Beautiful Boundaries

A boundary is a line of demarcation and, as such, generally a practicality.  Quite often, however, the practical also has an aesthetic side, taking the sting out of what is essentially a "Do Not Enter" sign. From the humble picket fence to the grandeur of gilt, all are beautiful boundaries. Please click on each image to see full size (so much better!). … Continue reading Beautiful Boundaries

Grid: Two Ways

The play of line at Versailles: Grid - Two Ways. In photographs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

connect |kəˈnekt|  verb [ with obj. ]  bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established Literally connected: Old and new virtually connected by my lens: Darkness and light connected here: Connected by body language: Connected by whimsy: It is always interesting to see others' take on the subject of the week.  Click here to find … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half in Salzburg

Half and half.This glorious building in Salzburg reminds me of an Advent calendar: behind each window a story waits to be revealed. I thought it both curious and a bit compelling how the two storeys mirror each other exactly yet one throws its arms wide open to the light and the world while the other harbors its secrets behind … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half in Salzburg

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Symmetry in black & white. The French are masters of it.  Their uses of symmetry seem almost poetic.  At least to me. The Arc de Triomphe is merely one example among many.  Strength and beauty in equal proportion. Symmetry Click here to see others' take on the theme this week.