Happy Birthday, America!

IMG_0077Having had the great good fortune to be born and raised on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, I am a small-town girl and proud of it.  Right now I am home for my annual 4th of July/birthday visit.  Today, a lifelong friend and I took my 91 year-old Mom out to lunch and made a little detour to see what the gentleman who lives down the road a spell has assembled for his annual July 4th tableau.  Isn’t it just nuttily wonderful?  It literally stops traffic on busy St. Michaels Road.  I hopped out of the car to take a quick phone pic.

Is this a great country we live in or what?

Last week, I was driving on the expressway in Richmond and a huge billboard was inviting me (and you) to a “4th of July Machine Gun Shoot.”  Machine gun shoot???????? Seriously???

I love the fact that we have the liberty to celebrate the birth of our nation however we choose but this is not for me.

So, give me your small-town fireman’s carnival, the family picnic with my cousins from near and far, the bunting and the sparklers.  The fireworks and the fireflies.  And the gentleman down the road with a goofy looking Uncle Sam in a stars and stripes race car.

Happy Birthday, USA!

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