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New REVISED Edition for 2019


A few years ago I made a portfolio in book form to take to shows so people could see a more in-depth view of what I make in Glittermoon Vintage Christmas. People started asking me if they could buy it. So I finally decided to print up a special edition for sale! It features some of my favorites from 2011 until 2018.

PLEASE NOTE that the new edition is NOT a completely new book! The cover has changed, as well as the Introduction page. Additionally, I rotated out some images and replaced them with some newer pieces, bringing up to 2019.

Front Cover of 2019 Edition
Back Cover of 2019 Edition

The book is full color and measures 8×8 inches with 20 pages. There are approximately 75 color illustrations plus a brief introduction.

I went through hundreds of images from the past 8 years and picked out some of my favorites to include. It was so hard to leave so many out, though, in the end!

You can purchase my book in The Glittermoon Christmas Shop

The cost is $24.95 plus postage.

You may request me to sign your copy as well as to write a personal inscription, if you like. There is a place once you have it in your cart to make notes.

Just click HERE and you will be magically transported!

I hope you will enjoy it!