Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

Christmas in July!

In honor of the birth of the good old USA, here is a new wreath for 2012 in a patriotic palette.  A stunning concoction with the perfect colors for an election year. Featuring an unusual sliver plastic sleigh and reindeer with Santa and tree aboard, a wonderful jumbo Poland painted ball, and a host of other treasures.  Let the fireworks begin!

A closer look at some of the treasures on the left side of the wreath. Overall size is about 20 inches in diameter.
This view of the bottom half gives you a great view at the wonderful and unusual silver piece with Santa, his sleigh, and the reindeer. Even the red ribbon reins are intact. Other treats include a Polish teardrop with a painted figure carrying a tree, a big red German indent, a couple of stenciled Shiny Brites, and a blue plastic Jewelbrite ornament on the right, complete with Santa inside.
Here is a little closer look at the top half where you can see a wonderful jumbo Polish ornament that has Santa and his sleigh painted on it. There is also a corsage in the center, 3 icicle ornaments in the center top, and a host of fabulous other treats.
An even closer view of the top to tease you.

Cheers for the Red, White & Blue is currently listed in the Glittermoon Cards Shop on Etsy. It comes with a nice, zippered storage bag to keep it safe.  Please visit the shop by clicking here.

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