Meeting Suzy

Suzy Spence with Cackie
Suzy Spence (Georgia Peachez) on left with me

I finally got to meet Suzy Spence.

I did a fun show last weekend here in Richmond called The Vintage Home Market.  On set-up day, I made a little circuit around to the other vendors and who was there but somebody I have been wanting to meet for quite some time – Georgia Peachez‘ own creator, Suzy Spence.

Suzy lives in Hampton, VA and creates fab stuff.  If you don’t believe me, check out her Georgia Peachez website here.   She is terrifically crafty and creative.

And she also makes wreaths from vintage Christmas.

Suzy has been making wreaths to sell longer than I have and she has been an inspiration to me.  When I was first researching the idea of making wreaths to sell, I stumbled across hers.  They are wonderful.

Georgia Peachez is so well known that one of her wreaths was featured on the cover of “Romantic Homes” magazine last December.  Wow.

So naturally, I have been dying to meet her.  I figured we might be kindred souls in our love of vintage Christmas.  And the answer is, yup, I think we might be.  I liked her immediately.

The great thing is that even though we both make the same thing, I think we have markedly different styles.  So I feel that there is room in the sandbox for both of us to play.  I hope she does, too.

But she does not stop there as you can see from her website.  She also sews and makes wonderful things from vintage fabrics.

Handmade bag by Georgia Peachez
Handmade bag by Georgia Peachez

Like this bag which I bought as a present for a certain special cousin who has a birthday coming up.  When I saw it, I knew she would love it; the bluebird clinched it.  Isn’t it charming?

DSC_0970 - Version 2Here’s a close up so you can see a little better.  It is even lined in vintage fabric.  And it has pockets inside, too.  I love the adorable red and white ribbon that she sewed at the top.

Suzy was doing the show with her friend Beth who is another incredibly creative and talented person.  Her alter ego is called Dime Store Chic.  Check it out – what fun!

Scottie pin made by Dime Store Chic
Scottie pin made by Dime Store Chic

Beth makes all sorts of cool stuff including this adorable pin that I bought for my friend and neighbor, Nan, Stuart the Scottie’s mom.  Stuart writes a blog called The Scottie Chronicles.  The pin was only $1!!!  Can you believe that?

I bought a bunch of other fun things Beth made but I can’t show you because they are going to be Christmas presents and I don’t want to spoil Santa’s surprise. Plus I got an adorable old painted metal toy wheelbarrow!  I can’t wait to do something fun with that in the garden.

I’m so glad that this show gave me the opportunity to meet Suzy.  One of the best things about doing what I do is meeting so many fabulously creative people who are also out there sharing their gifts with the world.  And they are invariably nice people, too.  Isn’t that great?

So, Suzy, I’m very pleased to meet you.  I hope our paths will cross again soon.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Suzy

  1. Hi Cackie,
    Oh my, you flatter me my new friend! It was a fun weekend in Richmond and it was indeed fun to meet all the vendors, especially to make your acquaintance. Now that we have met in person I am sure that we will cross paths again. Soon I hope! xo, suzy


    1. Dear Suzy-
      Once you know me a little better you will know that I do not give unwarranted flattery (genetic wiring apparently).
      I surely do hope that we will meet again soon! Stay in touch-


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