Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer – 2013

Please feel free to contact me if you see something you like and are interested in purchasing.  Generally, I post images of my work, both in progress and as a finished piece, on the GlittermoonCards Instagram feed and on the Glitttermoon Cards Facebook page first.

In the fall of 2020, I set up a new online shop mostly for my large wreaths and centerpieces and I am quite excited about it. It’s called simply The Glittermoon Shop and you can click here to go there! 

Sometime in November, will have product exclusive to them on their holiday website. They tend to go pretty quickly so keep your eyes peeled every day.

Right now, as I write this in late-October 2020, my little topiaries (aka Christmas Canapés) are still in the Glittermoon Cards Etsy Shop. As I make more, they may transition over to the above new shop. I am just not quite sure yet.

To see things as soon as they are finished, please follow along on my Instagram page and the Glittermoon Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow along here, too!

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The Glittermoon Vintage Christmas book,  is a portfolio of some of my favorite designs from 2011 – 2019 and is for sale in the new Glittermoon Shop as well as the GlittermoonCards shop at

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