A Show this Saturday and Wreath Availability!


For all my Richmond, VA area friends, I hope you will join me this Saturday, November 18th at the 28th annual Northside Artists Holiday Artwalk.  This year we have 50 artists showing their wares in 10 locations (most of them private homes) in our beautiful neighborhood.  This is my only event in Richmond this season so I hope you can make it. Please go to the Facebook page to see the details and examples of everyone’s work.

This year I will be back at Ginter Place, 1350 Westwood Avenue (it’s the former Richmond Memorial Hospital – now condos). I will have my full selection of Glittermoon Cards, including Holiday/Christmas cards and notecards and a nice array of vintage Christmas items.

In other news, I want to share with you some wreath availability!

Yesterday, 4 wreaths made their debut on the Beekman1802.com holiday website.  Please go check it out!  Free shipping is included!

These are the 4:


AND, I have 2 wreaths that are available directly from me: The Colors of Christmas and Santa’s House.

Colors of Christmas

The Colors of Christmas $295

Santa's House

Santa’s House $265

If you are interested in either of them, please contact me!  I’ve even made it super easy by including a contact form below!


Back to Work!

Just a little quickie to let you know that I finally made it out to the workshop today and got started on what I think is going to be a real charmer.


I’ll be back to post some pictures of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past convention – it was fabulous! If you go their Facebook page, you’ll see all sorts of photos people took – both of their treasures and the convention in general.

Stay tuned….

Are You Ready To Shop?

‘Tis the season.

Now that I am finally through with my show schedule for 2013, I have listed what I have available for purchase in the Glittermoon Cards Etsy Shop.  You can find it here.

SO, without further ado, here are the treasures you will find:

I have pasted a link (in bright blue lettering) to each item’s page in the shop in the descriptions.

The Caroler

The Caroler

“The Caroler” is a festive wreath featuring a sweet Byer’s Choice figure in the center (signed and dated 1991 on the bottom). Flanked by a doe and a bottlebrush tree, “The Caroler” is loaded with vintage ornament goodies including Polands, Shiny Brites, German, a reflector on top, and more. Accented with red beaded garland that swoops its way around the wreath, our Caroler is poised to trim the tree.  About 20″ diameter, not including the drippy bits.  Comes with a nice storage bag. $295

On Dasher, On Dancer

On Dasher, On Dancer

“On Dasher, On Dancer”

Here comes Santa Claus making his way across a sky made of traditional Christmas colors on his way to your home for a special treat. With a wonderful vintage Irwin white plastic Santa and sleigh as the centerpiece, this wreath also features other treasures like the old chenille and paper Santa perched upon a vintage copper reflector; a cute little elf below the sleigh; a snow globe with a reindeer inside; a red boot with a disco ball inside it; and lots of other treats. There are Shiny Brites, Polands, German, and other beautiful vintage ornaments. Finished off with an imposing bottlebrush tree on top, swoops of red beaded garland to adorn it, and green and silver aluminum tinsel garland, too. About 20″ in diameter, not including the protruding or drippy bits. Comes with a storage bag. $250

Ice Angel Wreath

Ice Angel Wreath

“Ice Angel”

Cool tones of blue, silver, and white are accented by pops of red to make this lovely wreath. A large celluloid and aluminum angel tree topper is the centerpiece of “Ice Angel.” She is still in working condition (I have tucked the cord behind her). She emits a lovely glow when plugged in. She has a “cloud” of vintage Double Glo garland at her feet. There are many other vintage treasures as well: Shiny Brites, German, and more. Finished off with old red glass beaded garland swooping across the front.  About 20″ in diameter.  Comes with a storage bag. $250

Shabby Angel Mini Wreath

Shabby Angel Mini Wreath

“Shabby Angel Mini Wreath”

A sweet mini wreath, perfect for a small space that needs a bit of Christmas joy. This little gem measures about 10-11″ in diameter (excluding protruding and drippy bits) and has a lovely Bradford angel on top surrounded by vintage ornaments in pale shabby chic colors of blue and white. Accented with aluminum tinsel and a reflector all on a bed of old gold tinsel. $65

Christmas Jewels Topiary

Christmas Jewels Topiary

A lovely topiary that would make a smashing centerpiece on any holiday table, this is CHRISTMAS JEWELS. Approximately 18″ tall, Christmas Jewels is permanently mounted on a pretty vintage silver-plate serving basket that has lost its handle somewhere along the way. The topiary is made from all vintage ornaments in jewel tones and is accented with a gold beaded garland as a finishing touch. With a darling decorated vintage bottlebrush tree on top. So elegant! $95

Christmas in a Brandy Snifter

Christmas in a Brandy Snifter

Meet Christmas in a brandy snifter. This is not your ordinary snifter but a giant one (like the kind to make a terrarium in). I filled it with vintage goodies: silver tinsel, an old celluloid deer, a terrific putz house, and some tiny Chrismtas balls for added color. And there are 3 white trees in the background. Put them all together and you have a charming scene that will make a lovely decoration in your home. I even added a tiny little wooden figure to the front of the house for fun. $75

Deer and Tree Christmas Scene

Deer and Tree Christmas Scene

Perched in a vintage silverplate caddy is a little Christmas scene featuring a very old celluloid deer, an old bottlebrush tree, and two tiny ornaments for a splash of color. All are resting on a field of vintage silver tinsel. A perfect addition to your Christmas decorating! $65

