A Trip of a Lifetime

Three weeks from right now, I will be in the air over the Atlantic ocean. I know, I know…it’s insane for me to go anywhere at this time of year but…how could I possibly pass up a trip of a lifetime?


Well, obviously, the answer was I couldn’t.

I’ve yearned to go visit the Christmas Markets in Europe for years. So, when the chance came up to go on a Beekman 1802 trip no less, I jumped.

We will be visiting Prague, Salzburg, and Munich with some points in between.

DSC_0680 - Version 2
A view of Prague from the top of Castle Hill. If you look closely, you will see the crowds of people walking over the famed Charles Bridge.

I’ve visited Prague before, in the spring of 2014 when the Easter market was open. If you’ve never been, Prague is a famously beautiful city with sublime architecture. I’m excited about visiting it at Christmastide.

Given the city’s history, it is remarkable that it has survived as intact as it is.  There are interesting juxtapositions, though, as you walk through it. Often, you will see a reminder of our modern day sharing a view with history.

DSC_0382 - Panarama

It was a visual feast to photograph and I look forward to seeing it in the winter.  I am also looking forward to revisiting a wonderful antiques shop where I purchased some very old Czech ornaments for my own tree.  You can read about that little adventure here.

I visited Salzburg on that same trip, though only for a day. It was a fairy tale town, so pretty, and, of course, there is that connection with the “Sound of Music” that almost every American probably knows about: the Von Trapps lived here and parts of the movie were filmed here.

I was completely mesmerized by the beauty of the cemetery at St. Peters and spent much of our time there taking pictures.  And, yes, that’s where the famous scene of the Von Trapps hiding from the Nazis was filmed.

St. Peters Cemetery

Aside from the cemetery, I was charmed by the architecture there as well.  The details on each building were lovely and often whimsical in nature.

DSC_0099 - Version 2

I bought Easter eggs filled with famed Austrian chocolate to bring home as gifts.


And as I wandered the town, I was taken, as in most of Europe, by the textures and colors. And by the bikes…lots and lots of bikes.

Yellow Bike

Salzburg was also home to Mozart… and to Franz Gruber, who wrote “Silent Night.” 2018 is actually the 200th anniversary of the writing of what is possibly the most famous of Christmas carols. On this trip, we are going to be able to go to the historic church where Mr. Gruber’s carol was first sung.

From Salzburg, we head towards Munich, with a stop at Oberammergau, home of the epic Passion Play on the way.  I’ve never been to Munich before and am excited to see what friends have told me is a wonderful city. And, of course, it is famously packed with Christmas Markets.

Once we get home, I will head to my workshop to make a wreath with something special  that I have bought on our trip!  That wreath will then be put up on the Beekman1802.com Holiday website for sale. A once in a lifetime wreath, how about that?!

And speaking of Beekman1802, look for my wreaths to turn up on there just about any time now…😊

I’ve worked hard to make some special ones for them this year….their holiday theme is “B Enchanted.” I hope you will love them.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite captures from that 2014 trip. This was in Prague and I passed by this lovable little fellow many times as I walked to and from the Charles Bridge.

Street Urchin

Happy weekend everyone! I’ll be out in Santa’s Workshop creating new treasures so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “A Trip of a Lifetime

  1. Cackie, I am wildly envious of your trip! I was in Salzburg, Munich, Lucerne, and Liechtenstein this past August, and I kept picturing how beautiful those gorgeous locales would be in snow. Touring the Christmas markets is a dream of mine which I hope to fulfill when I retire in four years. Please let us know which markets are the best for vintage ornaments! Enjoy!!!

    Pamela Funk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have wanted to go for so long….I don’t think we will be getting to nearly all of them but I hope to find some vintage stuff amongst the new souvenirs, etc. I will let you know if I am successful! Might need to go back another time to get to more of the German ones! SO nice to hear from you, Pam! xoxo


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