My Christmas Gift To You: A SALE!

On Dasher, On Dancer

On Dasher, On Dancer

As a thank you to all of you, I am having a


in the Glittermoon Cards Etsy Shop!

From now until January 7th, I am offering a 20% discount off all purchases of $20 or greater.  There are still some great Vintage Christmas items available!

Enter this coupon code during checkout: 12DAYS.

Make haste!  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!




Lyrics by Edmund H. Sears 1810 – 1876

Detail of Joy-Full Wreath

        It came upon the midnight clear, 
	that glorious song of old, 
	from angels bending near the earth 
	to touch their harps of gold: 
	"Peace on the earth, good will to men, 
	from heaven's all-gracious King." 
	The world in solemn stillness lay, 
	to hear the angels sing. 

Detail of Ice Angel Wreath2.	Still through the cloven skies they come 
	with peaceful wings unfurled, 
	and still their heavenly music floats 
	o'er all the weary world; 
	above its sad and lowly plains, 
	they bend on hovering wing, 
	and ever o'er its Babel sounds 
	the blessed angels sing. 

Detail of Wings of a Dove Wreath
3.	And ye, beneath life's crushing load, 
	whose forms are bending low, 
	who toil along the climbing way 
	with painful steps and slow, 
	look now! for glad and golden hours 
	come swiftly on the wing. 
	O rest beside the weary road, 
	and hear the angels sing! 

Detail of Angel of the Morning Wreath (1)
4.	For lo! the days are hastening on, 
	by prophet seen of old, 
	when with the ever-circling years 
	shall come the time foretold 
	when peace shall over all the earth 
	its ancient splendors fling, 
	and the whole world send back the song 
	which now the angels sing.

Detail of Ice Dance Wreath

May your Christmas be filled with peace and joy, love and light.

Peace on Earth.  Goodwill to All.

The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome…..And You

Remember the story about the unfortunate children of the cobbler?  Poor things; they never got shoes since their father was too busy making them for other people.

That’s a bit like I am feeling.  After months of making vintage Christmas goodies, I find myself in the position of being incredibly behind in my own Christmas preparations.

Shopping done? No.

Wrapping?  Nothing to wrap yet.

Outside lights up? Um, nope.

House decorated?  Ok, can I have a glass of wine now, please?

I always loved to decorate the house and I keep wondering how I did it in the days when I worked full-time for someone else (someone who actually paid me a salary).  Now I get to work full-time for myself but I never sem to have time to do anything else.

Yesterday evening, I started on the tree.  The tree is the pinnacle for me – the absolute most important thing in the whole scheme of Christmas.  It puts me in the mood to do everything else.  I  love to go in the living room late at night, turn off all the lights except for the tree, put on some beautiful Christmas music, and stretch out on the sofa to drink it all in.

I do it all by myself, even the dreaded lights which, when I grew up, was always considered to be the “man’s job.”  I hate them.  And sure, enough, I had 3 strands of lights that were duds.  It was pouring down rain and I chose not to go out to get more.  The tree is a little smaller than usual (I always try to get a really fat one – and it is always a Fraser Fir) so I just went ahead.  It still looks pretty good, thankfully.

So I got the lights and garland on.  Then I went to the basement and dragged up the fake tree that is the one I put my vintage ornaments on.  I decided to put that up in my new garden room (former screen porch) instead of the dining room, its usual spot.

And guess what?  Some of the lights on it aren’t working either. Grrrrrrrr.  Time to go out to dinner.

Fast forward to late this afternoon.  I humped the tons of boxes, bins, and chests upstairs that house the ornament collection for the tree and got started putting them on.  I got a good 31/2 hours into before I decided to quit and write to you.  People have asked me to post pictures on my tree this year and I promise to do that once I am finished.  I will tell you all about it.

But here’s a little look at how it is starting to look now.  I’ve gotten some of the more “important” ornies on.  Now only about a thousand more to go…

My tree under construction

My tree under construction

As you can see, most of the ornaments are figural.  In fact, they make up a good 99%.

Here’s a close-up of some of my faves.Tree 2013I’ll tell you about the special ones when I get it finished.

