I Know You Are Wondering….

New Beginnings – First Day at Work 2022

Just dropping in for a minute because I am sure you are wondering when I will have things made and available this year.

On September 22, I broke the ice and entered my workshop hoping to get started back to work. I had already spent some time over the course of a couple of weeks straightening up, rearranging, and vaccuming up all the little bits of tinsel leftover from last year. The workshop looked clean and shiny and ready to go.

But as I wrote that day:

I got back to work today and it was hard. I had expected that because when it would come time for me to turn off the workshop’s lights and lock the door, the most important person in the world would not be inside the house waiting for me. Four months on and I’ve learned that the first time for pretty much anything is the hardest. There are apparently more “firsts” than Carter’s has liver pills. 

It took quite a while to get going. I turned music on. I dilly-dallied around rearranging things that did not need it. I rooted through stuff and picked out some little goodies to get started thinking surely this cute little Santa would light a spark. He didn’t. I procrastinated further. I broke for lunch.

Grief is relentless in its supreme ability to render you to a state of immobility if not downright paralysis. In the end, I did it though. Somehow, the ice finally broke and I made a pretty darn good start. In fact, I was actually feeling kind of excited by the time I ran out of steam (which happens quickly these days) and decided to call it a day.

It seemed to me that if I tried to regularly and steadily work at it things would get better. And they have.

Look for pieces to start going up in the Glittermoon Shop sometime in the middle-ish part of November.

I know I have mentioned this before but I highly recommend you follow my Instagram feed because I not only post more frequently there but you can see works in progress and various other things in a much more timely manner.

Right now, I have finished 3 wreaths. I’ve also made something that was a first for me: a piece that can be used as an Advent wreath (if one so chooses); otherwise it can just be hung as part of your holiday décor.

These pieces will all be going with me to the only show I have scheduled for this year: The Mistletoe Mart in Westminster MD, Nov. 10-12. It is held at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension; I’ve done the Mart several times over the past decade and love it. The show is not a bad drive for people in neighboring states if you’d like to come for a visit. Click here to see where it is on Google Maps. In additon to the big pieces, I intend to have about 100 of my Tiny Topiaries – or, as Patrick dubbed them, Christmas Canapés. Plus the usual assortment of Glittermoon Cards, including a full stock of my holiday/Christmas cards.

Without further adieu, here are not great photos of the 3 large pieces I’ve finished to date. These are not available for presale as I will take them to Westminster.

Whatever does not sell there will be available online once I get back. I will be taking proper photographs sometime soon.

Santa’s Here Wreath
Magenta Blue Wreath

Golden Deer Wreath

These are two pretty terrible quick phone shots I took of the “Advent wreath” I made. It is two-sided: a scene with Santa on one side and a snowman on the other. I’ve included 4 candles with it. Hopefully, you can get a vague idea of what it looks like.

Thank you very much for your patience this year as I try to navigate through this time period. I appreciate all your good wishes and support very, very much.

Have a wonderful rest of your day…Now I’d better get back to working on those 100 Canapés!!

8 thoughts on “I Know You Are Wondering….

  1. Dear friend,
    Just wanted you to know that I’ve been reading your posts right along although without response to you. So sorry for your huge loss. I can’t and try not to imagine as most all of us face the loss of our spouse in coming days of years.
    I wish you lots of peace and love and hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear, dear Sue – I am very glad to hear from you. Thank you so much for your lovely condolences. You have been much on my mind as I have worried about how you fared in Ian. For some reason, I could not find your email address….I did hear from Sandra that she is ok, though her house was damaged – at least not destroyed.Sending you a big hug. I miss seeing you and the gang! xoxo


  2. I didn’t know you’d lost your husband until I read one of the comments. My beloved passed in 2020. Grief isn’t linear. It can raise its nasty head when you hear a particular song or watch a scene in a movie or smell a steak cooking on a neighbor’s grill. Work is good to help you bring new thoughts and memories into your mind. I pray the creative muse will continue to inspire you. My recent surgery prevents me from traveling to MD in November to see your show. I’d so love to purchase one of your creations but understand your policy. Good luck in all your endeavors.


    1. Dear Dianne, I am so very sorry about the loss of your husband. You’re exactly right – grief is not linear – a perfect way to put it.
      I rememeber you just had knee surgery….no worries about having to “go” anywhere. I will be listing things in my online shop once I get back from here and hope to continue making until close to Christmas – so stay tuned.You need only go to your computer. I believe you are in the RVA area – if you see one you like, you can pick it up locally and save a lot of $$ on shipping, too. Best, Cackie


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