Are You Still Speaking…

To me?

Golly day, I have been lost in the hinterlands but I promise to be back pretty soon with all sorts of exciting news that I want to share.

Including the absolute highlight of my year!

Can you be just a teensy bit more patient (I know, it is asking a lot) and bear with me?

In the meantime, I finished the wreath with the big elf (he’s 11 inches tall!) and the bubble lights.  It’s called, “Really Retro.”  I love the way it turned out.

Really Retro Wreath

Really Retro Wreath

Really Retro is involved in the exciting news, too.

Meanwhile, I started on a new one today.  I was feeling in an angelic mood.


She is an old Noma angel tree topper and…she still works!

And since today is December 1st, I got to open the first window on my Advent calendar!


Do you have an Advent calendar, too?



Here is Your Chance

Before I list these in the Glittermoon Cards Etsy shop, I wanted to give you, my dear blog followers, first crack at them.  I will most likely be putting them up for the rest of the world towards the end of the week.

If you are interested in purchasing one – or more! – of these beauties, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.  Once I know your zip code, I can accurately figure the shipping costs (so please do not forget to include that!) and I can send you an invoice.  Easy peasy.

As a little incentive, I will take $10 off the shipping costs for anyone who buys directly from here until this Friday, June 20th.

As you probably know, I entrust these precious creations to FedEx Ground and that is not exactly a cheap date.  Not cheap – but, so far, pretty darn safe.  As a general rule, for those east of the Mississippi, you can expect the shipping to be in the $35-50 range.  West of that is more expensive, I’m afraid; most likely in the $50-65 range.  I will only charge you   the actual shipping costs (which I why I need a little info from you).

So, without further ado, here are your choices:


SNOW CHARMING. A delightfully old-fashioned concoction with a snowman theme. 20" diameter not including protruding, drippy bits. $250

SNOW CHARMING. A delightfully old-fashioned concoction with a snowman theme. 20″ diameter not including protruding, drippy bits. $250


RED RIDER.  Santa goes for a ride across a red sky accented with pops of white.  20" diameter $285

RED RIDER. Santa goes for a ride across a red sky accented with pops of white. 20″ diameter $285


ITALIAN GOLD.  Rich golds befitting an Italian cast, with an Italian angel from the 1970's as the star.  20" diameter $275

ITALIAN GOLD. Rich golds befitting an Italian cast, with an Italian angel from the 1970’s as the star. 20″ diameter $275

And, last but not least…


HOLIDAY INN.  A lovely, multi-colored  topiary centerpiece on a vintage silverplate serving piece. 24 1/2" tall. $250

HOLIDAY INN. A lovely, multi-colored topiary centerpiece on a vintage silverplate serving piece. 24 1/2″ tall. $250 *SOLD*

Please don’t be shy if you have questions.  I am happy to do my best to answer them.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you!





Guessing Game: The Big Reveal

I’ve kept you in suspense long enough so finally I am going to show you the results of The Guessing Game.

Drumroll, please.

Here is Holiday Extravaganza!

Holiday Extravaganza Wreath

All you people who responded with a guess astonished me.  You were all correct!!!

Have I become predictable?

I was sure somebody was going to pick the elf and retro modern theme.  I was mighty tempted by it myself.  And what a different outcome it would have been, too.

So let’s take a closer look.

Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 9With this view of the top half, you can see that enormous silver spray that drapes itself from the top center and down to the left.  That thing is a beauty.  The other showstopper is that fabulous, huge ribbon ball ornament that is just to the center right.  That was one of the pivotal pieces in determining the color scheme for the whole wreath: magenta, teal, gold, and silver.  There are tons of wonderful stuff on this wreath, but two of my other favorites are the jumbo Poland ball with the Merry Christmas lady and the very hip looking gradiant-toned German Shiny Brite with the stenciled reindeer.  I scored 2 boxes of those this past summer and I am sooo in love.  They actually feature Santa and the sleigh – the design goes all around.  After hemming and hawing, I decided to put the deer on front in keeping with the theme.Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 3Be still my heart. Here is a close-up.Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 6On the left side, there is plenty of eye candy as well.  First of course, is the enormous “Atomic” topper that is stretching across the wreath.  Because of the size of the 3 biggest pieces, I used a larger form than usual.  At the topper’s base, I took a cool fruit corsage and placed it on a reflector for some pop.  Also of note are the great Merry Christmas stencil ornament and the unusual teal and gold German ornament in the shape of a top.  You get a better look at the jumbo Poland, too.  At the top of the picture, please note a beautiful Austrian gold indent with poppy colors in the reflector.

Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 8

Here’s a more detailed look at the ornaments I was talking about above.Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 5With this view of the right side, you get to see the beautiful – and enormous – celluloid reindeer.  Honestly, it is the biggest one I have ever seen, measuring about 14 inches tall.  Full disclosure: his right hind hoof is cracked.  Not a big deal to me but I wanted you to know that in case it is to you.  I also want to point out that the very tip-top of the pink teardrop on the top of the wreath is missing.  It is barely noticeable.Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 4Here’s a closer look at all the goodies on the right.Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 2

I think the reindeer has the sweetest expression.Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 1I’m going to leave you with this shot of the center.  Thanks to all of you who guessed.  It was a fun exercise for me.  What was even more fun was making this baby.  I hope you like her.  I’m pretty partial to her myself.

“Holiday Extravaganza” is approximately 25″ tall (not including the drippy garland) and 22″ wide.  She comes with a nice storage bag to keep her safe.  Her price is $375.

Because I have some strong interest from some of you in this wreath, I want to let you know about shipping on it.  Due to its large size, after I have wrapped it in bubble and put it in its storage bag, I would have to take it to FedEx for them to pack and ship.  My guess is that depending on where you live, shipping would be in the neighborhood of $75 – $100.  That’s just a guess but be prepared.  If you are anywhere near Richmond, Virginia, you are welcome to come pick it up.  Likewise, if I am going to be at a show near you, I may be able to bring it with me for you to pick up.  Just email me with your thoughts.

Detail of Holiday Extravaganza Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 7

The Little Choirboy

Sweetly sings The Little Choirboy

Sweetly sings The Little Choirboy

Occasionally I will make a supreme sacrifice and use a Christmas treasure that is pretty dear to my heart in one of my projects.  And this, “The Little Choirboy,” was one of them.  I’m soooo in love with this small ceramic fellow.  Who could resist the charm of his angelic little face, his blue bow, and his sapphire buttons?  Not me.

But sacrifice I did and I have to say that, though I truly love everything that I make, this one will be awfully hard to part with.  The consolation will be that I know he will go to a good home, in his own time.  Could it be yours?

Here is the whole wreath:

The Little Choirboy 17" diamater $225

The Little Choirboy
17″ diameter

As you can see, the color palette is blue and gold with silver accents.

A handmade angel tree topper is the crown

A handmade angel tree topper is the crown

Here is a close-up of an adorable handmade angel tree topper.  It is made of gold foil paper with tinsel and glitter trimmings.  There is a petite angel in the center.  To the right of the angel is a huge Austrian ball that has gorgeous gold “dimples” that look like jewels.  And on the other side is a classic stenciled  “Merry Christmas” ball in medium blue.

Left side of "The LIttle Choirboy"

Left side of “The LIttle Choirboy”

The left side of the wreath has tons of great stuff, not the least of which is a Poland topper with triple indents.  Anchoring the bottom is a reflector with a white dove resting on a nest of gold.  A tiny bottlebrush tree makes a nice counterpoint.  There is a mixture of gold and blue balls, bells, and picks as well as a silver disco ball.  Doubl Glo curly twist gold garland drips from the bottom left and is also tucked in as accents all over the wreath.  The base of the form is silver tinsel which peeks through every now and then to give added sparkle.

