3 New Wreaths

On Sunday, I am leaving for the Golden Glow of Christmas Past annual convention; it’s in Cincinnati this year.  This is my third one and I am excited to be back and catch up with the lovely friends I have made in this organization of insanely enthused Christmas people. This year there are over 700 people attending and they come from everywhere.

I have learned a lot from my time in the Glow. The convention features workshops, lectures, and even a museum room that is filled with members’ own collections. It is fascinating. Here are just a couple of photos from last year’s museum room.

Of course, there is also shopping! Many people open up their hotel rooms and sell out of them. It’s a crazy, fevered atmosphere.  This was my big purchase for myself last year, if you remember.

German Santa riding an Elephant

Of course, I always am able to score lots of goodies for Glittermoon, too!

I will be participating in the Christkindlmart this time around. This is for members to show and sell things that they craft themselves. There are some amazingly talented folks in this group and I’m looking forward to being back with them again.

I’ve made 3 new wreaths to take with me.

First up is “Star-Spangled Santa” which features a German Santa candy container as its star and a red, white, and blue color scheme.

Star-Spangled Santa
Star-Spangled Santa

Click on these to enlarge:


Next is “Angel Pearl.” She has a Doubl Glo angel topper as a centerpiece and lots of pretty pink accents.

Angel Pearl
Angel Pearl

Click to enlarge:


And, finally, is “To The Pole.” This fun, and quite nostalgic, wreath has a really happy cardboard Santa and sleigh on its top and plenty more to smile about.

To The Pole
To The Pole

Click to enlarge:


I will be posting to Instagram and Facebook during the convention week so please be sure to stop by and take a gander at what is going on!

See you when I get back!

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