But now, to YOU.

I asked folks to send me pictures of their Glittermoon wreaths once they hung them up and several of you have come through for me.  It’s exciting for me to see then in their new home.

Pink Passion at Pam's House - Version 2This is Pink Passion in its new home, Pam’s.  I am dying over her vintage Santa collection.  Wow – just incredible.  If she was closer to me, I might just lighten her load a bit.

Pam has 4 Glittermoon wreaths and she sent me pics of 3 of them so far.

Home for the Holidays at Pam's - Version 2This is Home for the Holidays in her dining room.  I bet it looks spectacular in real life with her red lanterns that really pick up the reds in the wreath.Pink Pixie at Pam's - Version 2And here is Pink Pixie with her snowman collection.  How adorable is that?  I wish I could visit her; she knows how to decorate for Christmas!!!

Heavenly Gold at Nancy & DIck's house - Version 2Nancy and Dick from upstate New York sent me this photo of Heavenly Gold hung on a mirror over their fireplace.  Doesn’t everything look cozy and warm?  I want some hot chocolate to go with this scene.Susan's Pink Memories Wreath at Home

This is Susan’s Pink Memories hanging over her sofa.  It goes perfectly with her color scheme, I think.  This was a custom order and has a terrific story which I am going to share with you this winter.

Joy-full in #1 spot - Version 2

And this is Joy-Full.  Remember this one?  I mostly made it with Joy’s own ornaments.  I love this scene!  So Christmasssy!  But she was undecided… she also sent this:Joy-Full on a Mirror (1)

Oh, be still my heart.  I LOVE it on the mirror with that gorgeous blue ribbon.Joy and her wreath (1)But best of all is that she sent me a picture of herself, too!  I love being able to finally put a face to her name.  Joy lives in Pennsylvania.  Isn’t she lovely?

Ice Dance Wreath in its HomeYou’ve already seen this one but I still love it. This is Ice Dance in Felicia’s New York City home.  Scrumptious.

Scott's wreath "Old-fashioned Christmas" in place at his house in AustinThis is Old-Fashioned Christmas.  Way down in Austin, Texas.  I made this one for Scott.  He wanted a wreath to lay on his coffee table.  He seems to have a real mid-century vibe going here.  Very cool.  Scott was my first custom order.  He found me when the Fabulous Beekman Boys tweeted my wreaths at my first Country Living Fair in Atlanta, back in 2011.  In 2012, I made him a topiary, too.

Wreat Boot-i-full in situ at the NapiersAnd, finally, this is Boot-i-Full which belongs to Kathy, right here in Richmond.  Something tells me that she really gets into Christmas, too!  Just adorable.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to send me your photos.  Keep on sending them and I will share them with everybody.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go upstairs, turn off the lights, and look at my Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas !

Recap of the Country Living Holiday Bazaar

IMG_1124 - Version 2Finally, I’ve got it together enough to show you some pictures from the Country Living Magazine Holiday Bazaar in Tarrytown, NY last weekend.

This is our tent!  And that’s my friend Phylliss waving at you.  This was the scene as we arrived the day before the show to set up.  As you can tell, it was pretty foggy.  But we were undeterred.

IMG_1122 - Version 2Our tent was #1 and it was directly across the driveway from the mansion.  Historic Lyndhurst Mansion, now owned by the National Trust.  It is set high on the banks of the Hudson River.  The last owner was Jay Gould, the famous railroad tycoon.  He passed it to his daughters and when they died, it was left to the Trust. You can read about it here.  The house was all decked out for Christmas.  Sadly, we never got the chance to tour it but we heard the holiday decorations were fantastic.

IMG_1140 - Version 2This is a better shot of what the house looks like.IMG_1142 - Version 2Here is a view of our tent from a little distance.  That trailer belongs to STASH, another vendor.  As you can see, the weather was a bit on the gloomy side.  But it was very festive inside.IMG_1121 - Version 2

That big empty space there?  That’s the future home of Glittermoon’s booth, #121.  We got there about 9:30 in the morning on set-up day. This is after we got some of our stuff unloaded.  You can see the wreath bags on the left.Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (13)

And here we are partway through setting up.  It was going on 3:00 by this time and we were finally going to break for lunch.  We wanted to get the “skeleton” set –  always the hardest part.  Did you notice that Phylliss still has her coat on?  It was cold in there!

