2 Wreaths Available on Etsy Tonight!

Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up (so you can be the first in line!!) that I will be listing 2 wreaths this evening, Dec. 6th, in the GlittermoonCards Etsy shop at about 7PM.

Here they are:

Dazzling Deer

Dazzling Deer $325

Christmas Candy (1)

Christmas Candy $325

To get there, click here!  

I will be back soon with some of my little things that will also head to Etsy. In addition, I am continuing to make new wreaths up until close to Christmas so please stay tuned. And don’t forget that there is also limited product on the Beekman1802.com website! Things sell like lightning up there so you have to be quick! Look for “Under the Tree” to show up in the next day or two.

Happy shopping!

If you have questions that are not answered in the listing on Etsy, feel free to contact me.


Cara’s Memories

On the last day of the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY this past June, a nice couple from Connecticut came into my booth.  They fell in love with the wreath that was hanging up in the center of my display.  It was “Hot Flash.”  Unfortunately for them, it had already been sold.  Cara, the wife, was particularly attracted to the enormous celluloid deer.  I told her that I actually still had one of those deer (they are quite rare) left at home and that, if she wanted, I could make her a wreath incorporating it.  After some more conversation, they said they wanted to think about it and left to wander the show.

Just before closing, they came back. They had decided.  They wanted me to make them a wreath for their kitchen using my deer and some of their own ornaments.

Some weeks later, 2 big boxes showed up at my house; they were Cara’s ornaments.  She sent me quite a lot and when I had them unpacked, I could see that there were 2  distinct directions I could go in. One was an elegant theme, with burgundies and whites; the other was more retro, with traditional Christmas colors.  Here are just a few of what she sent.

A sampling of Cara's ornaments.

A sampling of Cara’s ornaments.

This is another picture showing a large grouping of Cara’s ornaments along with the giant deer.  As you can see, I had a lot to choose from!

Cara's ornaments

Cara’s ornaments

They decided on the more traditional colors with a retro, fun vibe to it.  It would have elves, Santa’s and other goodies.  I finished Cara’s wreath Friday evening.  I used as much of her ornaments as I could but there were still ones I would have loved to have included that just would not fit.

If you follow me on Facebook or on Instagram, you may have already seen this picture of the finished wreath that I quickly snapped with my phone.

IMG_2181This is the “real” picture (which still isn’t very good if you ask me – it looks so much better in person):

Cara's Memories Wreath

Cara’s Memories Wreath

It always makes me really nervous when someone trusts me to make something using their own, prized ornaments.  After all, I know how dear my own collection is to me – all those Christmas memories are so special.  Once I start putting their ornaments on the wreath, we are pretty stuck with the outcome (both literally and figuratively!).  Luckily for me, these were dream clients, who were willing to put their faith in me and let me decide what the final outcome would be.

Even so, it was to my very great relief that I received an email from Cara the morning after I sent her pictures that said, “We LOVE it!!!! It is exactly as I had dreamed! Thank you for creating a beautiful , whimsical wreath filled with family memories and Christmas spirit. It will be treasured.”

Here are some more photos showing some other views of “Cara’s Memories.”DSC_0203 - Version 2 DSC_0220 - Version 2 DSC_0218 - Version 2 DSC_0206 - Version 2

I love a happy ending!


In other news, I slipped out Saturday morning to hit one of my secret sources.  Three hours (!) later, I emerged dirty but triumphant.  Check this out:

A box full of treasure!

A box full of treasure!

There is a ton of great stuff in this box and I got more besides.  I am particularly charmed by these sweet little angels.  They look just like the wonderful wooden German ones but were actually made in British Hong Kong.


Six little angels all in a row

Aren’t they dear?  I think I see them in a little vignette all their own, with a little bottlebrush tree, and…who knows what else?

Gotta dash now – I’m at work on another custom order.  This time for a lady in California.

See you next time!

