Just Say No to the Attic!

Because this could happen.

IMG_4768 - Version 2

Yup, you could end up with a flat Italian camel stuck for eternity in a grotesque pose.

If you buy a wreath or topiary from me, I give you some written tips about how to take care of it.  Here is an excerpt:

Please do not store in a hot/cold attic.  I try to treat the ornaments as I would my grandmother’s crystal.  Remember, these ornaments have been cherished by previous generations!

Trust me on this one. I spent an entire afternoon this past December trying to repair someone’s wreath that had been stored in her attic. It was not pretty.

But getting back to the camel…

IMG_4766 - Version 2

I was gifted this guy and his little sheep buddies by a good friend who spends a great deal of time volunteering at the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Ed is the cleverest and most talented person I know and one of the nuns gave him these asking if he could do something with them.  Even Ed knows an exercise in futility when he sees one. He surmises that they had been reposing in somebody’s attic.  I think he’s probably right.

Figuring that I could use flat animals in a wreath, he passed them along to me.  They actually spent all of Christmas in my kitchen windowsill; I developed a soft spot for them.  Poor Mr Camel is so twisted – he kinda looks like he’s leaning on the window – or perhaps doing a dance step. Wait until you see how out of whack his neck is…

IMG_4764 - Version 2

The moral of this story is:

Store your precious Christmas things someplace other than your attic.

The End.

IMG_4770 - Version 2

2 thoughts on “Just Say No to the Attic!

  1. Cackie — to be fair, Santa’s Happy Christmas spent only one year in the attic. The rest of the time it was hanging in my study. You did an OUTSTANDING job of rehab, thank you very much!


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