Beautiful Boundaries

A boundary is a line of demarcation and, as such, generally a practicality.  Quite often, however, the practical also has an aesthetic side, taking the sting out of what is essentially a "Do Not Enter" sign. From the humble picket fence to the grandeur of gilt, all are beautiful boundaries. Please click on each image to see full size (so much better!). … Continue reading Beautiful Boundaries

Grid: Two Ways

The play of line at Versailles: Grid - Two Ways. In photographs.

The Grand Scale of Versailles

I hope you do not mind (and if I can figure out how to do it!) I would like to share a post I just wrote for my Garden Reverie blog about the massive scale of the gardens at Versailles. So here goes.  Hope you will enjoy.  Please do let me know. Be sure to … Continue reading The Grand Scale of Versailles