I’m in a Fever

IMG_0577 - Version 2Just look at what came in the mail last week!  I am so anxious to get to work making wonderful stuff but, alas, it is still soooo cold here and – have I mentioned this before? – Santa’s Workshop, Southern Branch, does not have heat.

I have been collecting all manner of treasures over the wintertime and they all await me, still in their boxes.

Like a pair of fabulous LARGE (I mean BIG – never seen any so huge!) celluloid reindeer.  And little putz houses.  Masses of the solid colored balls I use for backgrounds.  Tinsel!  And vintage lights!  I am going to try something new with those this year.  Gorgeous hand-painted glass ornaments of all shapes and sizes: Polands, Shiny Brite, German, USA.  You name it, I’ve got ’em.

Last Saturday, I visited an antiques show and came away with a sweet composition angel tree topper.  Her dress is old dotted Swiss voile.

I will share some pictures later.  When the workshop warms up to something a bit warmer than a tomb.

Until then, like me, you will just have to dream of treasures to come.  Good night all.  Sleep tight.

New Wreaths…Finally!

I have been so swamped with shows this season and getting ready for them, that I have been remiss in posting all the new product for you to see.  So here are pictures of 11 new wreaths I have made in the last month or so.  A few have been sold, but I still have 6 available right now, including “Angelic Moment”, the subject of an earlier post.  I will be making more, too!


For you deep pink and blue lovers here is a gorgeous wreath packed with so much terrific stuff. Notice the sly look that adorable (but mischievous) elf is casting at the Christmas Princess on the jumbo Poland ball next door. $285


Red and white dominate to create a peppermint colored wreath of sweetest proportions. 17″ diameter. $225 ** SOLD **


Fabulous pastel pinks and aquas make this a stunner. Complete with a gorgeous Polish triple-indent topper, a pink diorama ornie at the top, and a pretty white reindeer. $295


The littlest one of all but so much fun is packed in! With a charming figural toy soldier among the other treasures. Vintage blue & silver tinsel garland add a finishing touch. 14″ diameter, not including the drippy and protruding bits. $125 (NOTE: A storage bag does NOT come with this little one.)


A HO HO HO of a wreath in traditional reds & greens with a big jolly Santa as centerpiece, joined by a marvelous little Japan Belsnickel, and so much more! $250 ** SOLD**


Hot colors blend to create a showstopper of a wreath. Accented with an Italian unbreakable topper and tons of other great stuff. Wow. $275 ** SOLD **


Ethereal pastels abound on this lovely wreath featuring angels and churches and all sorts of other lovely accents. Glorious indeed. $285 ** SOLD **


All that glitters is gold here. A rich concoction with so many fabulous parts to make up a 24 carat dream. $250


For the green lover, Emerald Isle is a symphony of many parts. About 17″ diameter, excluding the protruding, drippy bits. $225


All things Christmas collide to make a fun, fabulous paean to joy. With a large Santa celluloid and tin tree topper dominating, the fun never ends. $285 ** SOLD **


Childhood memories all wrapped up into one fun package. The boot is a bank! 17″ diameter. $185 **SOLD**

Stay tuned!  I will post pictures of the topiaries this week, too!

Think Pink!

It all started with this:I have been in a fever to use one of these fabulous pink jumbo triple indent Polish ornaments as the centerpiece for a wreath.

And here ’tis:A phantasmagoria of a wreath in luscious pinks, both hot and cool at the same time.   It has blues and soft whites mixed in to sweeten the palette.  There are so many treasures making up this wreath.  Let’s look a bit closer.

Left side of “Think Pink” wreath

On the top is an arrangement of fantastic stuff: an adorable aqua & pink Putz house with a frolicking reindeer on the roof and an old figural blown glass Santa centered on a light reflector.  Underneath Santa, we have a sweet Jewlbrite diorama.

Right side of “Think Pink”

And on the top right is another jumbo Poland ornament, this one a teardrop in pink and white with a gold painted floral decoration.  Further on down are lots of wonderful balls in cool tones.  There is a Junior Achievement corsage at bottom right.  It was still in its original wrapper.

