Angels Galore

  I want to get started on a new wreath and I think it will be an angelic one. I have lots of wonderful angels in my collection.  After narrowing it down a bit, I have decided that one of these four angel toppers will be the centerpiece of the wreath. The one on the left … Continue reading Angels Galore

Treasure Hunting

I mentioned in the last post that I took a few days to go home and visit my Mom. "Home" is on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland and, though I have lived more than half my life in Richmond, VA, it is still "home" to me.  We live about halfway between Easton and St. Michael's. … Continue reading Treasure Hunting

A Different Point of View

If you read my last post, "I Really Hate It When I Hate It", you will remember the angst that the so-called Topiary From Hell was giving me. I am pleased to report that the story has a happy ending. I took a break for a few days and went home to visit my Mom. … Continue reading A Different Point of View

I Really Hate It When I Hate It

I've been working on making a new Glittermoon Vintage Christmas Topiary. It's not going well.  In fact, I'm hating it.  The idea was to try something a little different and come up with something that would be less pricey, too. I started with this vintage USA green glass vase, a topiary form, and some vintage … Continue reading I Really Hate It When I Hate It

Back to Smithfield…

If you read my last post, "I Took a Day Off," you will know that my friend Chris and I made a little jaunt to Smithfield, VA last week.  It is the home of the: When I left off, we had toddled off to have lunch after a lovely morning spent nosing around some of … Continue reading Back to Smithfield…