Sharon Springs Harvest Fest 2017

Brent and Josh at the Glittermoon Tent

Brent and Josh, founders of Beekman 1802, at the Glittermoon tent. Sharon Springs, NY Harvest Festival

I’ll be back in Sharon Springs, home of the Fabulous Beekman Boys and Beekman 1802 for the funnest and friendliest weekend all year: Harvest Festival. If you have never been before, get it in gear and go! And if you have been, I hope to see you there once again!

The dates are Saturday September 9th and 10th in beautiful Sharon Springs, NY.

This year I am super-duper excited to be stationed out at Beekman Farm with a small group of other members of the Beekman 1802 Artisan Collective (including my friend Beth Miller of Parris House Wool Works).  I will be doing a demo on wreath-making (in between petting the goats!) on both Saturday and Sunday.  You can go here to get tickets for the farm tour and to see me.  But don’t delay, the farm tour sells out really quickly!

Equally exciting is that you will be able to find some Glittermoon Vintage Christmas for sale in the Beekman 1802 Mercantile over the weekend! Whoohoo!

If, by chance, you are unfamiliar with Sharon Springs, their Harvest Festival, and/or the Fabulous Beekman Boys, you can read posts by me about it here…or here!

Hope to see you there!


The Hours They Do Go By

IMG_1777 - Version 2

I’ve been trying to count only sunny hours lately. It’s challenging on many fronts. I know I’m not alone in this.  But spring is on the way again, the days are getting longer and despite snow (!) warnings for this weekend, it will come. Just as it does every year.

Since I last wrote to you, I’ve been playing hooky but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle.  I’ve just been working on things on the personal side. SO many things have been put on hold for far too long and it’s time to get moving.

Two years later and we still have a storage Pod in the driveway…I think this wave of construction is finally complete. Now comes the task of bringing everything back into the house and either getting it organized or letting it go.

IMG_1529 - Version 2

Looking at trim for new curtains

I’ve finally re-engaged with the remake of the living room, too. After 21 years, both the curtains and the furniture need rehabbing. For 2 years I have had a bolt of fabric standing in the corner, waiting for me to have the time to pick out trim and get it made into new curtains. As a closet interior decorator, this is a fun project. Except that I am having a dickens of a time finding fabrics that I actually love. I’ve been hitting all the fabric stores for 3 months now and have yet to find a combination that gets me really excited.

IMG_1726 - Version 2

Major pruning and garden clean-up is underway

I’ve also managed to get some much-needed time in the garden.  It had been so neglected for the past couple of years that I felt really sad every time I went outside.  There’s a ways to go but at least we’ve made a start. I’ve gotten all the roses pruned and we’ve cut out a lot of dead stuff from the shrubbery.  Garden beds are getting cut back and raked.  And with this crazy weather – 75 degrees one day and then 35 the next – Mother Nature is pretty confused. With this last stretch of warm weather, all the cherry trees are in full bloom, the daffodils are already on the wane, and even the hostas have broken ground.  We are about a month ahead of schedule! People love the warmer temps but, honestly, it is not a good thing. We’ve already had to cut the grass for goodness sakes!!!

The other thing I’ve done is to make 2 trips home to work on sorting my parents’ house out.  This last trip, at the end of February, was concentrated on getting their bedroom cleared out.

IMG_1717 - Version 2

This is the view from one window in my parents’ bedroom. Pretty special.

As you may imagine, it’s been a bittersweet project.  My dad has been gone since June 2011 and it is still really, really hard for me to part with his clothes.  But my sister and I managed to go through all their clothes, separating them into piles for the church rummage sale, those that were good enough to go to the hospital commission shop in town, and those which just weren’t good enough to go anywhere.

This process has taken me back to the 10 years I spent doing estate sales.  I know how to clean out a house.  But when it is a house that your parents built and lived in for more than 60 years, it’s an emotional minefield and not a task to be rushed.  I am incredibly fortunate that I have had the blessing of time.

I stumbled across some marvelous finds. In the back of a closet was a large portfolio; when I opened it, I found a cache of handmade Valentines that my grandfather LaMotte (my mother’s dad) made for my grandmother.  Every year of their married life, Grandfather made Grandmother a Valentine.  Isn’t that wonderful?  But these are not Valentines in the usual sense – they are HUGE.  Some of them measure 2 feet in diameter!

