A New Home

I always try to remember to ask someone who has just purchased a Glittermoon Vintage Christmas wreath or topiary to send me a picture of it once it is in its new home.  So imagine my delight when Felicia from New York City emailed me this:

Ice Dance Wreath in its HomeIsn’t it fabulous?  I absolutely love her decorating scheme.  It is wildly different from the way my own house looks but I think her home is wonderful.  All that pink!  That huge parrot on the wall sends me.  Well, truth be told, everything in the picture sends me.

And that’s “Ice Dance” hanging on her door.  I love that she used a pale pink satin ribbon to hang it.

Felicia bought “Ice Dance” from my Etsy shop earlier this fall.  When I asked her how she found it, here was her surprising and amusing – to me anyway – response: “I found you when I was searching glitter and christmas cards at google ! I like etsy but I can never find anything on there !”

I think she chose perfectly, don’t you?

In case, you have forgotten, this is “Ice Dance”:

Ice Dance

So, from “glitter” and “Christmas cards” she stumbled upon Ice Dance.  Isn’t the internet amazing?  It still boggles my mind.

And another thing that blows my mind is how people from all over the world (!) pop in and look at this blog.  So, today, I’ve had visitors from Macedonia, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, Great Britain, South Africa, and the good old USA.  That’s just so far.  It absolutely amazes me.

I returned to Richmond earlier this evening from a quick trip home (my roots) to visit my mom and family for Thanksgiving.  It was a really lovely, low-key time. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

Black Friday came and went and I stayed home with my mom.  It was so much more pleasant than fighting those crowds (even though I am from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland).  I put up a card table and while she had the TV on, I sat and packaged cards and made magnets for my show this coming week in Tarrytown. I got all caught up on Bonanza, Emergency, Dragnet, and all those other shows from my early years.  It was great.  Christmas shopping can wait.

I hope that you all had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, too.  I have many things to be grateful for in my life, including you – my cyber friends.  Thanks so much for letting me into your homes.

PS – If you have a Glittermoon Vintage Christmas piece of your own, I would dearly love to see it in your home, too.  Email me a photo to glittermoon@me.com.  Thanks!


A Little Peek

As I have mentioned, I’ve been out in the workshop pretty much non-stop (Oh, when will I ever get my laundry done?).  The ideas are flowing and that is good.

Here is a peek at a wreath that Is about 99% completed as I write this.  This shows how I started.  It looks vastly different now and is one of the most intricate I have ever made.  That makes it doubly fun for me.

IMG_1108 - Version 2Stay tuned to see the final result….

I’ve also made a hot pink one, a large wreath in beautiful traditional Christmas colors, and one with a “bouquet” of old C7 lights.

Gotta go.

Santa’s Workshop (South) is Humming Along

Detail of Christmas Cheer WreaathIn two weeks, I will be driving a rental van north to Tarrytown, NY for the first Country Living Magazine Holiday Boutique.  

I have been sequestered in the workshop making beautiful and fun things to take with me. This picture is a detail from a wreath I finished yesterday, “Christmas Cheer.”  It will be making the trip with me.

I’ve also been making some “mini” wreaths and what I call “Christmas in a Teacup” topiaries.  I’ll be back later with pictures of all of them.

But in the meantime, get yourself online and buy your tickets now for the Holiday Boutique.  Held on the grounds of historic Lyndhurst Mansion, right on the Hudson River, ths show consists of 100 vendors selected from the Country Living Fair’s group of wonderful artisans and shopkeepers.  I am terrifically delighted to have been included.

This is going to be the girlfriend Christmas shopping trip to end all girlfriend Christmas shopping trips!

Click on the picture below to go to the website for all the information!ZJD1463_521e50ab7_dimg6.gif

The Little Church That Could; and the Generosity of Strangers

Last week I told you I was heading up to Westminster, MD for a show called The Mistletoe Mart at an Episcopal church there.

MISTLETOE-MART-LOGO-266x300This was their 40th (!) annual Mistletoe Mart.  And as I was informed when I was invited to be a vendor there, “this is NOT your ordinary church bazaar.”  No kidding.

UnknownThis is the front of the charming stone church – it is tiny.  But, man, do they throw a party.

The Mart is held in the parish hall building and takes up the entire building:  two floors of it, to be precise.

The first thing the parishioners do is to remove every stick of furniture from the entire building and put it in a moving van for the duration of the Mart.  Holy cow.

And for the weeks leading up to the event, the church folks are busy in their kitchens preparing tons of food to serve the thousands of patrons who come to shop.  During the course of the three-day show, they prepare yummy homemade lunches and dinner.  The Friday night turkey dinner is the pinnacle of their gustatory delights.

I arrived Wednesday afternoon to set up and was greeted by Marcie, the chairperson and my contact, over the preceding months.  She is a delight and has a well of stamina and good cheer that astonishes.  I was assigned a great spot in the Great Hall (the large main room) with lots of space for me to spread out.