Detail of THE LITTLE CHOIRBOY wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 5

Right side of “The Little Choirboy”

As you can see, the right side of the  wreath does not skimp on anything either.  Staying within the color palette are several Poland teardrop ornaments, one an indent, and another with a snowy church scene on it.  There is a cool gold and white ornament with a finial bottom right under the big German one.  And, quite fittingly,  there is a silver and blue drum at the bottom.  Bells placed in spots reiterate the musical theme.

Center of "The Little Choirboy"

Center of “The Little Choirboy”

This view of the center gives you a great idea of the whole.

Bottom of "The LIttle Choirboy"

Bottom of “The LIttle Choirboy”

I’m going to leave you with a picture of the bottom, where my little charmer is singing his little heart out.

I think he is going to bring somebody a lot of smiles.  Don’t you?

“The Little Choirboy” measures about 17″ in diameter, not including the drippy bits, and will come to you nestled in his own heavy-duty storage bag with lots of bubble wrap to keep him safe.  His price is $225.  Here is a link to my Etsy Shop where you can view and purchase him.

I’m in a Fever

IMG_0577 - Version 2Just look at what came in the mail last week!  I am so anxious to get to work making wonderful stuff but, alas, it is still soooo cold here and – have I mentioned this before? – Santa’s Workshop, Southern Branch, does not have heat.

I have been collecting all manner of treasures over the wintertime and they all await me, still in their boxes.

Like a pair of fabulous LARGE (I mean BIG – never seen any so huge!) celluloid reindeer.  And little putz houses.  Masses of the solid colored balls I use for backgrounds.  Tinsel!  And vintage lights!  I am going to try something new with those this year.  Gorgeous hand-painted glass ornaments of all shapes and sizes: Polands, Shiny Brite, German, USA.  You name it, I’ve got ’em.

Last Saturday, I visited an antiques show and came away with a sweet composition angel tree topper.  Her dress is old dotted Swiss voile.

I will share some pictures later.  When the workshop warms up to something a bit warmer than a tomb.

Until then, like me, you will just have to dream of treasures to come.  Good night all.  Sleep tight.

New Wreaths…Finally!

I have been so swamped with shows this season and getting ready for them, that I have been remiss in posting all the new product for you to see.  So here are pictures of 11 new wreaths I have made in the last month or so.  A few have been sold, but I still have 6 available right now, including “Angelic Moment”, the subject of an earlier post.  I will be making more, too!


For you deep pink and blue lovers here is a gorgeous wreath packed with so much terrific stuff. Notice the sly look that adorable (but mischievous) elf is casting at the Christmas Princess on the jumbo Poland ball next door. $285


Red and white dominate to create a peppermint colored wreath of sweetest proportions. 17″ diameter. $225 ** SOLD **


Fabulous pastel pinks and aquas make this a stunner. Complete with a gorgeous Polish triple-indent topper, a pink diorama ornie at the top, and a pretty white reindeer. $295


The littlest one of all but so much fun is packed in! With a charming figural toy soldier among the other treasures. Vintage blue & silver tinsel garland add a finishing touch. 14″ diameter, not including the drippy and protruding bits. $125 (NOTE: A storage bag does NOT come with this little one.)


A HO HO HO of a wreath in traditional reds & greens with a big jolly Santa as centerpiece, joined by a marvelous little Japan Belsnickel, and so much more! $250 ** SOLD**


Hot colors blend to create a showstopper of a wreath. Accented with an Italian unbreakable topper and tons of other great stuff. Wow. $275 ** SOLD **


Ethereal pastels abound on this lovely wreath featuring angels and churches and all sorts of other lovely accents. Glorious indeed. $285 ** SOLD **


All that glitters is gold here. A rich concoction with so many fabulous parts to make up a 24 carat dream. $250


For the green lover, Emerald Isle is a symphony of many parts. About 17″ diameter, excluding the protruding, drippy bits. $225


All things Christmas collide to make a fun, fabulous paean to joy. With a large Santa celluloid and tin tree topper dominating, the fun never ends. $285 ** SOLD **


Childhood memories all wrapped up into one fun package. The boot is a bank! 17″ diameter. $185 **SOLD**

Stay tuned!  I will post pictures of the topiaries this week, too!