The Proof is in the Pudding

Just a quick little post as an aside this evening.  And because I could not resist sharing this with you.

This is one of my new Glittermoon Cards which I introduced this fall.  It features a photo of my mother as a little girl all dressed up and driving an old pedal car (a dump truck if you want to be specific).  It was taken in Eureka, Montana in the 1920’s.

"A Beautiful Smile" Card by Glittermoon Cards
“A Beautiful Smile” Card by Glittermoon Cards

The quote on the front is one of my mom’s signature sayings.

This evening, I received a text message with this photo of Mom all dressed up and ready to go out to dinner.

And, of course, she’s wearing a smile.My Mom

My mother will be 92 in January.

It knocks me out how much she still resembles that pretty little girl.

She is a lady with grace.  If I could be just a little bit like her, then I will be doing pretty good.

I love you Mom.

11 thoughts on “The Proof is in the Pudding

  1. What a wonderful sentiment to begin my week with today. Thank you for sharing your lovely mother and her wisdom with me, Cackie!


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