Like this one from 1957:

IMG_1587 - Version 2

Grandfather’s 1957 message of love to Grandmother

It’s in the form of a play that reads clockwise all the way around.  I love everything about it. The thought of him cutting out all this stuff and pasting it together charms me no end.  What a treasure.  And what a testament to love.

In this same closet, way in the back on a shelf was a small metal box.  When I opened it, I saw 2 rubber-banded stacks of correspondence.  They were letters, telegrams, and flower cards people sent when both my sister and I were born.  I had no idea that this stash even existed.  I opened the top letter in “my” pile; it was from my godfather, “Uncle” Chuck Lloyd, congratulating my parents on my birth. And the tears started to flow.  My heart felt so full and yet so sad at the same time.  I couldn’t read any more. I just couldn’t. I put the rubber band back on and brought them back here with me for the day when I could sit down and read them all. And maybe just have a good big cry.

In a bottom drawer of my mom’s, I discovered 2 tiny perfectly starched embroidered infant dresses.  Just these 2 little things – I’m guessing 1 for each of us – out of all the clothes my sister and I have had during our lifetime, my mother lovingly ironed and saved for herself to remember her babies.  I don’t think I can explain the feeling in my chest when I unearthed these.  It was overwhelming.

But there was more. I reached back in the drawer and found a large envelope.  Inside were more letters.  As I pulled out the top stack, I was looking at my dad’s familiar handwriting.  The postmarks were all from 1950 and the dates were in perfect order: June to November.  These were the letters my father wrote to my mother during their courtship. They met on a blind date of all things and I think it was love at first sight. He wrote her several times a week for the next 6 months until their wedding on November 25, 1950.

I was faced with a dilemma: read them or not?  After all, my mom had burned her parents’ love letters, feeling that they were just too personal for anyone else to read.  I feel a little differently. I think letters are a gift, a tangible reminder of your parents’ love for one another.  But still…actually reading them is another matter altogether.  In the end, I did read a couple of them and then slipped them back into place to save for the next generation.

IMG_1714 - Version 2

A letter to Santa from my sister

In this same envelope were cards, all in my father’s hand – some from him (all with “to my darling” on the envelope) and some from us before we were old enough to write our own. There were some of those, too, once we started writing for ourselves.  Valentines and letters to Santa and Mothers Day cards.  What a trip down memory lane.  And all of it gathered meticulously together in this single envelope.

There were plenty of less emotionally charged moments, too.  I found my dad’s top hat from the 1940s for one thing.  They sure knew how to dress back in their day. Times have changed.

IMG_1718 - Version 2

Trying on my dad’s top hat

And there was this stuffed in the furthest recesses of a cupboard, all by itself:

IMG_1715 - Version 2


I’m back home now, continuing to count my blessings.

IMG_1701 - Version 2

I’ve been concentrating on Ginter Park Garden’s Club’s 4th Annual Spring Market.  Once again, I am co-chair and I’ve spent countless hours getting vendors lined up as well as trying to get the word out. We have an amazing group of local artisans and vendors this year. If you are in the Richmond area on March 25th, please join us.  We’d love to have you!   You can find out about it here.

I’m off to the Philadelphia Flower Show next Wednesday! I’ve never been and am soooo excited! The theme is Holland this year. Windmills! Tulips! Oh, my!

Oh, and I almost forgot! The Beekman Boys, Josh (l) and Brent, were here in Richmond last weekend at the Garden and Home Show. I caught up with them on Friday. What a treat to get in a little visit with them.

IMG_1745 - Version 3

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay warm and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead Saturday night before you go to bed! Next week will be so much lighter! Yippee.

Soon, I’ll be back in the workshop making new treasures, too!

I’ll leave you with some flowers, the lovely Lenten Rose (hellebore) to cheer you. Til next time, xoxo

Off to the Fair….with Booty

The rental van is packed and Phylliss and I will be taking off tomorrow for the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck.

Before we go, I want to finally share with you the “real” pictures of the new wreaths and the large topiary that you have been patiently waiting to see.  So in no particular order, here they are:





Red Rider 20" $285

Red Rider 20″ $285


Pink Pearl 17" $250

Pink Pearl 17″ $250


Hot Flash 20" $295

Hot Flash 20″ $295


Elf Magic 17"  $245

Elf Magic 17″ $245


Sea Holly 17" $265

Sea Holly 17″ $265


Italian Gold 20" $275

Italian Gold 20″ $275


Holiday Inn 24-1/2" Tall $250

Holiday Inn 24-1/2″ Tall $250

I have a waiting list for a couple of these in case they do not go home with somebody at the Fair.  If you are interested in a wreath or the topiary, please use the CONTACT ME tab at the bottom of this post to send me an email; I will be happy to let you know if what you would like is available after the show.

