What’s Next

I'm back in the workshop after a wonderful show in Atlanta last weekend.  And I am just getting my feet back on the ground enough to load all my pictures tonight.   I will share them with you later in the week.  But for now...What do you think is next on the menu????

Will I See You in Atlanta This Weekend?

I have emerged, even if just for a few days, from Santa's Workshop South and am getting organized to take off Wednesday for Atlanta, GA for the 2013 Country Living Magazine Fair in beautiful Stone Mountain Park.  The Fair starts this Friday, October 25, and runs through Sunday, the 27th. I've told you before what … Continue reading Will I See You in Atlanta This Weekend?

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I've been making all these. Now do you see why I haven't been around here much lately? I promise to try to make the time to show them to you soon. But right now, I've gotta get back to work. Toodles.

Be Crabgrass Haibun

This is completely off-subject for Vintage Christmas, but I wanted to share this post from a wonderful blog that I follow.  Think happy thoughts and imagine what can happen to ... YOU.  You may be surprised. Click here: Be Crabgrass Haibun. Enjoy!

Just A Hint

Have you missed me? In case you have been wondering where I've been since my last post (which seems like forever ago), I have been working my fingers to the bone creating some wonderful new things. It's crunch time.  I have all these big shows coming up, including the Country Living Magazine Fair in Atlanta … Continue reading Just A Hint