I am fortunate in that I have a secret source in the form of an avid collector who sometimes is ready to part with things.  As with all serious collectors, there comes a time when we can no longer accomodate all our treasures in what is our own finite space.  After all, we’ve got to make room for more!

So, once or twice a year, I get a call from “X” (who does not live in Richmond) and we make a plan to meet up.  A few years ago we decided on a place that is about equal driving time between us and we meet in, get this, a parking lot.  With our cars nestled beside each other, we transact our business and then take off.  Believe me, we’ve had plenty of laughs over what we must look like to a casual observer.

This time, “X” brought some truly wonderful, very old ornaments.  Crates of them.  And I ended up writing a very sizable check.  Still, they were a good deal.  There are two very large plastic tubs of very small, very old ornaments in egg cartons (don’t ask me why, I neglected to take pictures of them but, trust me, they are terrific).  I also came home with – are you ready? – 34 toppers (THIRTY-FOUR!!!); a couple dozen teardrops; bags of vintage glass garland; and a large amount of fabulous, very old figurals.

I adore the figurals – they are what are primarily on my own Christmas tree.  And, no doubt, there may be some of these that may make their way inside the house for next Christmas.

Here are some pictures of what I spent today unpacking and organizing. Please click on the first one to see full size, then scroll through – you can see the details so much better.

I also came home with 2 boxes of these fantastic multicolored icicles.  The graphics on the boxes alone are fabulous.  I do not remember seeing the multicolored ones before – have you?  I love them.

And, finally, I am going to leave you with a picture of a present “X” gave me. It’s a darling Italian clown.  What a nice gift!

IMG_5407 - Version 2

I’m a lucky girl.

Now that the shop is pretty organized, it’s time to get busy making stuff!  Whoohoo!


10 thoughts on “Booty!

  1. Beautiful, Cackie! I got a box of big ornaments today from my grandmother-in-law’s estate and was thinking of you. Do you do anything to clean stuff up that’s dusty, dingy, etc? I don’t want to lose any colors or frosting, etc. but I’d love to get the shine back, too. Enjoy your new booty!

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    1. Hi, Jen – what a wonderful gift you just got! It is tricky to clean things up. I use a Swiffer cloth to do most of my dusting and cleaning since any form of liquid seems to be an issue for painting. Ifyou come up with another idea, please let me know! Cackie


  2. Your work is like looking back on my memories of my childhood. The wonderful old time Christmas’ of my childhood. I’ve been collecting vintage ornaments for 30 years from flea markets, estate sales and at garage sales (usually from the younger generation selling their grandparents stuff after they have past) They have no clue the value of these precious pieces and sell them as they only think of them as old. I feel like I’m giving them their life back and can’t wait to place them on Christmas tree. Thank you Glittermoon for being creative and recycling the days of Christmas past.

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    1. Dear Mary, What a delightful comment! It is nice indeed to hear from someone who cherishes the old things as much as I do. I appreciate very much your compliments on my work, too. Best wishes, Cackie


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