New Listings in the Etsy Shop!

Happy Friday!

Just dropping by to quickly let you know that I am in the process of listing 7 wreaths and 1 topiary centerpiece in my Etsy Shop!

Here’s what you will find there (they will be dribbling in over the next few days – I’ve got 3 of them listed as I write this and am getting ready to add another).

Click on the images to see them larger.

Happy shopping!

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend!



3 White Doves” heading south for Christmas.

3 White Doves

Peace on Earth

New Wreaths

I’ve been silent for a while, I know, but so much has happened since my last post.  I’m not able to sit down and write about everything yet, please forgive me.

But…I do want to share with you that these 3 Glittermoon wreaths are available for sale on the Beekman 1802 Holiday website right now!!

If you are in a bit of a hurry and don’t want to ooh and ah over all the wonderful artisan-created products Brent and Josh at have for your holiday gift-giving (though you really ought to do yourself a favor and do just that), you can cut to the chase by going straight to the Holiday Decor at section.  Or by just searching for “ornament wreath.”

Happy shopping, my friends!

Santa's Ski Party

“Santa’s Ski Party” wreath

Flying High Wreath

“Flying High” Wreath featuring a rare 1955 Italian Olympic Ski Jumper ornament

Llama Takes Over Wreath

“Llama Takes Over” Wreath

In Case You Are Wondering…

I’ve been really, really, busy out in the workshop making new stuff.  Here is a peek at 2 new wreaths.

Pink Joy

Pink Joy

Mid-Century Memories

Mid-Century Memories 

These will be accompanying me to Atlanta next week to the Country Living Fair.  Are you going?

New Stuff in the Works

Santa’s Workshop, Southern Branch, has been humming along at a fever pitch making all sorts of goodies to take to the Fair next week.

I wanted to take a quick break to show you the starting points of several projects that have been in the works.  These have all now been finished (yay) but I have not photographed them.


This is how I started a wreath named “Pink Dove.”

IMG_2216A beautiful German wax angel dressed in brocade, a Fontanini cherub, and a Jewelbrite angel ornaments were the jumping off points for “Angel Blue.”


The lovely colors of the sea were the inspiration for “Sea Green.”


I wanted to make something pretty spectacular to take with me and I fished out this vintage metal peacock that I purchased at an antique mall a couple of years ago.  This turned out to be a much more challenging project than I anticipated but the end result has quite a wow factor (at least I think so).  This one is called “Pretty as a Peacock.”

IMG_2230And, finally, this is a finished wreath, a small one (about 15″ diameter) named “Little Elfie.”  So much fun packed into a small package.

I’ll be back with pictures of the finished products in a few days.  Until then, stay cool.  It is projected to get to 100 degrees here today!!!!!  It’s September, isn’t summer supposed to be on the wane?

New York and Exciting News!

Pearly Queen

Pearly Queen

Well, I am back from the Country Living Magazine Holiday Bazaar in Tarrytown and it was fantastic.  I will try to get some pictures posted for you in the next couple of days.

But that is not why I am writing tonight.

Last summer, I received a commission from quite a prestigious shop in New York City to make them 6 wreaths.  The whole thing came about as a result of a pretty casual and brief meeting at the show in Rhinebeck in June.  At the time, I had no idea who they were.  Peggy simply gave me her card and asked me to call her in August or September.

I merely thought she wanted me to make them a wreath for their home.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust

So, when I called her in August, I almost fell off my chair when she asked me if I could make her wreaths to sell in their shop.

The name of the shop is Zeze: Flowers, Gifts, Gardens, Antiques, and Events.  Zeze is Peggy’s husband.  He is a Brazilian gentleman who, as it turns out, is a world-renowned floral designer.  They have a lot of quite notable clients.

If you look at their gorgeous website, you can see what they do.  Be sure to check out the section titled “Press.” They have been featured in just about every home and design magazine you can imagine as well as having consistently been voted number 1 florist in NYC.  I am glad that I did not read all of that before I started work; I may have been too intimidated to get started.

Carnivale Wreath


I got to work.   Peggy was able to give me some very clear direction that still left me plenty of room for my own creative juices to have free rein. She was just fantastic to work with – and so nice.

When I got back from my Atlanta show at the end of October, I packed up my six babies and FedExed them off to the Big Apple.

Santa's Noel

Santa’s Noel

We had planned to meet in Tarrytown this past weekend, Peggy and Zeze bought tickets to the show for Saturday.  But Friday night, I received an email from Peggy saying that the weekend was now completely filled and they would not be able to make it.  That was disappointing, but she urged me to pay them a visit in Manhattan on my way home.

Honestly, the idea of driving in NYC is pretty daunting to me but I was ready to do it.  Peggy offered to have somebody from the shop take care of my car.  But the weather gods had a surprise in store for us in the form of an ice storm.  I made the decision Monday morning that, given the conditions, I would be better off heading straight for home.  After all, it was an eight-hour drive and we were not able to get on the road until about 11:00 due to the ice.  I was sad but felt I had made the best decision.

Hotsy Totsy

Hotsy Totsy

Once I got back to Richmond, I emailed Peggy to let her know we made it all right and that I hoped we could connect another time.  She responded the next morning by telling me that they had done their 2 Christmas windows on Sunday and that all six of my wreaths were in the windows!

Oh, my gosh!  Really?  It’s darn near impossible for me to come up with the words to explain to you how incredible it is to think that something I made is in the front windows of a shop in Manhattan.  Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

This morning, I got even more amazing news.  Peggy emailed me at 8:00 this morning to tell me:

“Cackie, today on “the today show” they are doing a live taping of Mariah Carey at her home. They might have your Madame wreath on the kitchen counter during the interview. Check it out. Can’t promise.  Rushing, p.”

I have a confession to make.

I started to squeal.  And jump up and down. Like a kid.  But I bet you will excuse me, won’t you?  Holy smokes.

The Madame wreath she is talking about is a sort of joke.  At some point, Peggy requested a soft pink, silver, and white wreath that would be suitable for a “madame.”  For some reason that tickled me.

Pink Parfait, "Madame's Wreath"

Pink Parfait, “Madame’s Wreath”

I made “Pink Parfait.”

And so, “Pink Parfait” is now in Mariah Carey’s kitchen.


I’ve had an awfully good day.

And now I’m going to go have a glass of wine.  Or two.

Good night, friends.  Sleep tight and have sweet dreams.  I know I will.