Read All About It

I apologize if you think I have a one-track mind but I do want to share with you the email that went out last night that contains all the details about the Country Living Fair, just in case you have not made your mind up to go. After you read it, I bet you will be making your hotel reservations!  Yes, it is THAT good.

There is one other REALLY exciting thing: Glittermoon is listed as a “Featured Vendor!”  With a vendor pool of over 200 of the most talented folks (from all over the country) you will ever come across, it was thrilling beyond belief to see Glittermoon Cards’ name there.  Thrilling…and quite humbling, I might add.  I am very, very grateful that the stars aligned just so.

Enough about me already, read about who all is going to be there and what fun things there are to do – not to mention the best shopping anywhere.  I do hope I will see you there!







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