Cara’s Memories

On the last day of the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY this past June, a nice couple from Connecticut came into my booth.  They fell in love with the wreath that was hanging up in the center of my display.  It was “Hot Flash.”  Unfortunately for them, it had already been sold.  Cara, the wife, was particularly attracted to the enormous celluloid deer.  I told her that I actually still had one of those deer (they are quite rare) left at home and that, if she wanted, I could make her a wreath incorporating it.  After some more conversation, they said they wanted to think about it and left to wander the show.

Just before closing, they came back. They had decided.  They wanted me to make them a wreath for their kitchen using my deer and some of their own ornaments.

Some weeks later, 2 big boxes showed up at my house; they were Cara’s ornaments.  She sent me quite a lot and when I had them unpacked, I could see that there were 2  distinct directions I could go in. One was an elegant theme, with burgundies and whites; the other was more retro, with traditional Christmas colors.  Here are just a few of what she sent.

A sampling of Cara's ornaments.

A sampling of Cara’s ornaments.

This is another picture showing a large grouping of Cara’s ornaments along with the giant deer.  As you can see, I had a lot to choose from!

Cara's ornaments

Cara’s ornaments

They decided on the more traditional colors with a retro, fun vibe to it.  It would have elves, Santa’s and other goodies.  I finished Cara’s wreath Friday evening.  I used as much of her ornaments as I could but there were still ones I would have loved to have included that just would not fit.

If you follow me on Facebook or on Instagram, you may have already seen this picture of the finished wreath that I quickly snapped with my phone.

IMG_2181This is the “real” picture (which still isn’t very good if you ask me – it looks so much better in person):

Cara's Memories Wreath

Cara’s Memories Wreath

It always makes me really nervous when someone trusts me to make something using their own, prized ornaments.  After all, I know how dear my own collection is to me – all those Christmas memories are so special.  Once I start putting their ornaments on the wreath, we are pretty stuck with the outcome (both literally and figuratively!).  Luckily for me, these were dream clients, who were willing to put their faith in me and let me decide what the final outcome would be.

Even so, it was to my very great relief that I received an email from Cara the morning after I sent her pictures that said, “We LOVE it!!!! It is exactly as I had dreamed! Thank you for creating a beautiful , whimsical wreath filled with family memories and Christmas spirit. It will be treasured.”

Here are some more photos showing some other views of “Cara’s Memories.”DSC_0203 - Version 2 DSC_0220 - Version 2 DSC_0218 - Version 2 DSC_0206 - Version 2

I love a happy ending!


In other news, I slipped out Saturday morning to hit one of my secret sources.  Three hours (!) later, I emerged dirty but triumphant.  Check this out:

A box full of treasure!

A box full of treasure!

There is a ton of great stuff in this box and I got more besides.  I am particularly charmed by these sweet little angels.  They look just like the wonderful wooden German ones but were actually made in British Hong Kong.


Six little angels all in a row

Aren’t they dear?  I think I see them in a little vignette all their own, with a little bottlebrush tree, and…who knows what else?

Gotta dash now – I’m at work on another custom order.  This time for a lady in California.

See you next time!


Are You Ready To Shop?

‘Tis the season.

Now that I am finally through with my show schedule for 2013, I have listed what I have available for purchase in the Glittermoon Cards Etsy Shop.  You can find it here.

SO, without further ado, here are the treasures you will find:

I have pasted a link (in bright blue lettering) to each item’s page in the shop in the descriptions.

The Caroler

The Caroler

“The Caroler” is a festive wreath featuring a sweet Byer’s Choice figure in the center (signed and dated 1991 on the bottom). Flanked by a doe and a bottlebrush tree, “The Caroler” is loaded with vintage ornament goodies including Polands, Shiny Brites, German, a reflector on top, and more. Accented with red beaded garland that swoops its way around the wreath, our Caroler is poised to trim the tree.  About 20″ diameter, not including the drippy bits.  Comes with a nice storage bag. $295

On Dasher, On Dancer

On Dasher, On Dancer

“On Dasher, On Dancer”

Here comes Santa Claus making his way across a sky made of traditional Christmas colors on his way to your home for a special treat. With a wonderful vintage Irwin white plastic Santa and sleigh as the centerpiece, this wreath also features other treasures like the old chenille and paper Santa perched upon a vintage copper reflector; a cute little elf below the sleigh; a snow globe with a reindeer inside; a red boot with a disco ball inside it; and lots of other treats. There are Shiny Brites, Polands, German, and other beautiful vintage ornaments. Finished off with an imposing bottlebrush tree on top, swoops of red beaded garland to adorn it, and green and silver aluminum tinsel garland, too. About 20″ in diameter, not including the protruding or drippy bits. Comes with a storage bag. $250

