Four New Wreaths!

I’m scrambling to get ready to leave for another show tomorrow morning (this one is in Westminster, MD) but I wanted to show you 4 new wreaths I have made.  I’m taking a couple of these with me.

First up is “On Dasher, On Dancer.”

On Dasher, On Dancer WreathRemember my last post where I showed you a bunch of these wonderful plastic Santa mantel pieces?   This is what I made with one of them.  There are some other really neat pieces on it, too, including that old chenille Santa at the top (look closely), the vintage boot right next to him, and the little elf on the bottom.  I also added an honest-to-goodness snow globe at bottom right.  See it?  It has a reindeer inside it!  I am not sure I recommend vigorous shaking at this point, however. 20″ diameter, $250 (includes storage bag)

Next is “Santa’s Happy Dance.”

Santa's Happy Dance WreathAnd he does look pretty happy to me.  I found that large silver reindeer at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta (actually I scored 5 of them!!) – just couldn’t pass them up because they are so much bigger than the usual ones.  There’s a bunch of other happy things going on here, not the least of which is the color scheme.  This one is about 17″ diameter. $195 (includes storage bag)

This is “Pink Pixie.”Pink Pixie Wreath

Another 17″ wreath, I named it for the darling little Italian girl who is standing next to her little putz house.  She kind of reminds me of Heidi.  This one has a cool palette of magentas, teals, silver, and pink.  I parted with one of my jumbo Poland balls for this one; it’s the huge ball on top left with the purplish looking poinsettia on it.  Also of note is the magenta topper with teal indent.  $250 (includes storage bag)

Last but not least, is the petite “Wings of a Dove.”Wings of a Dove WreathShe is one of my small ones, about 15″ but she has quite a bit to say despite her diminutive size.  The color scheme is in those baby soft shabby chic tones of blue and pink.  She also has some really special pieces on her, not the least of which is the big German indent on the right side.  $165

If you are in or near the Baltimore/Washington DC area, please come visit me this week at The Mistletoe Mart.  Held at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in historic Westminster, MD the show runs Thursday and Friday from 10 AM until 8:30 PM, and Saturday, from 10 – 5.  Here is a link to their website.  This is my first year at this one and I am flattered to have been juried in.  This show has been running for 40 years!

Have a good night everyone and I hope to see you soon!

6 thoughts on “Four New Wreaths!

  1. I kept thinking, well, this one is my favorite, and I kept liking the next better. Loved the restrained colors of the last best, but they all shine. You are talented. I’m sure you’ll sell out.


  2. Oh Wow! So hard to pick a favorite, but I will go with Santa’s Happy Dance! But then again…
    Really, you ROCKED on each of these! I noticed the snow globe right away! I love how you take each wreath right over the top.
    I need to see what Mistletoe Mart is all about. I bet I’m really missing out! Have a blast.
    Erica 🙂


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