Read All About It

I apologize if you think I have a one-track mind but I do want to share with you the email that went out last night that contains all the details about the Country Living Fair, just in case you have not made your mind up to go. After you read it, I bet you will … Continue reading Read All About It

It’s Cookie Time

I have neglected you all sadly lately but, honestly, I haven't meant to, it's just that I am up to my eyeballs getting ready for the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. It opens 2 weeks from today, on Sept. 12th.  Have you bought your advance tickets yet? I have been either holed up in … Continue reading It’s Cookie Time

Will I see You at the Fair?

The Fair starts 3 weeks from today!   I can't believe it is almost here already.  I hope you are ordering your advance tickets now. My booth will be at #92 Main Street.  Please tell me you will be coming to visit!  Now I've gotta run out to the workshop and get busy!  Will post … Continue reading Will I see You at the Fair?

Cara’s Memories

On the last day of the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY this past June, a nice couple from Connecticut came into my booth.  They fell in love with the wreath that was hanging up in the center of my display.  It was "Hot Flash."  Unfortunately for them, it had already been sold.  Cara, the … Continue reading Cara’s Memories

Maybe I Need Help

I admit it - I've been on a binge. Sometimes I just can't help myself. This happens periodically, when I surmise that I need to replenish my inventory of certain things.   Perhaps it's toppers, or Jewelbrites, or reindeer, or knee-huggers, or....whatever the thought du jour happens to be. I let myself get sucked into … Continue reading Maybe I Need Help