Ice Angel Wreath

Ice Angel Wreath

“Ice Angel”

Cool tones of blue, silver, and white are accented by pops of red to make this lovely wreath. A large celluloid and aluminum angel tree topper is the centerpiece of “Ice Angel.” She is still in working condition (I have tucked the cord behind her). She emits a lovely glow when plugged in. She has a “cloud” of vintage Double Glo garland at her feet. There are many other vintage treasures as well: Shiny Brites, German, and more. Finished off with old red glass beaded garland swooping across the front.  About 20″ in diameter.  Comes with a storage bag. $250

Shabby Angel Mini Wreath

Shabby Angel Mini Wreath

“Shabby Angel Mini Wreath”

A sweet mini wreath, perfect for a small space that needs a bit of Christmas joy. This little gem measures about 10-11″ in diameter (excluding protruding and drippy bits) and has a lovely Bradford angel on top surrounded by vintage ornaments in pale shabby chic colors of blue and white. Accented with aluminum tinsel and a reflector all on a bed of old gold tinsel. $65

Christmas Jewels Topiary

Christmas Jewels Topiary

A lovely topiary that would make a smashing centerpiece on any holiday table, this is CHRISTMAS JEWELS. Approximately 18″ tall, Christmas Jewels is permanently mounted on a pretty vintage silver-plate serving basket that has lost its handle somewhere along the way. The topiary is made from all vintage ornaments in jewel tones and is accented with a gold beaded garland as a finishing touch. With a darling decorated vintage bottlebrush tree on top. So elegant! $95

Christmas in a Brandy Snifter

Christmas in a Brandy Snifter

Meet Christmas in a brandy snifter. This is not your ordinary snifter but a giant one (like the kind to make a terrarium in). I filled it with vintage goodies: silver tinsel, an old celluloid deer, a terrific putz house, and some tiny Chrismtas balls for added color. And there are 3 white trees in the background. Put them all together and you have a charming scene that will make a lovely decoration in your home. I even added a tiny little wooden figure to the front of the house for fun. $75

Deer and Tree Christmas Scene

Deer and Tree Christmas Scene

Perched in a vintage silverplate caddy is a little Christmas scene featuring a very old celluloid deer, an old bottlebrush tree, and two tiny ornaments for a splash of color. All are resting on a field of vintage silver tinsel. A perfect addition to your Christmas decorating! $65

Snowman Scene Topiary

Snowman Scene Topiary

A happy little scene involving a vintage plastic snowman candy container, an old bottlebrush tree, and a wonderful red stencilled ball that says “Merry Christmas.” All set atop an upside down silver-plate serving dish with handles. Accented with a couple of tiny old balls and loops of silver beaded garland. $52

Praying Angel Mini Topiary

Praying Angel Mini Topiary

An adorably sweet scene with a ceramic praying angel nestled inside a vintage silver-plate sherbet dish. She kneels on a bed of gold tinsel and is surrounded by a vintage gold paper-mache bird, some pink and gold tiny ornaments, and a white tree in the back. This little girl will bring a smile to your lips whenever you gaze upon her. $32

Mini Tree Topiary

Mini Tree Topiary

O Christmas Tree! A sweet little scene involving an old bottlebrush tree planted inside a vintage ice cream dish. With grass of silver tinsel and tiny red and green vintage ornaments as embellishments. Darling from all sides. $22

Angel Mini topiary

Mini Angel Topiary

A vintage Bradford angel alights for a moment inside an old ice cream dish. On a bed of gold tinsel, she is flanked by an old little bottlebrush tree and a tiny ornament. A sweet addition to your Christmas decor. $22

Baby Jesus Mini Topiary

Baby Jesus Mini Topiary

Sometimes simple is best. As is the case with this sweet decoration featuring an old chalkware Baby Jesus nestled in a bed of vintage gold tinsel inside a lovely old silver-plate footed dish. Just a few inches in diameter and ready to be tucked into its special place among your Christmas decor. $20

Happy shopping to you!  And thanks for stopping by during your busy Christmas!


Here is a little P.S. to my post yesterday about my wreaths in the Big Apple and, specifically, the Pink Parfait wreath that is now in Mariah Carey’s kitchen.