I had lain awake for many nights for months before the show trying to plan how the booth would be constructed and set up.  It was pretty complicated and not only because we had to create our own walls.  The light bulb finally went on one day and I realized I could take my tent, remove the canopy, and use that as a frame.  Then we just had to completely disguise it.

Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (4)And….ta-da!  Here is the finished booth!  I am really proud of it.  It took us until 8:00 that night to get everything in place and ready to go.  We were tired but excited.  I took this picture the next morning before opening.

The show management was so impressed by how beautiful it looked they tweeted a picture of it the night before the show with the message: “OMG! @GlittermoonC Fabulous booth….” etc.  We puffed our chests out a bit.  After all, it is a trademark of the Country Living Fairs that the booths are phenomenal.  And as you know if you know retail, merchandising is everything.

Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013

I got so lucky with our booth location because we were on a corner which meant that I could decorate the outside of one wall.  So here is how the outside looked.

When I do the CL Fairs, I also take other things besides my work with me: vintage collectibles, interesting light fixtures, etc.  This time I also took some handcrafted signs by my friend Tony Turner of Richmond, owner of Feathernesters and some napkin rings embellished with vintage jewelry from my friend Beverly, The Water Gypsy.

Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (2)

So now I’m going to bore you with a bunch of pictures of our set-up and how everything looked.  Enjoy.

Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (6)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (11)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (5)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (10)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (9)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (7)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (8)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (12)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (1)Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Holiday Bazaar 2013 (3)Never has there been assembled such a large collection of Glittermoon Vintage Christmas in one place.  I hope that I do not sound too much like I am tooting my own horn when I say that it made me feel very proud.

We sold 7 wreaths, the 2 large topiaries and a bunch of small ones on Friday.  By Sunday, things were looking pretty bare.  But that’s ok – less for us to bring home!

IMG_1143 - Version 2 (1)This is the view down the hill from us so you can see where the rest of the show was.  Those folks outside must have frozen their fingers to the bone. It was cold!  The brick building is the carriage house/barn.  There were lots of vendors in there, too.

So there you have it.  It you were not able to make it, perhaps we’ll see you next time!

Are You Ready To Shop?

‘Tis the season.

Now that I am finally through with my show schedule for 2013, I have listed what I have available for purchase in the Glittermoon Cards Etsy Shop.  You can find it here.

SO, without further ado, here are the treasures you will find:

I have pasted a link (in bright blue lettering) to each item’s page in the shop in the descriptions.

The Caroler

The Caroler

“The Caroler” is a festive wreath featuring a sweet Byer’s Choice figure in the center (signed and dated 1991 on the bottom). Flanked by a doe and a bottlebrush tree, “The Caroler” is loaded with vintage ornament goodies including Polands, Shiny Brites, German, a reflector on top, and more. Accented with red beaded garland that swoops its way around the wreath, our Caroler is poised to trim the tree.  About 20″ diameter, not including the drippy bits.  Comes with a nice storage bag. $295

On Dasher, On Dancer

On Dasher, On Dancer

“On Dasher, On Dancer”

Here comes Santa Claus making his way across a sky made of traditional Christmas colors on his way to your home for a special treat. With a wonderful vintage Irwin white plastic Santa and sleigh as the centerpiece, this wreath also features other treasures like the old chenille and paper Santa perched upon a vintage copper reflector; a cute little elf below the sleigh; a snow globe with a reindeer inside; a red boot with a disco ball inside it; and lots of other treats. There are Shiny Brites, Polands, German, and other beautiful vintage ornaments. Finished off with an imposing bottlebrush tree on top, swoops of red beaded garland to adorn it, and green and silver aluminum tinsel garland, too. About 20″ in diameter, not including the protruding or drippy bits. Comes with a storage bag. $250

Ice Angel Wreath

Ice Angel Wreath

“Ice Angel”