Thank you all so very much for your enthusiasm and support.

I will be posting to the Glittermoon Cards Facebook page and to Instagram over the course of the new few days if you would like to keep up with our antics.  I’d love to hear from you.

And if you see this van on the road, please wave to us. We’ll wave back!

The Glittermoon Express

The Glittermoon Express

The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome…..And You

Remember the story about the unfortunate children of the cobbler?  Poor things; they never got shoes since their father was too busy making them for other people.

That’s a bit like I am feeling.  After months of making vintage Christmas goodies, I find myself in the position of being incredibly behind in my own Christmas preparations.

Shopping done? No.

Wrapping?  Nothing to wrap yet.

Outside lights up? Um, nope.

House decorated?  Ok, can I have a glass of wine now, please?

I always loved to decorate the house and I keep wondering how I did it in the days when I worked full-time for someone else (someone who actually paid me a salary).  Now I get to work full-time for myself but I never sem to have time to do anything else.

Yesterday evening, I started on the tree.  The tree is the pinnacle for me – the absolute most important thing in the whole scheme of Christmas.  It puts me in the mood to do everything else.  I  love to go in the living room late at night, turn off all the lights except for the tree, put on some beautiful Christmas music, and stretch out on the sofa to drink it all in.

I do it all by myself, even the dreaded lights which, when I grew up, was always considered to be the “man’s job.”  I hate them.  And sure, enough, I had 3 strands of lights that were duds.  It was pouring down rain and I chose not to go out to get more.  The tree is a little smaller than usual (I always try to get a really fat one – and it is always a Fraser Fir) so I just went ahead.  It still looks pretty good, thankfully.

So I got the lights and garland on.  Then I went to the basement and dragged up the fake tree that is the one I put my vintage ornaments on.  I decided to put that up in my new garden room (former screen porch) instead of the dining room, its usual spot.

And guess what?  Some of the lights on it aren’t working either. Grrrrrrrr.  Time to go out to dinner.

Fast forward to late this afternoon.  I humped the tons of boxes, bins, and chests upstairs that house the ornament collection for the tree and got started putting them on.  I got a good 31/2 hours into before I decided to quit and write to you.  People have asked me to post pictures on my tree this year and I promise to do that once I am finished.  I will tell you all about it.

But here’s a little look at how it is starting to look now.  I’ve gotten some of the more “important” ornies on.  Now only about a thousand more to go…

My tree under construction

My tree under construction

As you can see, most of the ornaments are figural.  In fact, they make up a good 99%.

Here’s a close-up of some of my faves.Tree 2013I’ll tell you about the special ones when I get it finished.

But now, to YOU.

I asked folks to send me pictures of their Glittermoon wreaths once they hung them up and several of you have come through for me.  It’s exciting for me to see then in their new home.

Pink Passion at Pam's House - Version 2This is Pink Passion in its new home, Pam’s.  I am dying over her vintage Santa collection.  Wow – just incredible.  If she was closer to me, I might just lighten her load a bit.

Pam has 4 Glittermoon wreaths and she sent me pics of 3 of them so far.

Home for the Holidays at Pam's - Version 2This is Home for the Holidays in her dining room.  I bet it looks spectacular in real life with her red lanterns that really pick up the reds in the wreath.Pink Pixie at Pam's - Version 2And here is Pink Pixie with her snowman collection.  How adorable is that?  I wish I could visit her; she knows how to decorate for Christmas!!!

Heavenly Gold at Nancy & DIck's house - Version 2Nancy and Dick from upstate New York sent me this photo of Heavenly Gold hung on a mirror over their fireplace.  Doesn’t everything look cozy and warm?  I want some hot chocolate to go with this scene.Susan's Pink Memories Wreath at Home

This is Susan’s Pink Memories hanging over her sofa.  It goes perfectly with her color scheme, I think.  This was a custom order and has a terrific story which I am going to share with you this winter.

Joy-full in #1 spot - Version 2

And this is Joy-Full.  Remember this one?  I mostly made it with Joy’s own ornaments.  I love this scene!  So Christmasssy!  But she was undecided… she also sent this:Joy-Full on a Mirror (1)

Oh, be still my heart.  I LOVE it on the mirror with that gorgeous blue ribbon.Joy and her wreath (1)But best of all is that she sent me a picture of herself, too!  I love being able to finally put a face to her name.  Joy lives in Pennsylvania.  Isn’t she lovely?

