What’s It Worth?

People either “get” my wreaths…or they don’t.

Every now and then I will overhear someone muttering to their companion that they can’t believe the prices on my wreaths.  “You can get all that old stuff for nothing at yard sales,” is a favorite saying.

Sorry, folks.  Not.  At least not anymore.

Take this ornament for example:

Madonna and Child OrnamentThis is a really old German Madonna and Child ornament.  She’s about 5 inches tall and pretty darn rare.  In fact, I had never seen one before until the day I actually scored a box of ornaments that had three of these in it (oh, happy day!).  I have used 2 of them in the past 2 years on wreaths.

One of them was the one I made for my mom at Christmas last year after she had a stroke.Angels Watch Wreath ©Glittermoon Productions LLC

So you can see, it has to be a really special project for me to part with one.

Now this one is not in the best of shape, admittedly.  But I don’t really care.  She’s elderly after all.

This past week on eBay, I saw one of these sell for $46!!!!!!!  You read it right: FORTY-SIX DOLLARS!  And that was a “Buy It Now” – not an auction.

I didn’t pay $46 for her but she didn’t cost me nothing either.

And then there is the time that it takes me to make them.  For a 20 inch diameter wreath I usually spend about 9 hours in the making of it.  So it is a far from slapdash job for me.

I made a ginormous wreath this week, pretty much the biggest I have ever made.  On it, I used 3 very large and very special pieces.  And lots of other, smaller things, of course, too.  My cost for those 3 big pieces alone was $50.  But it was worth it; that wreath is a stunner. I’ll show it to you as soon as I get it photographed.

I love finding the unusual vintage pieces that you don’t see everyday.  That’s one of the things that keeps me searching all the time.  Because I love sharing the really good stuff with you.  It makes me happy.

So, what’s it worth?

14 thoughts on “What’s It Worth?

  1. Hi Cackie,
    I love your wreaths!! I know what those old ornaments go for and have often wondered if you are able to make any money for what you sell them for.
    An admirer,
    Linda Koenig


    1. Deear Linda-
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Like I said, people either get it or they don’t. Thank you for being one of the ones who do!!! And you have made me smile, too! 😃 Best wishes, Cackie


      1. Thank you so much for your lovely words, Rosalyn. Yes, I am still making, though I have not yet begun for this year. Soon, though! So stay tuned…Best wishes, Cackie


  2. Don’t listen to the nit-wits who say they aren’t worth the price. Your proof is that you can and do sell them for the price. And frankly, they are worth far more than that. You put an artistic flair into your pieces that make them special.


    1. Gosh, thank you! I so appreicate your wonderful and, oh, so nice, comments. I am humbled by all the nice things people have had to say – and especially what you have to say. Have a wonderful night, Cackie


  3. You said it exactly right. There will be people that just don’t “get it”. And then there will be us! 🙂
    You’re wreaths are amazing, one of a kind, pieces of ART. And best of all they bring people a sense of nostalgia and bring back memories…making people feel good. I think your wreaths are a deal! I hope you never doubt that! 🙂


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