Cool tones of blue, silver, and white are accented by pops of red to make this lovely wreath. A large celluloid and aluminum angel tree topper is the centerpiece of “Ice Angel.” She is still in working condition (I have tucked the cord behind her). She emits a lovely glow when plugged in. She has a “cloud” of vintage Double Glo garland at her feet. There are many other vintage treasures as well: Shiny Brites, German, and more. Finished off with old red glass beaded garland swooping across the front.  About 20″ in diameter.  Comes with a storage bag. $250

Shabby Angel Mini Wreath

Shabby Angel Mini Wreath

“Shabby Angel Mini Wreath”

A sweet mini wreath, perfect for a small space that needs a bit of Christmas joy. This little gem measures about 10-11″ in diameter (excluding protruding and drippy bits) and has a lovely Bradford angel on top surrounded by vintage ornaments in pale shabby chic colors of blue and white. Accented with aluminum tinsel and a reflector all on a bed of old gold tinsel. $65

Christmas Jewels Topiary

Christmas Jewels Topiary

A lovely topiary that would make a smashing centerpiece on any holiday table, this is CHRISTMAS JEWELS. Approximately 18″ tall, Christmas Jewels is permanently mounted on a pretty vintage silver-plate serving basket that has lost its handle somewhere along the way. The topiary is made from all vintage ornaments in jewel tones and is accented with a gold beaded garland as a finishing touch. With a darling decorated vintage bottlebrush tree on top. So elegant! $95

Christmas in a Brandy Snifter

Christmas in a Brandy Snifter

Meet Christmas in a brandy snifter. This is not your ordinary snifter but a giant one (like the kind to make a terrarium in). I filled it with vintage goodies: silver tinsel, an old celluloid deer, a terrific putz house, and some tiny Chrismtas balls for added color. And there are 3 white trees in the background. Put them all together and you have a charming scene that will make a lovely decoration in your home. I even added a tiny little wooden figure to the front of the house for fun. $75

Deer and Tree Christmas Scene

Deer and Tree Christmas Scene

Perched in a vintage silverplate caddy is a little Christmas scene featuring a very old celluloid deer, an old bottlebrush tree, and two tiny ornaments for a splash of color. All are resting on a field of vintage silver tinsel. A perfect addition to your Christmas decorating! $65

Snowman Scene Topiary

Snowman Scene Topiary

A happy little scene involving a vintage plastic snowman candy container, an old bottlebrush tree, and a wonderful red stencilled ball that says “Merry Christmas.” All set atop an upside down silver-plate serving dish with handles. Accented with a couple of tiny old balls and loops of silver beaded garland. $52

Praying Angel Mini Topiary

Praying Angel Mini Topiary

An adorably sweet scene with a ceramic praying angel nestled inside a vintage silver-plate sherbet dish. She kneels on a bed of gold tinsel and is surrounded by a vintage gold paper-mache bird, some pink and gold tiny ornaments, and a white tree in the back. This little girl will bring a smile to your lips whenever you gaze upon her. $32

Mini Tree Topiary

Mini Tree Topiary

O Christmas Tree! A sweet little scene involving an old bottlebrush tree planted inside a vintage ice cream dish. With grass of silver tinsel and tiny red and green vintage ornaments as embellishments. Darling from all sides. $22

Angel Mini topiary

Mini Angel Topiary

A vintage Bradford angel alights for a moment inside an old ice cream dish. On a bed of gold tinsel, she is flanked by an old little bottlebrush tree and a tiny ornament. A sweet addition to your Christmas decor. $22

Baby Jesus Mini Topiary

Baby Jesus Mini Topiary

Sometimes simple is best. As is the case with this sweet decoration featuring an old chalkware Baby Jesus nestled in a bed of vintage gold tinsel inside a lovely old silver-plate footed dish. Just a few inches in diameter and ready to be tucked into its special place among your Christmas decor. $20

Happy shopping to you!  And thanks for stopping by during your busy Christmas!


Here is a little P.S. to my post yesterday about my wreaths in the Big Apple and, specifically, the Pink Parfait wreath that is now in Mariah Carey’s kitchen.