I heard from faithful reader and blogger herself, Erica,, that tomorrow morning (Friday the 13th!), Kathie Lee and Hoda (or Hoda and Kathie Lee) of the Today Show will be in Mariah’s kitchen!  Maybe we’ll see the wreath!  I have got my DVR all set to record it.  Let me know if you spy it!

Erica has an adorable blog for vintage lovers: Golden Egg Vintage.  Go check it out!

Ta Da! Sneak Peek at the New Stuff!

As you know, I am off to Rhinebeck, NY for the Country Living Fair which will be held June 7, 8, and 9 in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.  I have finally emerged from Santa’s Workshop, Southern Branch, but only long enough for me to post quick pictures of what I am taking with me.  All of these are new to you except for “Little Pinky” and the “Little Angel” Topiary which I have reworked a bit.

I am bringing 8 wreaths and 3 topiaries with me to the Fair.  I hope you can make it!  When I can, I will post more about each one with details.

Here is a link to more info about the Fair in case you have forgotten.

Without further ado, here they are.  I hope you like them!

Reindeer Razzle Dazzle

Reindeer Razzle Dazzle

The Little Choirboy

The Little Choirboy

Old-Time Christmas

Old-Time Christmas

Ice Dance

Ice Dance

Dream of a Child

Dream of a Child

Ice Angel The angel is an old topper - she lights up!

Ice Angel
The angel is an old topper – she lights up!

Susan's Pink Memories

Susan’s Pink Memories

Little Pinky

Little Pinky

Sugar Santa Topiary

Sugar Santa Topiary

Christmas Jewels Topiary

Christmas Jewels Topiary

Little Angel Topiary

Little Angel Topiary

Someone To Watch Over My Mom

Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC

“Angels Watch” Wreath

I made this wreath for my mother for Christmas.  It had long been planned; she kept telling me that she wanted me to make her one.  Of course, she expected to pay me for it.  That was never an option in my book.  I wanted it to be a gift.  For Christmas.

My mother is 90 years old.  In fact, her 91st birthday is just next week, on January 21st.  I am lucky beyond belief that she still continues to grace my life.

But as so often happens, plans laid are not always plans made.

Because of an incredibly challenging schedule last fall, it was not until the week before Christmas that I was able to turn my attention towards gifts for my family and friends.  As it worked out, December 20th was the day I had set aside to begin making Mom’s wreath.  I was under some pressure because my plan was to finish up with all my holiday preparations so I would be ready to make the trip home on the 23rd for Christmas.

Early on the morning of the 20th, I was awakened by a call from my sister.  My mother was being transported to the hospital; my sister suspected that Mom had had a stroke.  I live about 175 miles from home and it is very, very difficult to be that far away when something like this happens and you are more or less in the dark, dependent on information relayed via telephone when there is any available.  I spent many anxious hours wondering what was going on.

Eventually, the word came down that she had, in fact, suffered a stroke but the news was pretty good.  It was deemed a mild one and she was expected to spend a few days in the hospital and then probably be released to a rehab facility before coming home.  She had some issues with her speech and a weakness on her right side.  Her right hand was pretty floppy and she was unable to stand up.  The doctors felt, though, that with therapy, she would likely fully recover. My sister convinced me that there was not an urgent need for me to come home immediately.

So I set about making her wreath.  Until that day, I had only a hazy idea of what to make for her.  But suddenly it was all quite clear.

She needed angels to watch over her.  Of course.

I began as I always do, by pulling out a few pieces from the collection which will set the tone for the wreath.  I wanted something very special, that would bring her not only delight, but comfort, too.

This chubby little angel has pride of place on top.

This chubby little angel has pride of place on top.

I went to my “Angels” box, and pulled out this little charmer.  I had been saving her; not quite sure I would have the heart to part with her anyway.  Knowing it was for my Mom made it a no-brainer.  She’s chalkware and is imprinted with a mark from the US Zone in Germany.  This dates it right back to after WWII.  I love how she is praying so earnestly with her little baby hands. I mounted her on a light reflector with a little tinsel underneath her to really showcase her.

Detail of Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 2This is a view of the top.  There are lots of things that I purposefully included just for my mother.  That purple and gold ball on the left is to remind her of my Dad – he went to Williams College and those are the college colors. I love the pink ball to the right of the angel – it will make her think of the church bells ringing.  And to celebrate Christmas we have the little bottlebrush tree as well as that wonderful “Merry Christmas” ball.  The ornament with the crown signifies that she is the Queen – at least as far as I am concerned!

Detail of Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 6Here is a closer shot which shows a bird.  One of the great joys of her life is bird watching. We are both bird-crazy, in fact.  So this one is to remind her of me.

