Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

With the challenge this week to illustrate “endurance,”  I thought of the incredible spirit of the folks I saw in Europe this past spring as I traveled the Danube River.  If you remember, in June of 2013, there was horrific flooding in Europe and the Danube rushed past its banks to create widespread destruction.

Passau, Germany was a prime example.  Everywhere we looked, we could see marks on many of the structures showing just how high the water levels reached.  We were astonished at how quickly (less than a year later), things were  brought back to normal, or near normal, conditions.

Flood marks in Passau, Germany
Flood marks in Passau, Germany

This image shows historic flood marks.  As you can see, 2013 was the second highest flood EVER.  For perspective, compare Beverly’s height.  Really gives you pause for thought.

2013 Flood Marks in Passau, GermanyAnother stunning example of just how high the waters rose.  The dirty marks on the tower show you exactly; now compare the diminutive size of the people next to it.

2013 Flood in Passau, Germany

These people posted a photograph in their window to show you this building and street under water during the flood.  This place was up a hill, a good distance from the river. Pretty sobering.  But also pretty amazing how quickly this has been restored.

Garden in Passau, Germany

This beautiful garden was not exempt from the flood waters either.  As we walked by, the lady who lives here was outside tending it and I stopped to compliment her on its beauty.  She told me that it and her ground floor were underwater.  When I professed my dismay, she quickly showed an incredibly stoic side to her personality.  Her feeling was that it was a fact of life, and you just deal with it, pick up the pieces, and go on.

In other words, endure.

For others’ thoughts on the meaning of “endurance”, please go here.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

  1. Wonderful photos, as always, Cackie. I was in a hotel in Florence, Italy, two years ago. In the lobby are flood marks similar to those on the building in Passau. The highest one would have left us about 20′ under water. Sobering, to say the least. The “Old World” has endured and recovered from so much that we simply can’t imagine. The resilience of the human spirit never fails to leave me humbled. Thanks for these evocative reminders.



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