Indoor Delight

In case you are suffering from the winter blues…

IMG_4787 - Version 2

I wanted to share something beautiful with you.

A few days ago these had just broken through the soil and now…!!!

Hyacinths coming into full bloom with a fragrance so divine – I can smell them from the next room.


“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

– Aristotle




2 thoughts on “Indoor Delight

  1. Cackie, didn’t have time to comment, but I loved seeing your home decorated for Christmas! Your trees and other decorations are so festive. Also, your photos are always so professional. (The photos I take of my tree never turn out well.) Do you use special lighting?

    I never knew that hyacinths could be grown indoors in a pot! I have some in my garage waiting to be planted outside in March. Did you plant the indoor one in the fall?

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    1. Hi, Pam!
      How are you and your lovely son?

      So nice to hear from you! I appreciate the nice compliments on my photos and I confess that I am using my iPhone more and more for photos instead of my big camera. It really does a very nice job. Maybe its all the years of photographing things that helps make some of them look good – but, honestly, it does an amazing job on its own. That being said, it does better in the daylight than at night or low light.

      You can force many bulbs to bloom in pots inside but there is a process. They have to be chilled first. These I actually bought at the grocery store and they were all potted up already. All I had to do was bring them home and keep them watered. I think they cost $4.99 for that pot full of beauty – well worth it!!

      I hope all is well with you. Happy New Year and take care!


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