wreath

I love the way she turned out – so sweet.

I will be packing her up and bringing her with me to my last show of 2014 in McLean, VA, the McLean Holiday Crafts Show. The show runs Friday the 5th through Sunday the 7th. The show is in the McLean Community Center which is about a 5 minutes drive from Tyson’s Corner Mall.  Please click here to go to the website for times, etc.

DSC_0035 - Version 2

Here is a peek of Angel Glow plugged in!  As I mentioned yesterday, she is an old Noma angel tree topper.  Imagine how lovely she would be hanging on a mirror over your mantel!

Incidentally, the large gradient snow-capped ball on the upper right is not as brightly colored as it looks in the photo – it is much more subtle and soft.  In fact, the whole wreath has a very soft and gentle, well, glow to it.

Back to work.