Glittermoon Cards


In addition to Vintage Christmas, I have my own line of greeting cards, Glittermoon Cards, which are based on my photography.

Cards with heart for a gentler life.

Glittermoon Cards are designed around my photographs and reflect the beauty I see in the world.  Every one of my cards has been created with great care to be worthy of your special correspondence. I painstakingly match one of my images to every quotation or greeting that appears on the face (or inside) of the card.  Sometimes I start with an image and then search for just the right thing to say.  Sometimes it’s the other way around and I comb through my photo library to find the perfect picture.  Whichever it is, the process is a happy one for me.  I hope the end result is a happy one for you.

GMP Postcard-4x6-#2

Here is what you will want to know about Glittermoon Cards:

  • Once a design is completed, I send it to a small printing company right here in Richmond, Virginia. I believe in keeping things local!
  • Cards are printed digitally on a heavy card stock. The front is glossy; the inside is not, so that you can write your message with any kind of pen.
  • Cards measure 5 x 7 inches and come with envelopes.
  • Cards are blank inside except for Birthday, Christmas/Holiday, and a few other assorted designs. These exceptions will be shown with the inside greeting on the website.
  • Cards are $3.95 each
  • Christmas/Holiday cards come either singly ($3.95 each) or in a package of 10 of the same design. The packages come in an earth-friendly cellophane wrapper with envelopes. Packages are $24 each.
  • Notecards measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches and come in a pack of 6 assorted designs in an earth-friendly cellophane wrapper. Envelopes are included.
  • Notecards are a perfect size for thank you notes or those times when you just want to dash off a quick hello.
  • Notecard sets are thematic with several topics, such as gardens, animals, beach, Italy, etc. There are many sets to choose from!
  • Notecard sets are $9.95 each.
  • Gift Tags are 3 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches. They are hole-punched in one corner and I hand tie a piece of ribbon to each one.
  • Gift tags are $1 each.

Please visit Glittermoon Cards here.

Thank you!