The Little Choirboy

Sweetly sings The Little Choirboy
Sweetly sings The Little Choirboy

Occasionally I will make a supreme sacrifice and use a Christmas treasure that is pretty dear to my heart in one of my projects.  And this, “The Little Choirboy,” was one of them.  I’m soooo in love with this small ceramic fellow.  Who could resist the charm of his angelic little face, his blue bow, and his sapphire buttons?  Not me.

But sacrifice I did and I have to say that, though I truly love everything that I make, this one will be awfully hard to part with.  The consolation will be that I know he will go to a good home, in his own time.  Could it be yours?

Here is the whole wreath:

The Little Choirboy 17" diamater $225
The Little Choirboy
17″ diameter

As you can see, the color palette is blue and gold with silver accents.

A handmade angel tree topper is the crown
A handmade angel tree topper is the crown

Here is a close-up of an adorable handmade angel tree topper.  It is made of gold foil paper with tinsel and glitter trimmings.  There is a petite angel in the center.  To the right of the angel is a huge Austrian ball that has gorgeous gold “dimples” that look like jewels.  And on the other side is a classic stenciled  “Merry Christmas” ball in medium blue.

Left side of "The LIttle Choirboy"
Left side of “The LIttle Choirboy”

The left side of the wreath has tons of great stuff, not the least of which is a Poland topper with triple indents.  Anchoring the bottom is a reflector with a white dove resting on a nest of gold.  A tiny bottlebrush tree makes a nice counterpoint.  There is a mixture of gold and blue balls, bells, and picks as well as a silver disco ball.  Doubl Glo curly twist gold garland drips from the bottom left and is also tucked in as accents all over the wreath.  The base of the form is silver tinsel which peeks through every now and then to give added sparkle.

Detail of THE LITTLE CHOIRBOY wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC 2013 5
Right side of “The Little Choirboy”

As you can see, the right side of the  wreath does not skimp on anything either.  Staying within the color palette are several Poland teardrop ornaments, one an indent, and another with a snowy church scene on it.  There is a cool gold and white ornament with a finial bottom right under the big German one.  And, quite fittingly,  there is a silver and blue drum at the bottom.  Bells placed in spots reiterate the musical theme.

Center of "The Little Choirboy"
Center of “The Little Choirboy”

This view of the center gives you a great idea of the whole.

Bottom of "The LIttle Choirboy"
Bottom of “The LIttle Choirboy”

I’m going to leave you with a picture of the bottom, where my little charmer is singing his little heart out.

I think he is going to bring somebody a lot of smiles.  Don’t you?

“The Little Choirboy” measures about 17″ in diameter, not including the drippy bits, and will come to you nestled in his own heavy-duty storage bag with lots of bubble wrap to keep him safe.  His price is $225.  Here is a link to my Etsy Shop where you can view and purchase him.

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