Fabulous Find

IMG_4232 - Version 2

It was impossible to resist this fabulous vintage Italian Olympic ski jumper.  Isn’t it wonderful? I got a figure skater, too!  She’s all dolled up in a hot pink skating dress with white fur trim. Her face has seen better days but then, let’s face it, so has mine. It’s ok – she will shine when she takes to the ice again.

I see a very special wreath in the future…

4 thoughts on “Fabulous Find

    1. HI, Georgia –
      That’s a good question and one with no firm answer, I’m afraid. I collect Italian ornametns for my own tree and I see them on sites such as Ebay at prices from the “great deal” range to the “this is insane” range. Generally speaking, though, I would estimate that this one would go for anywhere between $35 on the low end to $100+ on the high end. But, prices change all the time so by this time next week, it could be totally different! Cackie


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