Getting Ready for Lift Off!

Hi, everyone and a happy Memorial Day to you all! I'm scrambling - truly - to get ready to depart on Wednesday for the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  I hope you will think about coming if you are in the beautiful Hudson Valley area next weekend. You can find out all about it … Continue reading Getting Ready for Lift Off!

The Workshop is Humming

Has it been raining where you are?  I can't remember so much rain during May but, honestly, as a gardener, I'm not complaining....yet.  I also am loving the cool temps. I'm not someone who adores the hot and humid of Richmond in summer.  It can take its time getting here. I've been feverishly getting ready for … Continue reading The Workshop is Humming

Just Like a Broken Record

It's been a little quiet lately...again. The recovery from Patrick's transplant has continued to be one rocky road.  In March, with a fever and other issues going on, he had to once again check into the hospital at UVA where he remained for just about 2 weeks.  Very long and angst-filled story later, he came … Continue reading Just Like a Broken Record

Off to the Fair….with Booty

The rental van is packed and Phylliss and I will be taking off tomorrow for the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck. Before we go, I want to finally share with you the "real" pictures of the new wreaths and the large topiary that you have been patiently waiting to see.  So in no particular order, … Continue reading Off to the Fair….with Booty

I’m Back. Did You Miss Me?

I've been giving you the silent treatment for a few weeks, haven't I?  I hope you are not offended. See, actually, I have been away.  As in out of the country for a big trip to Europe.  I went over to photograph lots of things.  I had my best friend for company, which was really … Continue reading I’m Back. Did You Miss Me?