Sharon Springs Harvest Fest 2017

I’ll be back in Sharon Springs, home of the Fabulous Beekman Boys and Beekman 1802 for the funnest and friendliest weekend all year: Harvest Festival. If you have never been before, get it in gear and go! And if you have been, I hope to see you there once again! The dates are Saturday September … Continue reading Sharon Springs Harvest Fest 2017

The Hours They Do Go By

I've been trying to count only sunny hours lately. It's challenging on many fronts. I know I'm not alone in this.  But spring is on the way again, the days are getting longer and despite snow (!) warnings for this weekend, it will come. Just as it does every year. Since I last wrote to … Continue reading The Hours They Do Go By

Off to the Fair….with Booty

The rental van is packed and Phylliss and I will be taking off tomorrow for the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck. Before we go, I want to finally share with you the "real" pictures of the new wreaths and the large topiary that you have been patiently waiting to see.  So in no particular order, … Continue reading Off to the Fair….with Booty

The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome…..And You

Remember the story about the unfortunate children of the cobbler?  Poor things; they never got shoes since their father was too busy making them for other people. That's a bit like I am feeling.  After months of making vintage Christmas goodies, I find myself in the position of being incredibly behind in my own Christmas … Continue reading The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome…..And You

Santa’s Workshop (South) is Humming Along

In two weeks, I will be driving a rental van north to Tarrytown, NY for the first Country Living Magazine Holiday Boutique.   I have been sequestered in the workshop making beautiful and fun things to take with me. This picture is a detail from a wreath I finished yesterday, "Christmas Cheer."  It will be … Continue reading Santa’s Workshop (South) is Humming Along