Wreath Alert!! Tomorrow!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I have 1 wreath available and it will be going live tomorrow, Monday November 21 at 5 PM Eastern in the Glitermoon Shop!

It is called “Magenta Blue” and here she is:

Magenta Blue Wreath

It is up for your Preview now in the Shop so look carefully at all the pictures and read the description now so you do not have to make a snap decision on Monday.

In fairness to everyone, there are no presales nor is it possible to reserve anything in advance.

So put tomorrow, Monday, November 21 at 5 PM EST on your calendar now!

Here is where you will go:

The Glittermoon Shop

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week!!! It appears that lots of people are decorating for Christmas early – in fact, some people are even finished!!!

I am continuing to make things so please stay tuned…but remember, sadly, this year is different, and I am creating at a much slower pace.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone! And if I don’t see you before, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Despite everything, we can still find many blessings in our lives to be thankful for.

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