A New Home

I always try to remember to ask someone who has just purchased a Glittermoon Vintage Christmas wreath or topiary to send me a picture of it once it is in its new home.  So imagine my delight when Felicia from New York City emailed me this:

Ice Dance Wreath in its HomeIsn’t it fabulous?  I absolutely love her decorating scheme.  It is wildly different from the way my own house looks but I think her home is wonderful.  All that pink!  That huge parrot on the wall sends me.  Well, truth be told, everything in the picture sends me.

And that’s “Ice Dance” hanging on her door.  I love that she used a pale pink satin ribbon to hang it.

Felicia bought “Ice Dance” from my Etsy shop earlier this fall.  When I asked her how she found it, here was her surprising and amusing – to me anyway – response: “I found you when I was searching glitter and christmas cards at google ! I like etsy but I can never find anything on there !”

I think she chose perfectly, don’t you?

In case, you have forgotten, this is “Ice Dance”:

Ice Dance

So, from “glitter” and “Christmas cards” she stumbled upon Ice Dance.  Isn’t the internet amazing?  It still boggles my mind.

And another thing that blows my mind is how people from all over the world (!) pop in and look at this blog.  So, today, I’ve had visitors from Macedonia, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, Great Britain, South Africa, and the good old USA.  That’s just so far.  It absolutely amazes me.

I returned to Richmond earlier this evening from a quick trip home (my roots) to visit my mom and family for Thanksgiving.  It was a really lovely, low-key time. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

Black Friday came and went and I stayed home with my mom.  It was so much more pleasant than fighting those crowds (even though I am from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland).  I put up a card table and while she had the TV on, I sat and packaged cards and made magnets for my show this coming week in Tarrytown. I got all caught up on Bonanza, Emergency, Dragnet, and all those other shows from my early years.  It was great.  Christmas shopping can wait.

I hope that you all had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, too.  I have many things to be grateful for in my life, including you – my cyber friends.  Thanks so much for letting me into your homes.

PS – If you have a Glittermoon Vintage Christmas piece of your own, I would dearly love to see it in your home, too.  Email me a photo to glittermoon@me.com.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. What a lovely post Cackie – I very much enjoyed reading about your lovely visit with your mom and I wholeheartedly agree that “shopping can wait”. My kids and their honey’s both came to spend our first Thanksgiving with use in our new house, and we did what you did, just stayed in and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a Thanksgiving that I will always treasure in my memories! Oh, and your “Ice Dance” wreath is absolutely stunning – I wish it were mine!


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