Snowman Scene Topiary

Snowman Scene Topiary

A happy little scene involving a vintage plastic snowman candy container, an old bottlebrush tree, and a wonderful red stencilled ball that says “Merry Christmas.” All set atop an upside down silver-plate serving dish with handles. Accented with a couple of tiny old balls and loops of silver beaded garland. $52

Praying Angel Mini Topiary

Praying Angel Mini Topiary

An adorably sweet scene with a ceramic praying angel nestled inside a vintage silver-plate sherbet dish. She kneels on a bed of gold tinsel and is surrounded by a vintage gold paper-mache bird, some pink and gold tiny ornaments, and a white tree in the back. This little girl will bring a smile to your lips whenever you gaze upon her. $32

Mini Tree Topiary

Mini Tree Topiary

O Christmas Tree! A sweet little scene involving an old bottlebrush tree planted inside a vintage ice cream dish. With grass of silver tinsel and tiny red and green vintage ornaments as embellishments. Darling from all sides. $22

Angel Mini topiary

Mini Angel Topiary

A vintage Bradford angel alights for a moment inside an old ice cream dish. On a bed of gold tinsel, she is flanked by an old little bottlebrush tree and a tiny ornament. A sweet addition to your Christmas decor. $22

Baby Jesus Mini Topiary

Baby Jesus Mini Topiary

Sometimes simple is best. As is the case with this sweet decoration featuring an old chalkware Baby Jesus nestled in a bed of vintage gold tinsel inside a lovely old silver-plate footed dish. Just a few inches in diameter and ready to be tucked into its special place among your Christmas decor. $20

Happy shopping to you!  And thanks for stopping by during your busy Christmas!


Here is a little P.S. to my post yesterday about my wreaths in the Big Apple and, specifically, the Pink Parfait wreath that is now in Mariah Carey’s kitchen.

I heard from faithful reader and blogger herself, Erica,, that tomorrow morning (Friday the 13th!), Kathie Lee and Hoda (or Hoda and Kathie Lee) of the Today Show will be in Mariah’s kitchen!  Maybe we’ll see the wreath!  I have got my DVR all set to record it.  Let me know if you spy it!

Erica has an adorable blog for vintage lovers: Golden Egg Vintage.  Go check it out!

Meeting Suzy

Suzy Spence with Cackie

Suzy Spence (Georgia Peachez) on left with me

I finally got to meet Suzy Spence.

I did a fun show last weekend here in Richmond called The Vintage Home Market.  On set-up day, I made a little circuit around to the other vendors and who was there but somebody I have been wanting to meet for quite some time – Georgia Peachez‘ own creator, Suzy Spence.

Suzy lives in Hampton, VA and creates fab stuff.  If you don’t believe me, check out her Georgia Peachez website here.   She is terrifically crafty and creative.

And she also makes wreaths from vintage Christmas.

Suzy has been making wreaths to sell longer than I have and she has been an inspiration to me.  When I was first researching the idea of making wreaths to sell, I stumbled across hers.  They are wonderful.

Georgia Peachez is so well known that one of her wreaths was featured on the cover of “Romantic Homes” magazine last December.  Wow.

So naturally, I have been dying to meet her.  I figured we might be kindred souls in our love of vintage Christmas.  And the answer is, yup, I think we might be.  I liked her immediately.

The great thing is that even though we both make the same thing, I think we have markedly different styles.  So I feel that there is room in the sandbox for both of us to play.  I hope she does, too.

But she does not stop there as you can see from her website.  She also sews and makes wonderful things from vintage fabrics.

Handmade bag by Georgia Peachez

Handmade bag by Georgia Peachez

Like this bag which I bought as a present for a certain special cousin who has a birthday coming up.  When I saw it, I knew she would love it; the bluebird clinched it.  Isn’t it charming?

DSC_0970 - Version 2Here’s a close up so you can see a little better.  It is even lined in vintage fabric.  And it has pockets inside, too.  I love the adorable red and white ribbon that she sewed at the top.

Suzy was doing the show with her friend Beth who is another incredibly creative and talented person.  Her alter ego is called Dime Store Chic.  Check it out – what fun!

Scottie pin made by Dime Store Chic

Scottie pin made by Dime Store Chic

Beth makes all sorts of cool stuff including this adorable pin that I bought for my friend and neighbor, Nan, Stuart the Scottie’s mom.  Stuart writes a blog called The Scottie Chronicles.  The pin was only $1!!!  Can you believe that?

I bought a bunch of other fun things Beth made but I can’t show you because they are going to be Christmas presents and I don’t want to spoil Santa’s surprise. Plus I got an adorable old painted metal toy wheelbarrow!  I can’t wait to do something fun with that in the garden.

I’m so glad that this show gave me the opportunity to meet Suzy.  One of the best things about doing what I do is meeting so many fabulously creative people who are also out there sharing their gifts with the world.  And they are invariably nice people, too.  Isn’t that great?

So, Suzy, I’m very pleased to meet you.  I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Angels Galore


I want to get started on a new wreath and I think it will be an angelic one.

I have lots of wonderful angels in my collection.  After narrowing it down a bit, I have decided that one of these four angel toppers will be the centerpiece of the wreath.

The one on the left is a well-dressed Italian from the 1970’s.  Next to her is an electrified plastic angel with soft blonde hair; I think she may be from the 1950’s or thereabouts.  She might be interesting to use if I can figure a way to hide the cord in back if you don’t want to plug her in.  Third from left is a sweet girl with a lovely ceramic head and a gold foil dress.  She reminds me a little of Marilyn Monroe. And lastly, is the darling on the right with the sweet face and cottony cloud at her toes.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Which one do you vote for?