I heard from faithful reader and blogger herself, Erica,, that tomorrow morning (Friday the 13th!), Kathie Lee and Hoda (or Hoda and Kathie Lee) of the Today Show will be in Mariah’s kitchen!  Maybe we’ll see the wreath!  I have got my DVR all set to record it.  Let me know if you spy it!

Erica has an adorable blog for vintage lovers: Golden Egg Vintage.  Go check it out!

New York and Exciting News!

Pearly Queen

Pearly Queen

Well, I am back from the Country Living Magazine Holiday Bazaar in Tarrytown and it was fantastic.  I will try to get some pictures posted for you in the next couple of days.

But that is not why I am writing tonight.

Last summer, I received a commission from quite a prestigious shop in New York City to make them 6 wreaths.  The whole thing came about as a result of a pretty casual and brief meeting at the show in Rhinebeck in June.  At the time, I had no idea who they were.  Peggy simply gave me her card and asked me to call her in August or September.

I merely thought she wanted me to make them a wreath for their home.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust

So, when I called her in August, I almost fell off my chair when she asked me if I could make her wreaths to sell in their shop.

The name of the shop is Zeze: Flowers, Gifts, Gardens, Antiques, and Events.  Zeze is Peggy’s husband.  He is a Brazilian gentleman who, as it turns out, is a world-renowned floral designer.  They have a lot of quite notable clients.

If you look at their gorgeous website, you can see what they do.  Be sure to check out the section titled “Press.” They have been featured in just about every home and design magazine you can imagine as well as having consistently been voted number 1 florist in NYC.  I am glad that I did not read all of that before I started work; I may have been too intimidated to get started.

Carnivale Wreath


I got to work.   Peggy was able to give me some very clear direction that still left me plenty of room for my own creative juices to have free rein. She was just fantastic to work with – and so nice.

When I got back from my Atlanta show at the end of October, I packed up my six babies and FedExed them off to the Big Apple.

Santa's Noel

Santa’s Noel

We had planned to meet in Tarrytown this past weekend, Peggy and Zeze bought tickets to the show for Saturday.  But Friday night, I received an email from Peggy saying that the weekend was now completely filled and they would not be able to make it.  That was disappointing, but she urged me to pay them a visit in Manhattan on my way home.

Honestly, the idea of driving in NYC is pretty daunting to me but I was ready to do it.  Peggy offered to have somebody from the shop take care of my car.  But the weather gods had a surprise in store for us in the form of an ice storm.  I made the decision Monday morning that, given the conditions, I would be better off heading straight for home.  After all, it was an eight-hour drive and we were not able to get on the road until about 11:00 due to the ice.  I was sad but felt I had made the best decision.

Hotsy Totsy

Hotsy Totsy

Once I got back to Richmond, I emailed Peggy to let her know we made it all right and that I hoped we could connect another time.  She responded the next morning by telling me that they had done their 2 Christmas windows on Sunday and that all six of my wreaths were in the windows!

Oh, my gosh!  Really?  It’s darn near impossible for me to come up with the words to explain to you how incredible it is to think that something I made is in the front windows of a shop in Manhattan.  Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

This morning, I got even more amazing news.  Peggy emailed me at 8:00 this morning to tell me:

“Cackie, today on “the today show” they are doing a live taping of Mariah Carey at her home. They might have your Madame wreath on the kitchen counter during the interview. Check it out. Can’t promise.  Rushing, p.”

I have a confession to make.

I started to squeal.  And jump up and down. Like a kid.  But I bet you will excuse me, won’t you?  Holy smokes.

The Madame wreath she is talking about is a sort of joke.  At some point, Peggy requested a soft pink, silver, and white wreath that would be suitable for a “madame.”  For some reason that tickled me.

Pink Parfait, "Madame's Wreath"

Pink Parfait, “Madame’s Wreath”

I made “Pink Parfait.”

And so, “Pink Parfait” is now in Mariah Carey’s kitchen.


I’ve had an awfully good day.

And now I’m going to go have a glass of wine.  Or two.

Good night, friends.  Sleep tight and have sweet dreams.  I know I will.