Detail of Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 5Here is yet another angel to watch over Mom.  Isn’t she sweet?  I also love the “Peace on Earth” ornament.  The 3 Wise Men are journeying towards Epiphany on the angel’s left.

Detail of Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 3Here is a view of the bottom half of the wreath.  Do you see the most important piece of all?  There is Mary with Baby Jesus cradled in her arms.  She is very old and I have been saving her for quite a while.  Never mind that her paint is not perfect or that the Baby looks almost like he has a black eye.  Those things add to their preciousness if you ask me.

Perhaps you noticed that the overall color scheme is pastel pink and green, which is Mom’s favorite color combination. They were her college colors, too.

Detail of Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 4

That is an old corsage nestled next to the Madonna.  I thought it might make Mom remember some happy times.

I finally was able to give her the wreath after Christmas, once she was settled in the rehab facility.  She absolutely loves it.  We hung it on the wall opposite her bed so it will greet her when she wakes up in the morning and will send her off to sleep at night.

Her recovery has proven to be more challenging than originally thought.  I guess when you are 90 years old, things don’t happen too quickly.  She is a trooper and is trying her best but it is going slowly, way too slowly for her.  All she wants to do is go home.  And that’s what we want, too.

Detail of Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 7I hope that it will happen very soon.  If these angels have anything to do with it, I am certain it will.

Pink Alert!

I have an adorable new wreath available: “Little Pinky.”

LITTLE PINKY WREATH ©GLITTERMOON PRODUCTIONS LLC 2012For all you pink lovers out there, and I know there are lots of you, this delectable little confection packs a punch for your Christmas decorating scheme.  About 14 inches in diameter (excluding cool stuff sticking out).  I will have her with me tomorrow at my LAST show for 2012, Boxwood Garden Club’s Greens and Gifts Holiday Boutique.

Here are some photos with details:

Detail of LITTLE PINKY WREATH © GLITTERMOON PRODUCTIONS LLC 2This is the top which is adorned with all kinds of great things: a vintage corsage (did you ever have one?  Or your mother or grandmother?), a reflector with a cute Shiny Brite striped ball, the wonderful “Season’s Greetings” ball, and a couple of lovely Polish ornaments on either side, too.

Detail of LITTLE PINKY WREATH © GLITTERMOON PRODUCTIONS LLC 1And this is the bottom, complete with that adorable little red reindeer nestled among some Shiny Brites.


And here is how the other side looks.  There is a cool silver plastic sort of Sputnik type top nestled behind a gorgeous hot pink Polish indent.  Can you spy it?Detail of LITTLE PINKY WREATH © GLITTERMOON PRODUCTIONS LLC 5

Here is a super close-up of the top.Detail of LITTLE PINKY WREATH © GLITTERMOON PRODUCTIONS LLC 6

And I will leave you with a close-up of this sweet little Rudolph.

“Little Pinky” is $150.

Merry Christmas!

2 New Wreaths!

Just in time for the McLean Holiday Crafts Show this coming weekend, I have 2 new wreaths in stock.

Here is the first: Merry Merry

A very Merry Christmas to all with this joyful, multi-colored wreath. Featuring a wonderful bendy Santa (he still had his original price tag from Blum’s department store) on the left, a white reindeer on top next to a jolly little Santa, and tons of fabulous vintage ornaments. Trimmed out with old foil garland for extra spice. Approx. 17″ diameter. $195

Followed by the second: Santa’s Flight

A traditional Christmas color scheme of red, green, and white with a marvelous old plastic Santa and his reindeer crossing a dazzling ornament “sky”. Topped with a fab corsage and a gorgeous jumbo Poland ball. Plus so many other treasures! Approx. 20″ diameter. $250.

I wish I had more time to stay and chat (I have so many ideas for new posts – alas, there simply are not enough hours in the day!) but I have to get my self together to leave in the morning for the show this weekend.

For any of you in the Northern Virginia area, please stop by the McLean Holiday Crafts Show and visit.  Featuring 80 artisans from around the country, I am very fortunate to have been chosen to participate and am so excited to be there for the first time!  Get your holiday shopping done early and uniquely!

I will have 7 wreaths and 5 topiaries.  Plus, of course, original Glittermoon Christmas Cards and my photographs.

At the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA  22101.

Glittermoon will be in Booth #11, in the Swinson Room.

Friday Nov. 30 from 11 – 7

Saturday Dec. 1 from 10 – 6

Sunday Dec. 2 from 11 – 4

Hope to see you there!