The schedule for this show is pretty daunting: 10 1/2 hours per day for the first 2 days.  Whew.  I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tiring.  But during all this, the Mart was not only swarming with lots of customers, but with lots of volunteers, dressed in red smocks, too.  They treated we vendors like royalty – bringing us food and drink and checking on us constantly.  What a wonderful respite from the usual show where you are pretty much on your own.  And since I am almost always by myself, it was terrific to have such care taken of me.  The food was fantastic – a departure from the usual yucky show food and greatly appreciated by me.

I ate out for two nights at two wonderful local restaurants.  On Friday, I opted for the turkey dinner.  It consisted of turkey breast, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, gravy, and green beans.  Oh, yum.  But I was too busy to eat it during the course of the evening at the show.  So I took it back to my hotel (complete with a real plate and utensils), warmed it up in the microwave and ate every morsel.  It was delicious.  Afterwards, I got into my jammies, crawled in bed, and spent the next two hours happily watching one of the greatest screwball comedies of all time, “My Favorite Wife,” with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.  I was happy as a pig in clover.  Maybe even happier.

We had beautiful autumn weather all weekend.  Thousands of people came and shopped, and bought.  IMG_1082 - Version 2

This was my view.  Pretty nice, isn’t it?

I had a very good show.  Not only because business was pretty good, but because of the people.  I had lovely vendor neighbors.  On one side was Brigitta, a Swede by birth.  She is 72 and has been on the show circuit for 37 years!  Talk about a woman with energy – she is amazing.  She is a weaver and a knitter.  I got a lovely beret from her; she got Christmas cards from me.

The parish hall is behind the town cemetery.  As I walked to the show on Friday morning, I was struck by the sun sending down beams of light through the clouds onto a stone angel. it was so lovely that I had to take a picture.  I only had my phone and had to take it through a chain link fence but I like the result anyway.IMG_1083

The other thing that made this show a standout for me was the incredible generosity of two strangers.  One was a lady who visited the booth on Friday and we got to talking about old Christmas ornaments and how wonderful they are.  She mentioned that she had a box of her family’s old ornaments that she did not need any longer.  Would I be interested?

What do you think?  Um, yes, please!

So bright and early Saturday morning, she appeared with this box of ornaments.  And she refused to let me buy them from her.  She said that if I really wanted to pay for the ornaments perhaps I could make a donation to the church instead.  Done.  What a lovely gesture.

Later that day, I got into another conversation with another woman who also returned to bring me all sorts of great goodies – again, she would not accept any payment from me.  How lovely is that?

IMG_1086Here’s a peek inside one box.

IMG_1087 - Version 2And here are some of the goodies after I unpacked.  Really great stuff, isn’t it?

The kindness of strangers.  I think they knew that I would truly appreciate their offerings.   How very humbling.

I spent the long drive home thinking about all the lovely people who made my time in Westminster such a nice one.  I hope they will have me back next year.

Four New Wreaths!

I’m scrambling to get ready to leave for another show tomorrow morning (this one is in Westminster, MD) but I wanted to show you 4 new wreaths I have made.  I’m taking a couple of these with me.

First up is “On Dasher, On Dancer.”

On Dasher, On Dancer WreathRemember my last post where I showed you a bunch of these wonderful plastic Santa mantel pieces?   This is what I made with one of them.  There are some other really neat pieces on it, too, including that old chenille Santa at the top (look closely), the vintage boot right next to him, and the little elf on the bottom.  I also added an honest-to-goodness snow globe at bottom right.  See it?  It has a reindeer inside it!  I am not sure I recommend vigorous shaking at this point, however. 20″ diameter, $250 (includes storage bag)

Next is “Santa’s Happy Dance.”

Santa's Happy Dance WreathAnd he does look pretty happy to me.  I found that large silver reindeer at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta (actually I scored 5 of them!!) – just couldn’t pass them up because they are so much bigger than the usual ones.  There’s a bunch of other happy things going on here, not the least of which is the color scheme.  This one is about 17″ diameter. $195 (includes storage bag)

This is “Pink Pixie.”Pink Pixie Wreath

Another 17″ wreath, I named it for the darling little Italian girl who is standing next to her little putz house.  She kind of reminds me of Heidi.  This one has a cool palette of magentas, teals, silver, and pink.  I parted with one of my jumbo Poland balls for this one; it’s the huge ball on top left with the purplish looking poinsettia on it.  Also of note is the magenta topper with teal indent.  $250 (includes storage bag)

Last but not least, is the petite “Wings of a Dove.”Wings of a Dove WreathShe is one of my small ones, about 15″ but she has quite a bit to say despite her diminutive size.  The color scheme is in those baby soft shabby chic tones of blue and pink.  She also has some really special pieces on her, not the least of which is the big German indent on the right side.  $165

If you are in or near the Baltimore/Washington DC area, please come visit me this week at The Mistletoe Mart.  Held at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in historic Westminster, MD the show runs Thursday and Friday from 10 AM until 8:30 PM, and Saturday, from 10 – 5.  Here is a link to their website.  This is my first year at this one and I am flattered to have been juried in.  This show has been running for 40 years!

Have a good night everyone and I hope to see you soon!