LOTS of New Things Added to the Etsy Shop!

IMG_4518 - Version 2

Sugar Plum Topiary Centerpiece

I have just finished adding LOTS of new things for you in the GlittermoonCards Etsy shop, including this beautiful topiary centerpiece in cool pastel shades. I named it Sugar Plum, probably for obvious reasons.  This would make anyone’s holiday table look amazing.  Go here to see more pictures and get all the information on it.


In addition, I’ve added loads of my little vintage Christmas delights. Have a peek!


Click Here to go to the Shop’s page! These make wonderful gifts – even for yourself!

Happy shopping everyone!


Where in the World…

IMG_3026 (1).jpg

We drove north along the beautiful Skyline Drive here in Virginia for the Fourth of July.

…have I been these past 3 months?  Well, honestly, I’ve pretty much been playing hooky.  I’ve taken some time off to take care of some things that I’ve neglected for the past few years – like my house, for one!

We are getting close to the end of renovating, painting, and papering, upholstering and picking out fabric for new curtains.  After 22 years, it was definitely time for a refresh. And like an idiot, I agreed (for reasons that are completely beyond me now) to open our house for a home and garden tour in early October.  The good thing about this scenario is that it forces you to get it done! Then you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Except when it’s the season that is the run up to Christmas and the height of show season!!  Oh, me.

We also had a bit of a health scare with a stint in the hospital over Memorial Day for the transplant patient.  But that was soon followed by a happier moment, our 31st anniversary!


Not too long after that, I had a major milestone birthday (the one that involves receiving a red, white, and blue card). How is it even possible I’m that old???

IMG_3075 (1).jpg

Birthday flowers


Tomorrow, I head off to Asheville, NC for the Golden Glow of Christmas Past convention. If you recall, I attended my first one last year. I hope to come home with some incredible things for wreath-making…and maybe even some treasures for my own tree.


This was the scene at the hotel in Rye, NY last year for the Golden Glow convention

One of the most amazing things at the convention is the Museum Room where people display their collections. I saw some mind-boggling pieces last year. This is but a taste of the wonders.


Keep your eye on the Glittermoon Facebook page where I will be posting pictures from Asheville.

These are a few of the treasures I brought home (and subsequently made their way onto some of my favorite wreaths last year). Do you see any you recognize?

IMG_0003 - Version 2

Hope you all are having a lovely summer.  It’s going by way too fast for me!

I will leave you with a brand new Glittermoon Card featuring sweet Emma P. Buttercup. Enjoy!

The Look of Love copy 2

A Teensy Detour: Christmas Cards from Glittermoon Cards

I know you all are waiting with bated breath for the finale to Joy’s wreath (see my last post here) and I promise it will be soon.  She is going to have it in her hot little hands tomorrow!

In the meantime, I would like to share with you the other thing I do, which is greeting cards. These are the prototypes for 8 new Glittermoon Christmas Cards for 2013.

I am just about ready to deliver them to my printer but I would dearly love it if you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to look at them and let me know what you think!  I would be ever so grateful.

The Road to Christmas

The Road to Christmas

Inside Greeting: The Road to Christmas

Inside Greeting: The Road to Christmas

Gabby's Christmas Dream

Gabby’s Christmas Dream

Inside Greeting: Gabby's Christmas Dream

Inside Greeting: Gabby’s Christmas Dream

The Bells on Christmas Day

The Bells on Christmas Day

Inside Greeting: The Bells on Christmas Day

Inside Greeting: The Bells on Christmas Day

Christmas Geese

Christmas Geese

Inside Greeting: Christmas Geese

Inside Greeting: Christmas Geese

Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas

Inside Greeting: Spirit of Christmas

Inside Greeting: Spirit of Christmas



Inside Greeting: Believe

Inside Greeting: Believe

Heaven and Nature

Heaven and Nature

Inside Greeting: Heaven and Nature

Inside Greeting: Heaven and Nature

Beauty and Wonder

Beauty and Wonder

Inside Greeting: Beauty and Wonder

Inside Greeting: Beauty and Wonder

So, what do you think???? I’ll take any and all feedback.

If you like these and would like to see more, please visit the Glittermoon Cards website.

Thank you so much, dear readers, for taking the time to look this over.  Have a great night!

2 New Wreaths!

Just in time for the McLean Holiday Crafts Show this coming weekend, I have 2 new wreaths in stock.

Here is the first: Merry Merry

A very Merry Christmas to all with this joyful, multi-colored wreath. Featuring a wonderful bendy Santa (he still had his original price tag from Blum’s department store) on the left, a white reindeer on top next to a jolly little Santa, and tons of fabulous vintage ornaments. Trimmed out with old foil garland for extra spice. Approx. 17″ diameter. $195

Followed by the second: Santa’s Flight

A traditional Christmas color scheme of red, green, and white with a marvelous old plastic Santa and his reindeer crossing a dazzling ornament “sky”. Topped with a fab corsage and a gorgeous jumbo Poland ball. Plus so many other treasures! Approx. 20″ diameter. $250.

I wish I had more time to stay and chat (I have so many ideas for new posts – alas, there simply are not enough hours in the day!) but I have to get my self together to leave in the morning for the show this weekend.

For any of you in the Northern Virginia area, please stop by the McLean Holiday Crafts Show and visit.  Featuring 80 artisans from around the country, I am very fortunate to have been chosen to participate and am so excited to be there for the first time!  Get your holiday shopping done early and uniquely!

I will have 7 wreaths and 5 topiaries.  Plus, of course, original Glittermoon Christmas Cards and my photographs.

At the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA  22101.

Glittermoon will be in Booth #11, in the Swinson Room.

Friday Nov. 30 from 11 – 7

Saturday Dec. 1 from 10 – 6

Sunday Dec. 2 from 11 – 4

Hope to see you there!

It’s Crazy Time Around Here

It’s official.

September is here and that means the holiday (and pre-holiday and pre-pre-holiday) show season has begun.  I kicked it off in Portland, Maine on August 25th and I will be doing a show (or two or more) every week(end) from now until mid-December.

This year, I have set a particularly challenging (crazy?) schedule for myself.  So I will be setting up shop with Glittermoon Cards, Photographs, and Vintage Christmas in a different venue or two every week and looking forward to meeting lots of new friends.  Check out my schedule here.

Right now, I am scrambling to get ready to depart on Thursday for the Sharon Springs, NY Harvest Festival.  Haven’t heard of Sharon Springs?  Perhaps not surprising since the population is about only 500 or so souls.  But it is the home of the Fabulous Beekman Boys, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, and their burgeoning enterprise: Beekman 1802: “A Shared Experiment in Seasonal Living.”

I first heard of them when I read Dominique Browning’s book review of The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers, which was written by Josh.  I immediately bought the book and could not put it down.  It is one of my favorite books.

So last fall, when I was set to do the Country Living (Magazine) Fair in Atlanta, GA I was excited to see that the Beekmans were coming to speak about their new Heirloom Cookbook.  As luck would have it, on Saturday morning they were strolling the show and came into my booth, attracted by my wreaths.  We spent some time talking, they were so nice, and then asked if I would mind if they tweeted me.  Seriously?!?!?!

Josh took a picture of me with Brent in the Glittermoon tent.  And here we are.

This summer, I thought it might be fun to go up to Sharon Springs and be a vendor at the Harvest Festival that they started a few years ago.  And that is exactly what I will be doing this Saturday and Sunday.

So if you are in the neighborhood, please do stop by my tent and let’s get acquainted.  See you there!