Guessing Game: The Big Reveal

I've kept you in suspense long enough so finally I am going to show you the results of The Guessing Game. Drumroll, please. Here is Holiday Extravaganza! All you people who responded with a guess astonished me.  You were all correct!!! Have I become predictable? I was sure somebody was going to pick the elf … Continue reading Guessing Game: The Big Reveal

The Proof is in the Pudding

Just a quick little post as an aside this evening.  And because I could not resist sharing this with you. This is one of my new Glittermoon Cards which I introduced this fall.  It features a photo of my mother as a little girl all dressed up and driving an old pedal car (a dump … Continue reading The Proof is in the Pudding

Sharon Springs Harvest Fest: There Must Be Something In The Water Up There.

I know you all are waiting to find out the results of the Guessing Game but I'm going to take a little detour to tell you all about what I did last weekend. I went back to Sharon Springs, NY. I don't know what exactly it is about that place but, honestly, there is magic … Continue reading Sharon Springs Harvest Fest: There Must Be Something In The Water Up There.

Guessing Game

If you read my last post, you know that I mentioned I had just finished a ginormous wreath. This is what I wanted to start with: Is that an awesome topper or what??  It is the biggest one I have in my collection.  I call it the Atomic Topper because it seems sort of Space … Continue reading Guessing Game

What’s It Worth?

People either "get" my wreaths...or they don't. Every now and then I will overhear someone muttering to their companion that they can't believe the prices on my wreaths.  "You can get all that old stuff for nothing at yard sales," is a favorite saying. Sorry, folks.  Not.  At least not anymore. Take this ornament for … Continue reading What’s It Worth?