Wreath Alert!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all of you! I hope you are safely tucked in wherever it is you are planning on spending tomorrow….

I wanted to quickly pop by to let you know that there are FIVE wreaths now available on the Beekman1802 website! Currently, they are listed under the HOME tab on the menu but they should show up in the Holiday Shop, too, at some point.

I will also be listing wreaths and topiaries over the course of the next few days in the GlittermoonCards ETSY shop so start checking that, too.

This is what you will find on the Beekman1802 website right now:

Enchanted - Version 3
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest
Blue Enchanted Cottage
Blue Enchanted Cottage
Nifty Fifties - Version 3
Nifty Fifties
Christmas Journey Wreath
Christmas Journey

Happy shopping!

And I hope each of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



6 thoughts on “Wreath Alert!

  1. Love, LOVE your 2 RED wreaths! They make me haPPY! You are4 so creative and talented! I enjoy seeing your items very much. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the countdown till Christmas!!!

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  2. Do you know anyone that could use a load of jewelry? To put together on wreaths, make Christmas trees, etc… I have pounds of them and 99% is even wearable! There may be a few single earrings. If someone or you could let me know. Plus, I could use the money to pay doctor bills. Thanks!


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