Adornment and Selective Color

Just a little update – especially for those of you in the Richmond, VA area – to let you know that I’ve hung all new photographs in my space at Crossroads Art Center.

There are 2 themes represented: Adornment and Selective Color.


I’ve returned to my old love of black and white photography to illustrate one of my favorite subjects: architectural detail.  Without the distraction of color, the great bones of architectural decoration become the star.  Whether it is the grandeur and grand scale of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the detail of burnished copper doors in Bratislava, or the intricate metalwork of a church door in Prague, the focus is on texture, scale, and design.  The play of line and shadow in black and white casts the spotlight on beautiful craftsmanship creating timeless images.

Please click on the images so you do not miss all the beautiful details.

Selective Color:

While primarily black and white, these images employ a little twist by inserting a dash of color.  Some are a bit more subtle (Dog + Boy, Graffiti Door) than others (Orange Scooter, Red Trolley, Cat + Mouse) but by adding that dollop of color, I’m putting a virtual bullseye on a particular aspect of the composition.  Perhaps it’s just for the fun of that pop of bright orange of the scooter or perhaps it’s meant to pull you further into the image with the painted bits on the alley leading towards the dog and boy.  Whatever it is, I hope you’ll enjoy these images as much as I loved creating them.

And finally, there is a gratuitous dog photograph.  I simply could not resist this little guy near the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Street Urchin
Street Urchin

It feels so good to be able to slowly get back to work after such a long hiatus.

This weekend, I hope to get out to the workshop and get it organized.  I’ve made  some amazing vintage Christmas buys and I am so looking forward to going through them all.  I’ll take some pictures and share them with you so stay tuned.

In the meantime, happy Friday!

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