Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes (Redux)

I like the theme of this week’s challenge so much that I want to share some other “threes” with you: images of sculpture.

In late August of 2012, I took a solo road trip from Richmond on up to Maine.  My first stop was in Tarrytown, NY.  While there, I visited the Rockefeller estate, “Kykuit.”  If you ever have a chance to go there, don’t think twice.  It is a visual feast.

Here are some “threes” featuring a few of the many garden sculptures there.

Magnificent fountain:

DSC_0086 - Version 2 DSC_0089 - Version 2 DSC_0158 - Version 2A beautiful 3-dimensional frieze in a majestic setting:

DSC_0174 - Version 2

DSC_0168 - Version 2

DSC_0172 - Version 2Stone maidens in a shady garden:DSC_0182 - Version 2 DSC_0185 - Version 2 DSC_0188 - Version 2

And now sculpture of a different sort.  A graceful staircase in an old Federal house in Maine:

DSC_0460 - Version 2 DSC_0270 - Version 2 SpiralThanks for visiting!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I guess we’ll count this post as a little detour from Vintage Christmas but I am thinking that I would like to take on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge every now and again.

As the spirit moves me.

These are a few of my favorite window pictures – taking the subject literally, that is.  Some are looking in, some are looking out, and some are just plain looking at. If I come up with a good “window to the soul” image this week, I’ll pass that along, too.

Let me know what you think!

Pink House Green Shutters

Pink House Green Shutters

One of my favorite images of all thanks to the fabulous textures and colors.

Checked Curtains

Checked Curtains

And talking about texture – here it is in spades.  For some reason, though, this image makes me a bit sad.

Sailor's Window

Sailor’s Window

More shingles, including a hanger-on.  Bright colors against the dark make me like this one.

Clam Shack

Clam Shack

Weather beaten and oh so graphic.

Tiny Garden

Tiny Garden

I loved this tiny window.  Could it be more delightful?

Artemisia Kitty

Artemisia Kitty

I love the graphic nature of this one, too.  Meow.

From Darkness into the Light

From Darkness into the Light

Peace and beauty in one.

Rooster & Shoe

Rooster & Shoe

Old finds in an old window.  Looking out onto verdure.  Lovely.

Mainly Maine

Time for a teeny break from Christmas.

I’m in the mood to share some of my favorite images from my recent road trip to Maine with a little side trip to Mystic, CT on the way home to Richmond.

This is the charming entry to my cousin Sally’s home in Wiscasset.

American Greeting

Also seen in Wiscasset:

Maine Tool Shed

Pemaquid Light.  I love this image.  The color blocks and the textures send me.

Red, White, and Blue

Also, at Pemaquid.  The vastness of the sea just beyond.

Vast Horizon

From inside Pemaquid Lighthouse.  I have a thing for window views.  The sailboat out on the ocean makes this image for me.

Ocean View

Beautiful and simple lines converge here, at the dock in Mystic.


A lovely and evocative sunset in Portland.

Lobster Shack Sunset

Fantastic textures and the haphazard splash of orange paint makes it one of my favorites.

Orange Paint

Again, the textures and the colors are just tremendous. On a glorious late summer day in Mystic.

Clam Shack

Through the window at a farm stand in Maine.  Serene.

Rooster & Shoe

The name says it all:

Eye on the Ocean

A study in whites.


I like this even though it makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock.

Gull Cottage

I think Andrew Wyeth should have painted this.  Perhaps he did.

Checked Curtains

Back to that gull on the clam shack in Mystic.  I love the fishing net inside the window.

Sentry Gull

And I leave you with this iconic sunset picture.  I hope you enjoyed the trip!

Portland Sunset

September 11, 2012

©Cackie Trippe McCarty 2012