Where Has the Summer Gone???

I’ve been up to my eyeballs this summer with a myriad of things demanding my attention – or so it seems.  And the time is just flying by!

I’m working on custom orders now and I have a huge list of them, probably the largest number ever and with deadlines looming, it is a scramble.  If you are already on my list, you are the most patient, kind people ever. Thank you so much for your forbearance…keep hanging on, I’ll be in touch when I get to yours.

These are snippets of a couple I’ve been working on lately.


Has it been as hideously hot where you are as it is here? The workshop is not exactly  a comfortable paradise these days.  Though I’m of an age where I never want to wish time away, I am looking forward to more reasonable temps – soon, I hope.


And, in a totally unrelated aside…I’ve been getting notifications from Pinterest that this topiary, “Christmas Fantasy,” is being pinned. Lots of notifications.

DSC_0239 - Version 2

I clicked on one of those notifications this morning and – oh my, I can’t believe it – it’s been pinned just shy of 32,000 times!!!


That boggles my mind, quite honestly.  I didn’t share this with you to pat myself on the back but because it is kind of mind-blowing in its magnitude.

A happy ending to the week for me.


And for you, I wish you a happy end of summer.  September is right around the corner.  Scary, isn’t it?

In a little over 2 weeks, I will be heading north to Sharon Springs, NY for the Harvest Festival, September 17-18. I’m really looking forward to being back!  You can read about it here or here. I hope you can make it!

I’ll leave you with a photo that’s maybe not exactly depicting the dog days of summer but it does seem like a good thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Have a cat nap on me.



Summer Interlude

It’s been awhile, I know, so I wanted to pop in and let you know that I’m still here.
IMG_4204 - Version 2Summer has come; the heat and humidity are a force to be reckoned with as is usual here in Richmond.  It cheers me to look out this tiny old window in the kitchen as the crape myrtle blossoms sway to the mysterious rhythms of Mother Nature.

Life is still topsy-turvy.

IMG_4022We now know that P needs both a liver and a kidney transplant.  The days and weeks are spent in an endless cycle of medical appointments, dialysis, unexpected hospital stays, and so on.  He has one more test to do before we meet with the transplant team at UVA, hopefully later this month, to see if they will accept him into their transplant program.  It all seems surreal.

The kitchen reno is almost done (4 months and counting – I promise to post pictures of the whole process down the road) and now we have embarked on a bathroom reno which was necessitated by the need for a walk-in shower.  I think I may not know what to do with myself when the house returns to normal.

All travel plans for me are on hold right now so the schedule is very much up in the air.  I am sorry particularly not to be able to make it to The Golden Glow of Christmas Past convention later on this month.  Maybe next year.

I have not been able to get back to work yet; other than P’s health, there is a laundry list of  “unfortunate events” that have plagued us recently: sewer line backups, car flooding, computer crashing, enormous tree having to be taken down ($$$$). Pile it on why don’t you.

I’m not actually complaining; just floating with the tide (even when it seems to be a flood).

I confess that I have indulged in a little bit of shopping in anticipation of actually getting back to work.  The day cannot come soon enough.  Keep your fingers crossed that it is soon!


Emma P is apparently taking the summer easy.  Dog days.  As it should be.  IMG_0034I hope that all of you are enjoying the lazy, hazy days, too.

Happy summer!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

As a child growing up in the country, I don’t remember being particularly bothered by the heat of summer but that was a long time ago now.  Here in Richmond, the summers tend to be sultry – awash in a stultifying mix of humidity, still air, and high temperatures. This year, however, we have had some spells of divine weather lasting for few days here and there in between the heat waves.  It makes me once again love summer, a long-forgotten but immensely pleasant feeling.

So what is there to love about summer?

Summer Reading

Being able to sit outside and read a good book.  Or just be.

Sycamore - Version 2

Taking a walk down the lane where I grew up; the breeze soughing through the sycamores my grandfather planted almost 100 years ago.


Sparklers at the family picnic on the 4th of July.

Up, up and away

The “wheeee! ” of flying through the air at a small-town fireman’s carnival.

The Zipper

Day turns into evening and the carnival lights glow against the sky.

Pink Blossoms

Lushness in the garden, crape myrtles blowsy with blooms.

Silent Conversation

Chairs on a dock by the water waiting for quiet readers, wet swimmers, or warm conversation amongst friends.A toast to summer

A toast in gratitude for another lovely summer’s day.

Starfish Dreaming

Feet in the sand at waters’ edge, a starfish winking at me.

DSC_0115 - Version 2

Peace at the end of day.

To see what others love about summer be click here.


Next time, I’ll be back to Vintage Christmas.  I’m back in the workshop making new things!

Mainly Maine

Time for a teeny break from Christmas.

I’m in the mood to share some of my favorite images from my recent road trip to Maine with a little side trip to Mystic, CT on the way home to Richmond.

This is the charming entry to my cousin Sally’s home in Wiscasset.

American Greeting

Also seen in Wiscasset:

Maine Tool Shed

Pemaquid Light.  I love this image.  The color blocks and the textures send me.

Red, White, and Blue

Also, at Pemaquid.  The vastness of the sea just beyond.

Vast Horizon

From inside Pemaquid Lighthouse.  I have a thing for window views.  The sailboat out on the ocean makes this image for me.

Ocean View

Beautiful and simple lines converge here, at the dock in Mystic.


A lovely and evocative sunset in Portland.

Lobster Shack Sunset

Fantastic textures and the haphazard splash of orange paint makes it one of my favorites.

Orange Paint

Again, the textures and the colors are just tremendous. On a glorious late summer day in Mystic.

Clam Shack

Through the window at a farm stand in Maine.  Serene.

Rooster & Shoe

The name says it all:

Eye on the Ocean

A study in whites.


I like this even though it makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock.

Gull Cottage

I think Andrew Wyeth should have painted this.  Perhaps he did.

Checked Curtains

Back to that gull on the clam shack in Mystic.  I love the fishing net inside the window.

Sentry Gull

And I leave you with this iconic sunset picture.  I hope you enjoyed the trip!

Portland Sunset