Ice Dance Wreath in its HomeYou’ve already seen this one but I still love it. This is Ice Dance in Felicia’s New York City home.  Scrumptious.

Scott's wreath "Old-fashioned Christmas" in place at his house in AustinThis is Old-Fashioned Christmas.  Way down in Austin, Texas.  I made this one for Scott.  He wanted a wreath to lay on his coffee table.  He seems to have a real mid-century vibe going here.  Very cool.  Scott was my first custom order.  He found me when the Fabulous Beekman Boys tweeted my wreaths at my first Country Living Fair in Atlanta, back in 2011.  In 2012, I made him a topiary, too.

Wreat Boot-i-full in situ at the NapiersAnd, finally, this is Boot-i-Full which belongs to Kathy, right here in Richmond.  Something tells me that she really gets into Christmas, too!  Just adorable.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to send me your photos.  Keep on sending them and I will share them with everybody.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go upstairs, turn off the lights, and look at my Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas !

Santa’s Workshop (South) is Humming Along

Detail of Christmas Cheer WreaathIn two weeks, I will be driving a rental van north to Tarrytown, NY for the first Country Living Magazine Holiday Boutique.  

I have been sequestered in the workshop making beautiful and fun things to take with me. This picture is a detail from a wreath I finished yesterday, “Christmas Cheer.”  It will be making the trip with me.

I’ve also been making some “mini” wreaths and what I call “Christmas in a Teacup” topiaries.  I’ll be back later with pictures of all of them.

But in the meantime, get yourself online and buy your tickets now for the Holiday Boutique.  Held on the grounds of historic Lyndhurst Mansion, right on the Hudson River, ths show consists of 100 vendors selected from the Country Living Fair’s group of wonderful artisans and shopkeepers.  I am terrifically delighted to have been included.

This is going to be the girlfriend Christmas shopping trip to end all girlfriend Christmas shopping trips!

Click on the picture below to go to the website for all the information!ZJD1463_521e50ab7_dimg6.gif

Happy Memories

Remember this from my last post?  The beginnings of a new something?


Well, ta-da!  Here’s the finished project: Happy Memories Wreath

I had a lot of fun making this one and I have to say that I am going to have a really hard time parting with it.

OK, I know I say that a lot…but I really mean it this time.  Honest.

The overall feeling I get from this is so cheerful that I named it “Happy Memories.”  Because it reminds me of my childhood.  Way back when.  In the last century.  Like in the middle-ish part of the last century.  Yikes.

Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 7Here is a look at the top half.  The boot is so much fun with a reindeer jumping out of it, a disco ball, and a candy cane.  I adore the little kneehugger elf and his fancy pants hat.Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 8This is the bottom half.  That Santa face sends me – he has a great countenance.  Sometimes Santas can have a slightly creepy expression – but not this guy.Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 4

The left side has, among other things, a reflector with a bubble light on it.  Check out all the great old striped Shiny Brites, too.

Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 1The right side is not lacking either.  The little round silver ball with the swirls of blue makes me think of peppermint candy.  Those are icicles sticking out from behind the elf’s head.  The striped spiky teardrop ornament is fun, too.Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 2A closer look.  I wonder if elfie wants to bang the drum?

Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 5

And here’s a closer look at the other side.  That’s a little blue Jewelbrite with Santa inside to the right of the reflector.  Higher up, I stuck a yellow C7 bulb on just for fun.Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 3

Hello little fellow.  You look as though you want to tell us something.Detail of Happy Memories Wreath © Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 6

And with a final peek at Santa, I am going to sign off for now.

Now that September is here, things really crank up for me.  The busy show season is upon us!  So you will have to forgive me if my posts become a bit irregular.  I have been out in Santa’s workshop making stuff like crazy.  I’ll have more to show you soon.  As soon as I get around to photographing them.

Next week, I leave for upstate New York and the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival.  Never heard of Sharon Springs?  Not surprising unless you are fans of the Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge.  The town’s population is less than 600 folks.  But last year, it swelled to over 8,000 the weekend of the Harvest Festival!  It was a grand time and if you are interested, read my post about the wonderful experience I had.  You can also check out this link which will take you directly to the Beekman 1802 website for all the details about Harvest Fest.

Perhaps I will see you there.  I hope so!

“Happy Memories” measures about 17″ in diameter (excluding the garland dripping off it) and comes with a nice storage bag to keep it safe.  $225