2 Wreaths Available on Etsy Tonight!

Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up (so you can be the first in line!!) that I will be listing 2 wreaths this evening, Dec. 6th, in the GlittermoonCards Etsy shop at about 7PM.

Here they are:

Dazzling Deer

Dazzling Deer $325

Christmas Candy (1)

Christmas Candy $325

To get there, click here!  

I will be back soon with some of my little things that will also head to Etsy. In addition, I am continuing to make new wreaths up until close to Christmas so please stay tuned. And don’t forget that there is also limited product on the Beekman1802.com website! Things sell like lightning up there so you have to be quick! Look for “Under the Tree” to show up in the next day or two.

Happy shopping!

If you have questions that are not answered in the listing on Etsy, feel free to contact me.



I am fortunate in that I have a secret source in the form of an avid collector who sometimes is ready to part with things.  As with all serious collectors, there comes a time when we can no longer accomodate all our treasures in what is our own finite space.  After all, we’ve got to make room for more!

So, once or twice a year, I get a call from “X” (who does not live in Richmond) and we make a plan to meet up.  A few years ago we decided on a place that is about equal driving time between us and we meet in, get this, a parking lot.  With our cars nestled beside each other, we transact our business and then take off.  Believe me, we’ve had plenty of laughs over what we must look like to a casual observer.

This time, “X” brought some truly wonderful, very old ornaments.  Crates of them.  And I ended up writing a very sizable check.  Still, they were a good deal.  There are two very large plastic tubs of very small, very old ornaments in egg cartons (don’t ask me why, I neglected to take pictures of them but, trust me, they are terrific).  I also came home with – are you ready? – 34 toppers (THIRTY-FOUR!!!); a couple dozen teardrops; bags of vintage glass garland; and a large amount of fabulous, very old figurals.

I adore the figurals – they are what are primarily on my own Christmas tree.  And, no doubt, there may be some of these that may make their way inside the house for next Christmas.

Here are some pictures of what I spent today unpacking and organizing. Please click on the first one to see full size, then scroll through – you can see the details so much better.

I also came home with 2 boxes of these fantastic multicolored icicles.  The graphics on the boxes alone are fabulous.  I do not remember seeing the multicolored ones before – have you?  I love them.

And, finally, I am going to leave you with a picture of a present “X” gave me. It’s a darling Italian clown.  What a nice gift!

IMG_5407 - Version 2

I’m a lucky girl.

Now that the shop is pretty organized, it’s time to get busy making stuff!  Whoohoo!



Hmm…what is this stuff doing sitting out in the yard?
IMG_4626 - Version 2We were able to salvage a couple of the old cabinets from the kitchen demolition so I could put them in the workshop and add some much-needed storage out there.

So, last week, I moved a ton of stuff out of the way and Mike (my lovely builder) did just that.

It took me parts of two days afterwards to get everything stowed away to my satisfaction.

Here’s how it looks now (and please forgive the horrendous photos – the shop is lit with big old fluorescents).

IMG_4686 - Version 2There are the “new” cabinets on the wall.  That’s a wreath I’m working on currently on the big red table.IMG_4689 - Version 2

And, ooh whee, look at all the goodies I stowed inside.IMG_4683 - Version 2

Here is a peek at the old workbench with an army of Santas and other wonderful things on top.  It was fun to have to rearrange everything and it makes me happy to look at all these goodies when I am out there.

IMG_4679 - Version 2

These fellows are smiling away on the top of an old mantel that was salvaged from the basement.IMG_4680 - Version 2

Ho ho ho.

I fear I need an intervention.

Santa’s Coming to Town

IMG_3546 - Version 2

“Alas! How dreary would be the world if there was no Santa Claus!…

There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence.”

– Francis P. Church, New York Sun, Sep. 21, 1897

Snow Day!

IMG_3314 - Version 2We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning.  The world around us had magically become a beautiful fairyland, reminding me a little of Narnia.IMG_3313As you can see, Emma P Buttercup was enjoying herself.IMG_3255

We went for walkies.

IMG_3286 - Version 2

Here’s how the ‘hood looked this morning.IMG_3312

Cute overload.

The other 4-legged member of the household remained nonplussed.

IMG_3238 - Version 3And look what came in the mail this week!!!


I can’t wait to get through with paperwork, show applications, and taxes (u.g.h.) and get back to some creating.  Time needs to slow down a bit for me.

I don’t mind the winter weather.  It’s nice to have to stay indoors sometimes.  Though I confess, I am thankful not to live in Buffalo.

Stay safe and warm everyone!  And treat yourself to a nice cuppa cocoa…or perhaps something a wee bit stronger.


It’s not too early to get your tickets!  Hope to see you in Nashville this April!


It’s Slowly Coming Together

I doubt I have ever been quite this far behind when it comes to Christmas as I am this year.  There’s just been an awful lot going on and my attention (which sometimes is a little challenged anyway) has been pulled in way too many directions at once.IMG_2975 - Version 2

This is how my living room looked 2 days ago as I was decorating the big tree in the living room.  I’m pretty sure this is the latest I’ve ever been getting it done.  The tree is the sort of pinnacle of my holiday decorating and the one thing that really says “Christmas” to me.  I love to be able to turn out all the room lights, put on some music, and settle down on the sofa with a glass of wine to relax, gaze at the tree, and bask in the glow of memories of Christmases past.  The ornaments on this tree are ones that I have collected over a period of almost 40 years; many of the really special ones have been gifted to me over the course of my adult life.

In the end, I had to set myself a deadline; I decided that at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon, I would cease and desist.  Consequently, the tree is not nearly as loaded with ornaments as usual.  I’m ok with that this time, though.  Doing that managed to dial down the stress level.

I also was able to decorate a smaller tree in the garden room.  That’s the one that is done with mainly vintage ornaments.  I put the ornaments I purchased last spring in Prague on this one and they look pretty happy to me. IMG_2982 - Version 2I know I still haven’t told you lots of news and I hope to be able to catch up in the next couple of weeks.

But right now, I’ve got to get on my horse and go Christmas shopping.

Merry, merry everyone!