And, so, Christmas comes to bless us! Comes to teach us how to find The joy of giving happiness And the joy of being kind. ~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, "There Will Always Be a Christmas" (1940s) This is my main tree this year. I finally got it finished a day or two ago.  So many memories … Continue reading Christmas!

Tangible Memories…from Prague

It was just before 6 PM on our last day in Prague, the final day of our two-week-long whirlwind trip through 6 European countries.  We had taken the tram down from Castle Hill in order to walk across the beautiful Charles Bridge in the golden light; what had been a rather gloomy couple of days finally … Continue reading Tangible Memories…from Prague

Treasure Hunting

I mentioned in the last post that I took a few days to go home and visit my Mom. "Home" is on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland and, though I have lived more than half my life in Richmond, VA, it is still "home" to me.  We live about halfway between Easton and St. Michael's. … Continue reading Treasure Hunting

Back to Smithfield…

If you read my last post, "I Took a Day Off," you will know that my friend Chris and I made a little jaunt to Smithfield, VA last week.  It is the home of the: When I left off, we had toddled off to have lunch after a lovely morning spent nosing around some of … Continue reading Back to Smithfield…