Bottom of “Think Pink”

A comprehensive view of the wreath’s bottom half.  I really love the hot pink Shiny Brite ball that has the bell and “Christmas Greetings” stenciled on it.

Detail of the top of “Think Pink”

Here is a closer view of the top.  I had a hard time giving up that tiny hot pink ball with the chartreuse indent.  It’s German, incidentally.

Detail of a bottom portion of “Think Pink”

This is a close up featuring that sweet corsage and the pink Shiny Brite.  But there is also that wonderful scenic ball with the church on it nestled next to another Polish teardrop indent.

Another view of the right side of “Think Pink”

It is hard to single out the treats when there are so many.  I really like the creamy Merry Christmas ball .  That’s a great striped Shiny Brite indent right next to it.

The jumbo Polish triple indent that started it all

And here is that showstopper of an ornament that first got me going.  It is way bigger than my hand.  That’s vintage aluminum garland dripping out from behind it with a hot pink pick to complete the statement.

I’m going to leave you with a final super close-up of old Santa, his reindeer, and the house they are visiting on Christmas Eve.  Look, it is even decked out with a tiny wreath to welcome us in.

“Think Pink” measures about 20″ in diameter but that does not include the drippy stuff or the picks which stick out in several spots.  I think she is a stunner and I can’t wait to see her hanging in someone’s home for Christmas this year.  Perhaps yours?

Santa’s Greeting Wreath

Today is September 2nd.  I can’t believe it.  Day after tomorrow the kids of Richmond go back to school and even though it still feels like a Turkish bath here, September signals to me that summer is over.

Looking at the calendar, I spy that Christmas is a mere 3 months away!  I’ve got to get busy making new Glittermoon Vintage Christmas.

Here is a look at a wreath that is currently available: Santa’s Greeting.

A fun wreath in traditional Christmas reds & greens with white & silver accents, this wreath features a large vintage dancing/waving Santa, an adorable “brick” Putz cottage, a white reindeer, a cool 1960‘s corsage, with lots of gorgeous old glass ornaments and other treasures from Poland, Germany, & the USA.

Here are some looks at the details.

In the top half of the wreath, you can see the great 1960’s corsage in the top center: the plastic holly leaves adorned with red ribbon and a white bell at the bottom.  There is a mini-me Santa waving back at his big daddy below.  Poking out of the corsage is a great vintage icicle light (there is another towards the bottom left).  I love that big red Merry Christmas Shiny Brite ball – I am pretty sure we had one of those on my childhood tree.  Did you?  

And on the bottom half, there is that sweet little brick Putz house tucked in at Santa’s feet with a white reindeer just outside.  The big green ball next to the reindeer is a fabulous West German one.

Here is a close up of old Santa who is both waving and dancing (he is very coordinated!).  He is about 8 inches tall and was made in Japan.  I remember Santas like these so well from times gone by.  The little red ball with the train and Merry Xmas on it is a real goody, too.

This is a close-up of the right side to give you an idea of how it all flows together.

And here is a view of the left side.  There are so many treasures!

And to finish, a super close-up of the tippy top with little mini-me waving.

Santa’s Greeting is for those of you who love the traditional Christmas colors and have a sense of fun and whimsy.

The finished diameter of this wreath is about 17 inches not including the red beaded garland and darling vintage ribbon with bells hanging off the bottom left.  As with all Glittermoon Vintage Christmas wreaths, it comes with its own nice storage bag and lots of bubble wrap to keep it safe.  I have it listed in the Glittermoon Cards shop on Etsy.com.  You can click here to visit.

If you are in the Richmond, VA area you can also see it in person at Old World Accents in Carytown where it will stay for another week or so.  I will be taking it with me to various shows, starting with my trip to the Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, NY (home of the Fabulous Beekman Boys) in mid-September.

Unless it gets to go to a new home first.