Off to Tarrytown with LOTS of New Stuff

Well, I have everything packed in the rental van except for my suitcase (which apparently will not be packed until the morning – just too tired to think about putting together fab outfits tonight) and my friend, Phylliss’ stuff.  In case you have forgotten, I am heading off for the Country Living Magazine Holiday Boutique in beautiful Tarrytown, NY.

But what I really want to share is all the Christmas goodness that I will be taking with me. And it’s a lot.

13 wreaths

3 large-ish topiaries and

a bunch of mini topes – I call them “Christmas in a teacup” (though not one of them is actually in a teacup, mind you)

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are all the pictures.  The name of the wreath/topiary is underneath each picture.Pink Passion Wreath 17%22

“Pink Passion”
Angel Sweet Wreath 17%22 Angel SweetChristmas Cheer Wreath 20%22 Christmas CheerRetro Magic Wreath 17%22 Retro MagicHome For The Holidays Wreath 17%22 - Version 2 Home for the HolidaysHeavenly Gold Wreath 17%22 Heavenly GoldThe Caroler Wreath 20%22The Caroler (remember the beginning of this one a couple of weeks ago?)

Ice Angel Wreath
Ice Angel Wreath

Ice Angel

Wings of a Dove WreathWings of a Dove

On Dasher, On Dancer WreathOn Dasher, On Dancer

Pink Pixie WreathPink Pixie

Tutti Fruitti Wreath Tutti FruittiAngel of the Morning Wreath

Angel of the Morning

Positively Pink Topiary (1)

Positively Pink topiaryCool Yule TopiaryCool Yule Topiary

Christmas Jewels TopiaryChristmas Jewels

And now, the minis:  Click on the pictures to see them bigger – so much better!

Phew – I’m worn out!

I’m off to rustle up a little something in the kitchen and sit down and relax for a bit before setting off on this latest adventure.

I have heard from several folks that they are making the trip to Tarrytown for the show this weekend. I hope I will get to meet a lot of you!

If you are thinking of coming, I would strongly encourage you to buy tickets in advance.  That will not only save you some $$ but you won’t have to stand in the ticket line for ages either.  That gives you more time to shop!  And, apparently, they are limiting admission a bit, too.

Just click on this picture below to go where you need to go for all the information.ZJD1463_521e50ab7_dimg7.gif

Happy trails!

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